Manifest Your Soul®

Thrive in your purpose and live your best life.

You’re destined for more.

You’re smart, successful, and great at what you do. You’ve taken the steps needed to get to where you thought you wanted to go – and while you’re content with what you’ve accomplished, you can’t help but feel like there’s more to life.
You want to do more than survive and succeed in a career. You want to thrive in your passion – that thing that you love so much you’d do it for free, but that naturally brings abundance due to your joy, alignment, and expertise.
You’ve looked at life purpose programs before, but you haven’t found one quite right for you. You don’t want something cookie-cutter. You’re hoping for a program that will help you delve deep, integrate your shadow side, and activate your best possible timeline.
You’d like a program that works with you as you decide on your next steps – not one that dictates those next steps to you. You want something that supports you comfortably, intuitively, and naturally as you find your own rhythm.
Manifest Your Soul®

You want to Manifest Your Soul®.

Clear programming preventing you from becoming your best self.

Eliminate blocks to wealth, love, inner peace, and happiness.

Activate true self-actualization and self-fulfillment.

Manifest Your Soul®

Manifest Your Soul® is designed to help you:

 Maximize clarity of purpose

 Open to abundance and prosperity

✓ Elevate your mindset for optimal growth

Unlock your highest purpose and evolutionary path.

Manifest Your Soul®.

Achieve the following with Manifest Your Soul®:


Reset non-beneficial patterns

 Remove outdated belief systems

Neutralize self-consciousness and fear

Increase trust in the Universe

Elevate confidence and self-worth

Allow more mental and energetic freedom

✓ Attract aligned opportunities

Magnify manifestation abilities

 Raise your vibrational frequency

manifest your soul®

What content can you expect?

In the first energy work session, you’ll clear conditioning, fear, programming, and concern regarding societal and family expectations. You’ll reset harmful ways of thinking and minimize self-deprecating thoughts and actions. You’ll also nullify unconscious vows and contracts from this lifetime and prior lifetimes.

In the second energy work session, you’ll enhance authenticity, increase alignment, and shift your perspective to one which will best support your goals going forward. You’ll elevate confidence and self-worth, bring forth individual gifts, and augment manifestation abilities.

In the third energy work session, you’ll maximize success, raise your vibration, hone your previously discovered gifts, and invite beneficial opportunities. We’ll connect you with your higher self and stimulate inspiration with respect to your soul purpose.

1:1 coaching sessions, guided meditations, and weekly “om”work provide guidance and clarification as you work through the program.

Unlimited on-demand healing sessions support you further as you release blocks, increase self-awareness, and illuminate your soul path.

Client Testimonials

“I want to say thank you to Kat for taking the time and teaching me about the things in myself that I didn’t see.

My mentoring with Kat has given me life changing results in my spiritual journey and how I see the world. I am grateful from the depths of my heart. Love you, Kat, and thank you again.”


“You are a gem, Kat, and I am so grateful and excited to have found you. I have never met you in person, neither have I known anything about you and your work; however, I trust you with my energy with my eyes closed (literally haha) and without a doubt. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep on!”


“Kat has walked me through several stages of guidance, mentorship, support, sisterhood, and unconditional love. My sessions with Kat were absolutely crucial in my ability to seek out my portion of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing from past-life trauma.”


“Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor / teacher. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them understand and use their gifts. She is extremely gifted and the passion that she has for her work is very evident.”



When I finished my law degree, for a moment I felt as though I had finally “made it” – the long hours of studying, years of schooling, intense interviews, and stress-filled pre-exam weekends had paid off, and I was thrilled to accept a job that I loved in my area of focus. I imagined that I’d spend my weekends away from work relaxing, and I didn’t anticipate pursuing further education.

A few months into my new reality, I began to feel listless. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my new career; I felt intellectually satisfied and personally fulfilled with my work. But it felt like my soul yearned for something more . . . magical.

I dove into old hobbies that I’d neglected during years of advanced education: tarot cards, crystals, and astrology. But I had the sense that I was meant to go deeper – that I’d barely touched the tip of the iceberg.

When I discovered energy healing, I found my passion. I was fascinated. I spent hours connecting, meditating, channeling, and practicing techniques. I had found my purpose, and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

My life is every bit as magical now as I could have ever dreamed, and I’m grateful everyday that I discovered my purpose. With Manifest Your Soul®, I hope to guide you, too, as you find your passion and align with your soul purpose.


Kat Michaels

Manifest Your Soul® is 6 weeks long and includes:

3 Manifest Your Soul® 40-minute 1:1 energy work sessions to release anything holding you back; ignite inspiration, clarity, and determination regarding your soul purpose; and anchor and amplify individual gifts and abilities

 3 Manifest Your Soul® 40-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to help you identify your purpose, understand your gifts, and determine your next steps

✓ Unlimited Voxer voice and text messaging support for the duration of your program

1 guided meditation to help you find your purpose

1 guided visualization to aid you as you plan for your vision

 Detailed weekly “om”work to help you delve deep, understand your soul’s needs, and discover beneficial and aligned action steps

Unlimited on-demand healing sessions during the program and for one week after its conclusion

Lifetime access to your Manifest Your Soul® program portal

Lifetime on-demand access to your customized energy work sessions

Are you ready to thrive in your purpose and live your best life?