Informed Consent Agreement

Scheduling your session, program, or other service constitutes agreement with the following Informed Consent Agreement, as well as with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This Informed Consent Agreement applies to all services offered at, including but not limited to 1:1 mentorships, apprenticeships, or programs; group courses or programs; and on-demand courses or programs (collectively, “programs”).

Energetic Connection

Kat connects energetically from a distance to complete her work and performs that work inside your auric field. Depending on the structure of your program, you may receive separate energy healing sessions, or you may receive energy healing as part of your coaching sessions. Energy healing during coaching sessions runs in the background and works for your highest and best good; depending on your sensitivity, you may or may not feel it in the forefront during the coaching session.

Intuitive Communication

During your program, Kat will communicate with God/Source, your higher self, your guides and guardians, and other beings who have only your highest and best interest in mind and whose assistance is welcomed by your higher self. Other beings may include, but are not limited to, angels, ascended masters, fairies, star beings, and spirit animals.

Kat will provide you with applicable information obtained during your program. This may include guidance or descriptions of information obtained through Kat’s psychic senses, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Individual information may or may not be obtained and/or shared during group services, depending on the structure of the service and the opportunity for personal feedback.

Energetic Modalities and Processes Used

Kat uses various modalities and processes in her programs. The processes used in your program will be based on the intuitive guidance that Kat receives in the moment from your higher self and guides. If you prefer that Kat not use a particular modality or process in her work with you, please let her know prior to your program or session.

Kat may use any of the following modalities and processes during your program:

  • Usui, Crystal, Angelic, and Karmic Reiki
  • Crystal therapy
  • Angelic healing
  • Spiritual lightwork
  • Auric cleansing and repair
  • Energetic protection processes
  • Chakra unblocking, balancing, and alignment
  • Chakra dismantling, dissolution, re-installation, and upgrade*
  • Cord dissolution and removal
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Sound therapy with crystal and/or bronze singing bowls
  • Intuitive communication
  • Multidimensional journeying
  • Psychic surgery
  • Tarot and/or oracle cards
  • Scrying, i.e. crystal ball gazing

*These processes are used only in the Chakras 2.0® and Divine Awareness® programs.

Healing Levels and Recovery Time

Kat’s programs include live and on-demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®, which are available at, as well as in-the-moment energy work performed during live coaching or healing sessions. The sessions available at are organized in healing levels one through five, which are marked in the descriptions. Each healing level has an estimated “recovery time,” which is included in the description of the healing level.

“Recovery time” indicates the estimated period of time in which you may or may not experience detoxification symptoms. Detoxification symptoms can include symptoms such as lethargy, nausea, headaches, and skin breakouts. To minimize these symptoms and to efficiently detoxify your system of harmful energy, drink plenty of water and eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables in the days prior to and following each session.

Other than for included live and on-demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®, healing levels are not assigned to programs available at A standard amount of recovery time for sessions included in Kat’s programs is 24-36 hours or less, though you may experience longer, shorter, or virtually nonexistent recovery times. Generally, the more often that you receive energy work, and the healthier your diet and water intake, the lower your recovery time should be. Attunements, activations, and psychic and intuitive development sessions typically have a longer recovery period of up to 61-96 hours, depending on the intensity level of the session and your present level of psychic awareness.

Note that if anything included in a session is not in your personal highest and best interest to receive, you will not receive that portion of the session; instead, it will pass by your aura with no effect. The beneficial effects of the session that are in your highest and best interest will be delivered to your higher self and will filter down in the way that is most aligned with your energy and soul path. If you would like to filter the effects at a slower rate, e.g. for psychic and intuitive development sessions, you may set that intention prior to or after each session.

Potential Experiences

Energy work sessions may stimulate psychic experiences, or you may see, hear, or feel my energy during the session. You may receive messages or instructions from your guides, who will be there for support. You may feel a merging of your physical body with your higher self. You may also notice physical sensations, e.g. a “fluttering” feeling, heat, or chills. You may also fall into a deep meditation or fall asleep.

Know that regardless of what you do or don’t experience, the session happened exactly the way that it was meant to for you. None of the experiences included in this section are unusual, negative, or harmful; they are simply experiences based on the way that your body processes energy and psychic information.

Pausing or Stopping a Session

If you ever feel uncomfortable with the energy coming through, you can drink water; take a walk or start another relaxing physical activity; or, if preferred, stop the session by saying, “I’d like to [pause / stop] any energy healing currently being delivered by KatMichaels. And so it is.”

If you choose to pause a session in the middle due to a strong influx of energy, I recommend “scheduling” the session to continue during sleep hours, beginning only once you’ve entered REM sleep.

Medical Disclaimer

Kat is not a doctor, psychologist, or other licensed medical professional, and the sessions that Kat offers are designed to be used only in conjunction with your regular medical treatment.

Kat does not encourage the replacement of traditional medical therapies with energy and/or crystal therapy, and Kat recommends that you discuss any alternative therapies with your medical professional if you are under current or ongoing treatment for any illness, disease, or condition, whether physical or mental.

Kat’s services do not treat disease, mental illness, or other specific conditions and are to be used only as therapies to support general wellness. No statements made or actions taken should be construed as medical advice, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or cure.

If you are in an emergency medical situation, please contact your local authorities for assistance.

Legal Disclaimer

Purchases made through do not give rise to an attorney-client relationship and do not provide the privileges of such a relationship.

No information provided by Kat should be considered legal advice. Please consult your attorney regarding any legal questions.

Financial Disclaimer

Purchases made through do not give rise to any fiduciary relationship or to any financial planning or advisement contract.

No information provided by Kat should be considered financial or tax advice. Please consult your financial planner, accountant, or tax preparer regarding any financial questions.

Warranty & Liability Clauses

THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ASSOCIATED WITH KAT’S SERVICES OR THEIR RESULTS. No specific results are guaranteed for any of Kat’s programs. Individual results vary based on mindset, skill, talent, dedication, practice, and other factors.

Information provided is intuitive only. Kat cannot be held liable for any decision, occurrence, situation, or consequence that may or may not relate to information shared through Kat’s programs. You are solely responsible for your own decisions and actions.

Confidentiality & Mandatory Reporting

Kat’s chief priorities are your confidentiality and her ethics. Your personal identifying information, including your e-mail, and the information that you share with Kat in relation to your sessions will not be shared. The exception to this is if you indicate your intention to harm yourself or others; Kat is a mandatory reporter and is required by law to notify the proper authorities if you indicate your intention to harm yourself or others.

When Kat connects energetically, she takes specific steps to limit the information obtained to those things that are necessary for your present guidance. The boundaries and shields that Kat puts into place ensure your confidentiality with respect to situations or issues that are not directly relevant to your program or session.

For additional information related to the confidentiality of collected, stored, and retained data, please see the Privacy Policy.





Last updated 1/22/2021