New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

Happy New Moon and solar eclipse in Leo! Today’s is the last in a dramatic series of eclipses that have occurred recently, and a lot of the intensity is now set to settle down, but in a laser-focused, highly effective, and goal-oriented way. For the new moon today, ride the wave of energy to set some amazing objectives for the next thirty days as well as for the next six months; the persistent theme is self-improvement, self-care, and self-healing.

To add to the surge of positive energy, Jupiter went direct yesterday on August 10th, increasing good fortune, achievement, and collective optimism. Jupiter’s shift provides an amazing burst of momentum which, when combined with the new moon and solar eclipse energy, causes serious ingenuity, progress, and abundance. To take advantage of the new moon and eclipse energy, set intentions that are important to you, and work on manifesting your desires.

What are you hoping to accomplish? What goals have you been too timid to chase? In what areas should you focus to be your best self?  What brilliant ideas have you had lately, and have you made them into something workable?

Now’s a wonderful time to assess your skills, plans, and opportunities. Even if something seems like a stretch, if you really want it, commit to it – there’s no telling what you can manifest with the energy right now. Write it down, put it on a vision board, and embody the objective and any feelings that it inspires. You’ve got this.

Work with ruby, fancy jasper, green aventurine, and Picasso stone to anchor in creativity, strength, growth, and progress.

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Tonight’s new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer are destined to bring some heavy emotions to the surface. The New Moon is a time for intentions, goal setting, and deep inner work, and introspective Cancer can’t wait to participate.

A water sign that’s naturally ruled by the moon, Cancer rules the house of home and family, so settle in for some serious contemplation about – or discussion with – those nearest and dearest to you. To top things off, we just entered the shadow of Mercury retrograde, so communication may be a bit strained. Blame it on the stars and roll with the punches as well as you can – the energy is thick, but it’ll clear soon, and you can harness it to your benefit.

How to make the most of the Cancer moon and eclipse? Take advantage of the heavy energy and the extreme power in this moon to set strong intentions for your home and family life. Make sure to stay grounded with crystals, water, and root vegetables.

Journaling, yoga, meditation, exercise, and other self-care rituals provide wonderful options for the soul-searching energy cast by Cancer. Are you making plans for a family, buying a home, or improving communication with your partner? Write it out so that you can manifest it. Be as specific as possible when writing what you want – if you don’t ask for it, how will the Universe deliver?

While everything’s coming up, keep your energy and space clear by using an energetic purifier of some kind – selenite, incense, or a salt lamp would work, as would sound.

To ground yourself, inspire yourself, and balance your emotions during this potent new moon and eclipse, work with carnelian, tiger’s eye, ocean jasper (bottom left photo), or polychrome jasper (top right photo).