Pendulum Dowsing

Dowse with a pendulum both for guidance and for transmutation of energy.

Learn to clear yourself of harmful energy; unblock, balance, and align your chakras; measure your vibrational frequency; send healing energy to the Earth; and more.

If any of these resonate with you, you may want to try dowsing.

  • Would you love to learn to tap into your intuition but are always in your head?
  • Do you want to find the answers to your questions upon simply tuning in, and do you want those answers to be somewhat quantifiable?
  • And are you interested in transmuting harmful energy and ushering in beneficial energy for yourself and for others?​

Dowsing is a way of using a pendulum or dowsing rods to silence your mind, tap into your subconscious, connect with your guides, and obtain answers to your questions. Dowsing can also be used to transmute harmful or discordant energy, leaving an opening for the dowser to bring in beneficial energy in its place.

Each pendulum dowsing session is 1 hour long and is completed by video connection. Transmutation of energy and development of a complete personal energy practice require three pendulum dowsing sessions with me.

In your first pendulum dowsing session, you will receive individual instructions regarding how to use your pendulum for yes/no questions, multiple-choice questions, and complex multi-layered questions. Format and structure of questions, pendulum charts, basic pendulum programming, and ethics will all be covered in the first dowsing training session.

In your second pendulum dowsing session, once you have demonstrated a reasonable understanding of basic dowsing techniques and ethics, we will move on to cover more advanced dowsing techniques, including assessment of vibrational frequency, health index, and more, as well as formative concepts for multidimensional dowsing.

In your third pendulum dowsing session, we will cover multidimensional dowsing in depth. You’ll learn how to use dowsing to transmute harmful and discordant energies of all types while inviting in beneficial energies such as love, peace, happiness, abundance, patience, and joy. You’ll also learn to maximize talents, abilities, psychic gifts, multidimensional communication, and other helpful qualities. Angelic support and protection, balance, grounding, and vibrational frequency can also be increased using multidimensional dowsing.



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Pendulum Dowsing (3 sessions)

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