Meet Kat Michaels

“Learn to live by your intuition.”

I’m here to teach you what’s possible when you follow your inner guidance.

This wasn’t my anticipated trajectory.

I spent years in school, learning the ins and outs of business, taxes, and the law. I relished the order, the logic, and the straightforward nature of these subjects – I still do.

But somewhere along the way I got a nudge.

A sudden inner knowing that if I wanted to truly live my life in the best possible manner, and if I wanted to fulfill my purpose, then I needed to dig deeper – past my 3D experience, past the knowledge I’d accumulated, and past the world that I thought I understood.

I’d always been intuitive, but at that time I didn’t have a great track record of trusting everything that came through. If I had an internal red flag, I’d often think to myself that I was being irrational. If I was incredibly excited for something, I’d chastise myself for being too optimistic early on. (Looking back, I should have seen how this was playing out, but I was too blinded by logic to connect my results with whether or not I’d originally followed my intuition.)

This nudge was different from many of the others that I’d had, though – there was gravity behind it. I could feel that if I ignored my intuition this time, then I’d regret it later on, and I may never know how much.

I decided that day that I would trust myself and pay attention to the nudge. At the time, I had no idea where it would take me.

What followed was an almost compulsive quest to follow my intuition. I became accustomed to listening to my inner guidance, even when it made no sense. Sometimes I felt crazy – I’d need to duck out early at an event, or I’d be guided to go to a new shop for something I always purchased elsewhere. I denied invitations that looked good on paper.
I started to notice that each and every time, my intuition was right.

I left a concert just before the sound cut out and the show ended early. I met my mentor when visiting a new shop. Parties that I’d skipped had needless drama.

I began to trust my intuition more and more, and I stopped wondering why I was guided to do things a certain way.

I just listened.

Eventually, I got used to things magically falling into place for me, even if they didn’t look how I’d expected them to.

And as I stopped fighting the flow of things, letting them unfold naturally instead of attempting to force the result I wanted, my life became easier, happier, and more peaceful.

I’ve now spent the last decade following my intuition, and I’m so grateful that I listened to that initial nudge to dig deeper. From discovering energy healing to opening my business, meeting my husband, and growing my family, my intuition has served me better than I’d ever imagined that my logical brain could.

I now find tremendous joy in helping my clients awaken to their own intuitions and create the lives that they were meant to have.

All of my programs are created with this simple aim: to connect my clients more fully with themselves and their inner guidance.

In the process, my clients achieve new levels of love, creativity, happiness, and success.

If you want to connect further with your intuition in any capacity, then you’re at the right place. From crystal articles and energetic maintenance suggestions, to courses for beginning through advanced levels of spiritual development, I hope that the tools here give you what you need to find the magic in your life.

Healing & Coaching Certifications

These are certifications that I’ve earned specifically for my healing and coaching business.

Crystal Healing

✓ Crystal Reiki Master/ Teacher

✓ Certified Crystal Therapist

✓ Advanced Crystal Master

✓ Certified Crystal Reader

Angelic Healing

✓ Angelic Reiki Master/ Teacher

✓ Certified Angelic Healer

✓ Certified Advanced Angelic Healer

✓ Certified Angel Intuitive

Misc. Healing

✓ Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher

✓ Animal Reiki Master/ Teacher

✓ Karmic Reiki Master/ Teacher

✓ Certified Sound Healer, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bronze Level I

Intuitive & Coaching

✓ Certified Angel Card Reader

✓ Certified Medium

✓ Certified Life Purpose Coach

✓ Certified Assertiveness Coach

✓ Certified Meditation Instructor

Applicable Affiliations

These are affiliations that are directly applicable to my healing and coaching business.

✓ Content Creator and Team Member,

✓ Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

✓ Member, International Reiki Org.

What inspired me to do what I do?

When I was in my late 20s, it seemed like I had everything that I’d been working toward – the career, the marriage, the house. Yet despite my apparent success, I was a mess inside. Riddled with anxiety and fear, trapped in emotions and memories that haunted me, and stuck in a toxic relationship due to a mixture of trauma and codependency, I went through my “dark night of the soul” – a period that was heart-wrenching and life-altering even in the most generous of terms.

I ended my marriage, moved on from a number of unsupportive and inauthentic friendships, and poured myself into my own healing and self-development. I rediscovered intuitive passions from my youth, with crystals and tarot cards chief among them, and I found my spirituality again. In following my intuition, I was led to my mentor, who introduced me to dowsing, energy healing, and channeling.

I was hooked. I’d always been psychic, but I’d never known about energy healing or dowsing, and I’d primarily connected to my guides through cards. I dove into my studies and soon found that the things that had once plagued me – anxiety, fear, trauma, guilt, and resentment – were no longer an issue. I’d released them through energy healing, something that I hadn’t been able to do through therapy, diet, or exercise, despite continual attempts.

My personal healing success drove me to offer the same type of healing to others. I began to refine my work, obtaining certification after certification and practicing for hours on end. I channeled throughout the process, downloading and integrating attunements and activations that helped me to tweak and perfect my process further.

I’m constantly updating and refining my work, and I still aim to help as many people as possible, but my focus has shifted – I now hope to share my specific processes with as many aligned healers as possible, who will then use this work with their clients.

I’m grateful now to have found true success – happiness, a healthy marriage and beautiful family, strong connections with God and my guides, and work that fulfills my soul and my purpose.

I hope, too, that energy healing helps you find your version of success.

Relevant 3D Experience

This is a sampling of applicable work that I’ve completed outside of my healing and coaching business.


Frequently speak to large audiences

Regularly teach legal concepts to non-attorneys

✓ Appeared as a guest professor for advanced legal writing courses

✓ Taught legal research seminars and legal writing workshops


Actively practicing tax litigation attorney with 9 years of experience

✓ Proficient in tax, contracts, ethics, and business law


✓ Knowledgeable regarding business structures, practices, and compliance requirements

✓ Expert in finance and tax

Background in corporate marketing and sales

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