1:1 Packages & Programs

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Angelic Energy Tune-Ups

Angelic Energy Tune-Ups focus on identifying and comfortably dissolving any energetic blocks that are currently affecting you. Each session may address physical, emotional, and/or spiritual areas of discomfort. Ultimately, the greatest effect will occur where it is most needed. 

My Angelic Energy Tune-Ups incorporate seven different energetic healing processes: an angelic energy clearing and addition, angelic healing, chakra maintenance, an aura cleanse and repair, cord removal, crystal therapy, and Reiki.

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Empath Protection Packs

Basic Protection Pack           Standard Protection Pack           Professional Protection Pack

Would you describe yourself as an empath, clairsentient, or highly sensitive person? Are you a Reiki practitioner or other energy worker? Do you work in an industry where you deal with the public or have a lot of personal contact? If so, you may want some extra energetic protection to help shelter you from those energies as you move about your day. With an Empath Protection Pack, you’ll receive customized and permanent energetic shielding to shelter you from external energies in your daily life.

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Specialized Intuitive Coaching

Specialized intuitive coaching allows me to tailor your coaching process so that you obtain the most relevant, high-value, and transformative coaching service available. By combining my Specialized Intuitive Coaching services with my Angel Reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up processes, you receive a customized 1:1 experience designed to powerfully propel you forward to reach your objectives. 

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Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Ups

Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Ups assist with physical and emotional imbalances by dissolving any energetic blocks that are currently affecting your pet. Animal-based techniques include a focus on each animal’s energy system as well as techniques to soothe shy, nervous, and/or frightened animals. Pet tune-ups are often sought for behavioral issues; for chronic emotional distress, including separation anxiety; and to increase comfort and support in times of illness or convalescence.

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Past-Life Readings

Do recurring themes or patterns affect your life? Do you suffer from inexplicable phobias or repeated nightmares? Are you mysteriously attracted to certain parts of the world?

Your experiences in this lifetime may be related to one or more of your past lives. A past-life reading allows you to understand subconscious forces at play due to past-life occurrences. You then have the chance to consciously shift your focus and correct issues manifesting in your current lifetime.

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Psychic & Soul Activation Packages

Activation packages take you toward discernment and clarity, allowing you to expand your intuition and uncover your gifts in a concentrated and supportive container. 

Activation packages are completed via an energetic connection.

We’ll identify and dissolve any misguided conditioning, blocks to success, fear-based thinking, or other issues that are holding you back from reaching your true potential, while bringing forth and amplifying any talents, gifts, and beneficial attributes.


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Angel Readings

An angel reading allows you to pose nearly any question bothering you or examine any situation requiring more clarity. Angel readings are often geared toward specific questions, situations, or relationships; readings determine what you need to know at the time of the reading or what your next step should be in your path. 

In an angel reading, I connect on your behalf with your guides, guardians, and higher self, as well as with a number of archangels, specialist angels, ascended masters, and elemental beings to find the most relevant and detailed information available to assist you. The information obtained offers practical guidance and seasoned advice from Spirit, bringing clarity and fresh energy to confusing or frustrating situations.

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Group Events

Weekly group sessions on Fridays at 3:33 p.m. and 5:55 p.m. PDT.

Group sessions cover a range of specialized topics, which include specific healing topics as well as various intuitive development topics.

All group sessions incorporate my Angelic Energy Tune-Up process.

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