Past Lives

Improve your present by uncovering your past.

Past-Life On-Demand Session

This session clears the effects of past lives, including the karma, associations, learned behavior, programming, and other effects that are able to be cleared.

Once these and related issues have been cleared, beneficial aspects of your past lives will be enhanced and grounded in your present reality, including things like intuitive and other gifts, a natural sense of time management, critical thinking abilities, or other applicable attributes.

This is a healing session; no past-life reading is included with this session. This one-hour on-demand session is available for immediate access.

Past-Life Viewings

Your experiences in this lifetime may be related to one or more of your past lives.

A past-life viewing allows you to understand subconscious forces at play due to past-life occurrences. You then have the chance to consciously shift your focus and correct issues manifesting in your current lifetime.

A past-life viewing sheds light on certain situations present in your life so that you can then take action to dissolve the associated karma and energy.

Questions are answered, ancient effects uncovered, and tremendous progress made once age-old, non-beneficial agreements are broken and stale energy is released.

Your past-life viewing determines the information that is most helpful and relevant to you now. You’re welcome to ask specific questions if you wish, especially about places, people, or things that haunt you – the types of triggers that are often related to past lives.

We’ll discover blocks, unearth conditioning, and determine opportunities for growth; we’ll also uncover spiritual knowledge, esoteric wisdom, and natural gifts that are ripe for development. Often, gifts uncovered include crystal, herb, and plant knowledge; communication skills, including speaking, writing, and language skills; and intuitive gifts.


A past-life viewing may incorporate any of the following elements.

  • Channeled and intuitive communication with angelic and elemental realms
  • Multidimensional journeying
  • Tarot and/or oracle cards
  • Scrying/crystal ball gazing

In a past-life viewing, I connect on your behalf with your guides, guardians, and higher self, as well as with a number of archangels, specialist angels, ascended masters, and elemental beings to find the most relevant and detailed information available to assist you. The information obtained offers practical guidance and seasoned advice from Spirit, bringing clarity and fresh energy to confusing or frustrating situations.

  • Do recurring themes or patterns affect your life?
  • Do you suffer from inexplicable phobias or repeated nightmares?
  • Are you mysteriously attracted to certain parts of the world?
  • Do you have haunting dreams of faraway places? 
  • Do you know that you’ve been someplace before, although in this lifetime you’ve seen only photos?

For those interested in discovering and following their purpose or in developing their intuition, the activation programs Manifest Your Soul and Activate Your Intuition are available.

I do not address questions related to mental or physical illness or disease, life-and-death situations, illegal activity, or civil or criminal legal outcomes.

Questions asked must pertain to you directly; I do not entertain questions related to third parties unless I have explicit permission from the third party.

I reserve the right to refuse any question posed.

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