“I want to say thank you to Kat for taking the time and teaching me about the things in myself that I didn’t see. My spiritual journey began with Kat about a year ago and as we progressed inevitably I signed up for a mentorship with Kat. My feelings at best were doubt within. These deep-seated feelings as we found through the journey, blocked my personal magick.

The curriculum and agenda laid out for the mentoring program started with the very basics and built upon itself as the mentoring progressed. Some areas of the learning were not as easy and took more ‘work.’ It’s that flexibility, understanding and personal deep diving into myself with Kat that allowed breakthroughs. Removing blockages, opening and allowing connection to energies brought the much needed confidence in my abilities.

The training is not easy and Kat likened it to ‘spiritual boot camp.’ I can honestly say this is true because as comparison I have gone through Marine Corps boot camp and the changes that occur from start to finish are life changing. All of the assignments that were given were geared towards increasing my own intuition and ability. The reading, the expanding, the grounding and incorporating the attunements into my daily life were very difficult but extremely rewarding. Through the mentoring program many times I was stuck and Kat made herself always available to work through the understandings with me.

In short, my mentoring with Kat has given me life changing results in my spiritual journey and how I see the world. I am grateful from the depths of my heart, love you Kat and thank you again.” ❤️


Connecticut, United States

“I began the Chakras 2.0 program with Kat in May of 2020. At first the thought of removing my chakras seemed a bit weird and scary, but I am all about evolving and becoming so I followed my intuition and decided to do the program.

The entire process was simple yet eye opening. Kat is a wonderful teacher/mentor/guide. She is compassionate and understanding and is always there to answer any questions or address any concerns.

It has been 3 months and I am so glad I did the program with her! With my chakras gone, so went energetic and emotional blocks as well as non-beneficial mindsets and conditioning that I had spent years trying to resolve. I am happier and more content than I have ever been. My vibration has risen considerably, and I no longer spend my days worrying about things that just 3 months ago consumed my mind. I am more compassionate, less irritable and don’t take things super personally anymore. Also, my ability to manifest desired outcomes has increased significantly.

These are just a few of the ways my life has improved by completing the Chakras 2.0 program and working with Kat. I can’t recommend Chakras 2.0 highly enough!”


California, United States

“I had a Blood Moon Angelic Energy Tune-Up.  During the session, I felt quite relaxed.  I did feel attention to my left ring finger.  I have been divorced for quite a few years, but it had been a difficult break-up and long divorce process.  Without going into detail, there were attachments still there and I feel that those attachments were addressed during my session.

Kat recommended to drink lots of water in the days after the session and to eating plenty of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, which I did not have a chance to do.  I ended up getting the flu a couple of days later.  I wonder now, if this had something to do with not following her instructions and allowing my body to detox in the manner in which it should have. 

Aside from having the flu for a couple of days, I am feeling more energetic and motivated.  Both of which I had been lacking.  So glad I found Kat!  Thank you so much!


United States

“I have a number of chronic illnesses and had been going through an especially hard time. As we live a long ways apart, Kat did my energy clearing and Crystal Reiki session from a distance. She told me to relax and to not worry if I did not feel or hear anything. However, I did indeed have a wonderful experience!

Almost immediately, I felt a tremendous outpouring of negative thoughts and energies. I had never experienced such a release! It was not scary, just truly different!

Then I felt a warming sensation spread from my head down through my belly (where many of my physical disabilities are). I then heard a few instructions pertaining to my situation. I was so at peace and super calm and happy! I would have cheerfully stayed in that peaceful place had the session not come to an end! The warming sensation stayed with me for about 18 hours.

It has been about two weeks, and I still feel absolutely wonderful!

I cannot praise Kat Michaels enough. I highly recommend Kat to anyone needing energy clearing / Crystal Reiki healing. She truly is the real deal!”


Florida, United States

“Kat did a number of angelic energy clearings for me during my undiagnosed-but-severe illness. It’s not easy to express just how amazing the experience and the results were: truly “out of this world.” I had the most severe headaches of my life. The kind that make you want to bang your head into walls. They would last hours and hours, and I would literally cry for relief, and weep in misery! And Kat would just “connect” and soothe them away within minutes! And my other, very painful, symptoms dissipated quickly too! Truly astonishing capabilities!

Kat also did a past-life reading for me that was so revealing in its content that it took my breath away. A lot of things that I didn’t understand about myself suddenly made sense. Many experiences shone under a new light. Pain that had felt unfair now feels necessary. That reading has added a deeper layer of meaning, of rootedness, and of freedom to my current lifetime.

I am grateful to Kat, and to the Universe for bringing her in my path. Anyone looking for Reiki healing, clearing, past-life readings, and crystal therapy has reached JUST the place. Confidently and whole-heartedly recommended!”



Kat did some amazing cord cutting work for me on several levels. One was particularly deep and on my neck. It was absolutely wonderful having someone else take a whack at it. I have been battling it daily and it continues to return. I have someone in my life who keeps marking me…. Through the cord cutting and a crystal attunement that Kat did, that person has been unable to attach her entity to me again. Such a relief to not feel the sting in my neck!

Thanks for a truly beautiful experience. You are gifted beyond words and a true healer.


New Hampshire, United States

“Kat Michaels is a seriously talented energy worker!

A rare gem.

I don’t normally trust many people to help me with energy work but I instantly knew I could trust her she works outwith limited systems and brings in energy from outside the matrix.

I was very excited for my session, the distance healing session and it was absolutely incredible.

I would say this would be the definition of a multidimensional healing experience.

I was getting downloads the week leading up, and at the time I was surrounded by an energy that cleared so much space of natural flow for me.

The energy had a feeling of recognition and it was like coming home. I learned afterwards that the Lemurians also came through.

And all of the information Kat channeled back to me was completely on point and incredible 

Thank you again so much Kat.

I’d recommend this so much.”


Scotland, U.K.

“Kat invited me to do her first 2.22 group healing session. I had never really had anything done like this before so wasn’t sure what to expect or what I’d feel.

I woke up earlier than expected, I felt so energetically, creative and happy. I felt like I couldn’t sit still and my body was continually buzzing. My body also went through a physical detox which was great.

The whole experience left me feeling light but also connected.

If you are unsure of a group session and whether it would benefit you, I definitely recommend you try it and invest in it. The results may surprise you very much.”


South Africa

“I have had two energy clearings with Kat now. That was both just awesome. The first one I had a lot of family stuff she helped me release and this time I while I was in the hospital having ER surgery I had spoke with her. She did a healing session on me that helped with me being able to go home faster with my Dr’s ok of course.

Kat has been a blessing of a find and great to work with. If you can work with her you will love it!


“I just had a group clearing with Kat Michaels. I had been feeling really drained from overdoing it from going shopping too soon after having surgery. The energy work was amazing and when she was done I was still tired but didn’t have that drained feeling more and that sure was nice.

Thanks Kat for the great feeling and change in my energy.”


Illinois, United States

“Last night I had my first past life session with Kat, it truly was shocking. Answers to reoccurring dreams, to fears and beliefs I have. She answered questions I never asked her directly but through the meditation.

Her energy is immensely strong and comforting, even my pup sensed her presence. She gave me way more detail than I had expected, and I’m so grateful to have started my past life work with Kat! Looking forward to our next and much longer session! Thank you so much, the answers you gave me have opened my eyes and allowed me to see the direction I need to take for my healing process!”


California, United States

“Kat and I met through Reiki, and she soon became my mentor in establishing and enhancing my psychic gifts. Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor / teacher. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them understand and use their gifts. She is extremely gifted and the passion that she has for her work is very evident.

I have also had the opportunity to be part of her group healing sessions. I live all the way in Africa, and it’s amazing sometimes how I can feel the flow of energy from her during the sessions.

I would recommend Kat to anyone. She is truly a gift to all of us.”



“My journey with Kat Michaels started about 11 months ago when I was divinely guided to awaken a number of gifts that my conscious brain didn’t even understand were true-

Kat has walked me through several stages of guidance, mentorship, support, sisterhood, and unconditional love. ❤️

I have received a Past life Regression Angelic Reading, group energy healings including Heal the Witch Shaman, Pleiadian Alignment Starseed, Willpower, Inner Child, Fear-Based Thinking, Anxiety and Grief, and Karmic Sessions, to highlight some of the most impactful sessions!

These group sessions were absolutely crucial in my ability to seek out my portion of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing from past-life trauma. Kat’s angelic touch ignited my soul with more strength, courage, and confidence to walk my divine path!

In April, I was officially able to start my independent study through Divine Awareness.

Before entering the program-I received the Professional Empath Protection Pack!! This was a game changer for me in a big way!! I was able to balance professional work, spiritual work, tutoring and mentoring with the course of study I’ve been waiting my entire existence to learn!!!

Self-discovery has been something I relish in, but finally having someone truly guide me from a space of unconditional love and support really transformed me and changed me for the better!!!

When I say words don’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Kat Michaels-I MEAN EVERY MORSEL OF THAT STATEMENT!

Thank you Kat Michaels for EVERYTHING you do!!! You have been the teacher I’ve always been looking to find!! ❤️


Wisconsin, United States

“I love my sessions with Kat. I have had a past life reading, a heal the witch, and heal the healer session with her. Every one has brought so much value to my own development, and I am really getting to know my soul. As a mental health therapist, the heal the healer session was much needed…it was also needed after a night of waitressing when I was at my wits end with a coworker. It brought me back to high vibration because I certainly got pulled to low vibration prior to the heal the healer session.

I am working toward my intuitive/psychic development session and can’t wait!!! These past sessions have been little teasers, and now I am ready for some super in depth work! Thanks Kat!”


Utah, United States

“I don’t know where to begin because the whole experience was so divine it cannot be explained in words. But please understand–when energy is sent out with love and compassion, it reaches your soul, and every single part of you emits blessings. This is exactly what happened when Kat Michaels gave me a distance clearing and Reiki session, although she was miles away from me at the time.

I felt a wave of love all over my body. I even felt my guides all around me. You might have a totally different experience. But I can assure you Kat does a very honest job and she would have your best interest in mind during the whole session. And that’s what matters the most!

I wish all of you the best in your journey. And immense gratitude to Kat for everything. I am so glad our paths crossed. Blessings!”


Mumbai, India

You are a gem, Kat, and I am so grateful and excited to have found you.  I have never met you in person, neither have I known anything about you and your work, however, I trust you with my energy with my eyes closed (literally haha) and without a doubt. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep on!”



Kat is extremely gifted at energy healing. My experience with her has been excellent. She is very professional and I truly feel like she is a part of my tribe! I highly recommend her services.”


Michigan, United States

“You never know, without meeting someone and experiencing them, what you’re going to get. That being said, after a very serendipitous moment with Kat coming to my awareness, I felt she was a good choice. I was not disappointed.

Without going into too much detail, I really felt a lot of energy moving throughout my body. I feel like Kat’s work was efficacious and aware. Loved it, looking forward to more!


Upstate New York, United States

“This experience with Kat was my first past-life reading. I didn’t quite know what to expect and was blown away by the detail.

Kat has such an incredible gift of seeing your past lives and karma play out like a movie. The report she sent read like a screenplay and it was very powerful. Her crystal suggestions are the perfect way to bring even more closure and healing to the session.”


United States

“Wow, Kat! I don’t know how to thank you enough. The reading was more than I had ever hoped or dreamed of, and is the most comprehensive and thorough reading I have ever had.

It’s strange, and I think maybe meant to be, that I found your website totally out of the blue. I have been looking for a reading with the “right person” for a long time; it now looks like the timing was right.”



“Our beloved cat Harry is getting very old and dealing with some medical issues. Last week he took a turn for the worse and I thought he was not going to make it. He wouldn’t eat, was listless, seemed very unhappy and just wanted to sleep.

I contacted Kat to do Pet Reiki for him remotely. She did a session for him that evening and by morning he was running around, eating, purring and acting like a young, happy cat without a care in the world! It was an amazing difference, and a week later, he is still doing well and is extremely happy!

Couldn’t be more pleased with Kat’s services. I will be calling on her again whenever needed for both my pets, myself, and other family members, and recommending her to my friends.”


Oregon, United States

“Kat is a very talented and very gifted. I have had multiple energy sessions with Kat and she’s amazing. Her energy work assisted with my body’s healing process when I had back issues.”


California, United States

“Kat is such a gifted professional, and I am so happy I had her do an extended natal astrology chart for me. I know a lot about myself and have had these done by a few different people, but Kat’s chart was so personalized, special, and valid that it blew my mind! It was like she was describing me in every single sentence!

As someone who is a seeker and has gone through many changes even over the last year, it is so nice to have my traits and personality validated and to have such an in-depth look at myself. This detailed-chart was incredibly worth it, and I am thrilled I had Kat do it for me. Thank you, Kat!”


Florida, United States

“Kat helped me when I was truly desperate and went above and beyond to resolve the situation. She was calm, responsive, kind, and thorough.

I am forever grateful for her skills, her perspective, and her tenacity in one of the most challenging periods of my life.


Minnesota, United States

“She’s amazing! I’ve had several of Kat’s services done and every time she is able to establish a strong connection and is compassionate, descriptive, and accurate with her conclusions.

Kat has many gifts but I can tell she was meant to do this. She has a calm, intuitive, and natural ability to reach into the deepest parts of oneself and provide comfort and healing. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of clarity and understanding in their journey!”


Rhode Island, United States

“I was invited to join Kat’s 444 session and all I can say is WOW! Feeling SO much better!! Kat is, indeed, truly amazing and I feel blessed.”


Tennessee, United States

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