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  • Dissolve your blocks

  • Amplify your gifts

  • Maximize your potential

All services performed from a distance.

Are you hoping to learn more about crystals, angels, and energetic processes?

Read my most popular pieces, written to help you heal, maintain peace in your life, and grow and thrive energetically.


Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®

Receive customized energetic healing for emotional, spiritual, and physical issues.

Channeled Guidance

Explore your questions and receive precise answers from your guides.

Manifest Your Soul®

Connect to your soul, bring forth your specific gifts, and thrive in your purpose.

Empath Protection Packs®

Indulge in tailored and permanent energetic protection.

Past-Life Viewings

Experience the power of your past lives and gain insight into persistent patterns.

Activate Your Intuition®

Deepen your psychic abilities, increase discernment, and integrate new energies.

Vibe Checks

Discover your current vibrational frequency and how to increase it.

Chakras 2.0®

Exit the Matrix and upgrade your energy system to reach new heights.

Divine Awareness®

Elevate your gifts and abilities to become the energy healer you were meant to be.

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“Clear Your Energy, Clear Your Life”

I’m a mentor, guide, and healer here to help you transcend harmful energy and patterns in your life, replacing them with love, stability, and joy. As an angelic healer and multidimensional medium, I use my psychic senses to receive and deliver messages and healing during my sessions. By working in concert with other realms, I offer a tailored service that is in your highest and best interest.

I’ve combined my gifts and experience with a lifetime’s worth of study in crystals and stones, tarot, astrology, and psychic phenomena. I possess an eclectic blend of knowledge, obtained through three traditional degrees as well as a number of relevant certifications and affiliations. Work with me to discover answers, find your peace, and revolutionize your life.

Kat Michaels

Global Healer, Crystal Reiki Master, & Multidimensional Mentor

What Clients Are Saying:

“This experience with Kat was my first past-life reading. I didn’t quite know what to expect and was blown away by the detail.

Kat has such an incredible gift of seeing your past lives and karma play out like a movie. The report she sent read like a screenplay and it was very powerful. Her crystal suggestions are the perfect way to bring even more closure and healing to the session.”


“Kat helped me when I was truly desperate and went above and beyond to resolve the situation. She was calm, responsive, kind, and thorough.

I am forever grateful for her skills, her perspective, and her tenacity in one of the most challenging periods of my life.”


“Wow, Kat! I don’t know how to thank you enough. The reading was more than I had ever hoped or dreamed of, and is the most comprehensive and thorough reading I have ever had.

It’s strange, and I think maybe meant to be, that I found your website totally out of the blue. I have been looking for a reading with the “right person” for a long time; it now looks like the timing was right.”