Vibe Checks

Learn how to work with your vibrational frequency.

Find out where your vibration is, raise it, and gain new tools to use going forward.

  • Discover your precise vibrational frequency when you book – and receive an update about where you are after your session
  • Complete the Raise Your Vibration On-Demand Session
  • Gain channeled information from your guides regarding tailored best practices for a high vibration – and learn where you’re holding yourself back
  • Obtain tools to use going forward to keep your vibration as high as possible

Vibe Checks are designed to help you live your best life.

They’re useful at an introductory spiritual level and can also be used as a barometer to review spiritual progress.

The energetic connection used can be established regardless of location; no physical or telephonic contact is required.

You’ll receive an e-mailed PDF report with your Vibe Check results and tailored additional recommendations. Your report will be sent to you within 72 hours of your booking.

During your vibe check, I’ll connect with you and your guides energetically to determine tailored information in your highest and best interest.

After checking your starting vibration, you’ll receive the Raise Your Vibration On-Demand Session as well as channeled guidance that includes important information from your guides on how you can best raise your personal vibration.

Once the work is complete, I’ll check your vibration again, and you’ll receive a full PDF report and suggestions and tools to use as your continue on your path.

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