Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Ups

Naturally soothe & comfort your pets.

Pets have experienced improvement in multiple areas, including but not limited to the following.


  • Reduced anxiety, including separation anxiety
  • Elevated levels of relaxation and comfort
  • Visibly lower levels of pain and discomfort
  • Reduction in aggressive behavior
  • Minimized jumpiness and/or fear-based reactivity
  • Improved food and water consumption
  • Increased energy

Session results vary by client.

Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ sessions focus on identifying and comfortably dissolving any energetic blocks that are currently affecting your pet. Physical and emotional imbalances that may be impacting your pet’s well being are identified and addressed. Animal-based techniques include a focus on the animal’s energy system as well as techniques to soothe shy, nervous, and/or frightened animals.

Pet sessions are often sought for behavioral issues; for chronic emotional distress, including separation anxiety; and to increase comfort and support in times of illness or convalescence. Ultimately, the greatest effect will occur where it is most needed.

All work is performed in concert with your pet’s higher self and their guides, guardians, and angels to ensure that the steps taken support your pet’s highest and best interest.

A Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Up includes the following seven modalities.

If you have a preference against a particular modality for any reason, please include that information in the notes when scheduling your session.

Angelic Energy Clearing & Addition

The angelic energy clearing process removes any thoughts, emotions, conditioning, pain, behavioral issues, or other influences present in your pet’s energy field that are nonbeneficial for your pet. For the angelic energy addition, I’ll ground your pet and will and increase your pet’s vibrational frequency, beneficial emotions, and energetic states such as love, happiness, peace, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, health, and protection.

Angelic Healing

With angelic healing, I connect directly to the angels and work with them using a variety of techniques and procedures. This is often done close to the beginning of the session, with the angelic healing procedures continuing in the background to repair any physical, emotional, and energetic issues as I proceed throughout the rest of the session.

Aura Cleanse & Aura Repair

An aura cleanse clears your pet’s aura of any harmful and discordant energy that has entered your pet’s field, whether created by you, another individual or animal, a group, or a situation or event.

After cleansing your pet’s aura, I repair any auric leaks and holes as well as seal the aura to ensure that your pet is not susceptible to outside energies.

Chakra Unblocking, Balancing, & Alignment

Blocks are identified and cleared before your pet’s chakras are balanced and aligned for a more detached and peaceful perspective. I move one by one through your pet’s chakras, starting with the root chakra.

Cord Removal

Non-beneficial etheric cords are lines between two beings that attach during social situations and difficult incidents. These cords affect pets, too, and often remain attached to a pet, draining that pet’s energy following the initial encounter. Cords can exist between pets and their owners, affecting both you and your pet. They can also exist between your pet and other animals or previous owners.

I’ll remove any non-beneficial etheric cords from the root and seal their connection points. Your pet will also have auric leaks, tears, or holes repaired and sealed so that new or repeated cords cannot easily attach.

Crystal Reiki, Usui Reiki, & Angelic Reiki

Reiki is universal life force energy that I’m able to channel to your pet by using focused intention and a variety of symbols requiring attunement. Reiki energy ultimately goes where it needs to go, and your pet will subconsciously filter the energy as appropriate.

I often use Crystal Reiki, Usui Reiki, and Angelic Reiki symbols together in one session. I work with the crystals during all stages of the session.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is the use of the metaphysical and therapeutic attributes of crystals to enhance overall wellness. My training, experience, and intuition as a crystal therapist help me to create goal-related crystal grids as well as crystal layouts on or around your pet’s body and/or throughout a designated space. I communicate with crystals and receive tailored instructions from them for each session on which crystals to use and how to use them in the individual pet’s highest and best interest. When beneficial, I sometimes attune individual pets to specific healing crystals for their use over a limited timeframe. I frequently recommend the use of specific crystals or combinations of crystals to provide continued support for those issues identified during the session.


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