You’re destined for more.

Are you ready to hone your skills, make your impact, and serve your purpose?

You’ve been drawn to intuitive and energy work for awhile, and you may have learned a modality or two. But there’s something else that you’re craving – a mastery level that you’ve yet to achieve.

You’re multipassionate, and you’re looking for the perfect combination to set you apart and to help you maximize your skills and your impact.

It’s your mission to use your gifts to help others in powerful and magical ways.

And you want to do so while you excel personally, spiritually, and professionally.

Divine Awareness® teaches you to do all that and more.

  • Connect with and expand your intuition
  • Understand your unique psychic gifts
  • Easily determine your best course of action
  • Trust the Universe, your guides, and yourself
  • Discover multiple types of energetic protection
  • Attune to new multidimensional experiences
  • Expand your awareness of other realms
  • Experience a new level of magic in your life
  • Communicate with your guides for direction
  • Increase and sustain your vibrational frequency
  • Discern among different energies in your auric field
  • Embrace and amplify personal spiritual development
  • Enjoy increased synchronicities and psychic experiences
  • Develop skills for a divinely guided and sustainable business in intuitive healing


Are you energetically sensitive? Would you describe yourself as an empath, a starseed, or a healer? Are you a revolutionary who identifies with descriptions of Indigos or Crystal Children? Are you an intelligent and unique free thinker who wants to use your gifts to heal others?

You’re feeling the energetic pull and the familiarity; you’re noticing the synchronicities. Your job is to trust the Universe.

Divine Awareness® is the program that you’ve been waiting for.

Providing grounded and practical instruction infused with high-vibration lightwork, Divine Awareness® sets itself apart as a next-level healer apprenticeship program. 

The Divine Awareness® program includes a variety of unique attunements, activations, and other angelic energy work designed to develop your intuitive and healing abilities to the very highest level. In addition, you’ll receive specialized and integrative intuitive coaching to guide you as you grow accustomed to your new knowledge and energetic upgrades.

The full Divine Awareness® program is one year long and covers four separate units, each of which is completed over a three-month period. We’ll meet nearly every week for group or 1:1 coaching, Q&A sessions, or energy work.

The entire experience is immersive. Including “om”work, the weekly time commitment per apprentice averages five to eight hours per week, though the concepts should be employed continuously on a day-to-day basis. The units proceed consecutively, and completion of all units is required for final certification and licensing. If desired, each unit may be completed one at a time over separate years.

Are you ready to join us?

Divine Awareness® Always Includes:

In addition to all services, attunements, and  included in each unit of Divine Awareness®, you’ll receive the following*:

  • Unlimited access to my on-demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®
  • Audio and/or video downloads of all included 1:1 coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, and Q&A sessions
  • Written PDF report discussing processes used in all on-demand energy work sessions
  • Written PDF reports of all readings completed throughout the program
  • Audio downloads of pre-recorded guided meditations designed for Divine Awareness
  • PDF handouts to explain concepts and to provide checklists, instructions, crystal tips, energy healing information and best practices, and more
  • Lifetime access to any upgrades or new modules added after your graduation from Divine Awareness®
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching access**
  • Access to a private networking group only for Divine Awareness® apprentices***
  • A 3-year license with which to practice my signature Angelic Energy Tune-Up® process for your own clients****
  • Professional certifications in Past-Life Clearing, Pendulum Dowsing, Angelic Reiki, Animal Reiki, Crystal Reiki, & Intuitive Crystal Therapy
  • Professional one-of-a-kind certifications in Psychic Ethics and Angelic Energy Healing
  • A free marketing listing on my Web site as a Certified Angelic Energy Healing practitioner
  • Exclusive access to continuing education opportunities

*Subject to enrollment in and completion of entire one-year Divine Awareness® program

**Voxer coaching access provided on weekdays during specified times; responses are subject to reasonable timeframes and parameters

***Access to the group is provided both during and after your Divine Awareness® program. This is currently done through Voxer.

****Following the included initial 3-year period, continued licensing as a Certified Angelic Energy Healing practitioner will be available at a reasonable annual fee.

Unit 1: Self-Awareness

Unit One of Divine Awareness® connects you with your soul, your gifts, and your purpose. We’ll discover your soul’s magic and develop it properly.

Learn advanced psychic protection, establishment of clear energetic boundaries, energetic discernment, recognition of truth, and navigation of a new energetic reality.

Unit One is designed to upgrade your energy system, bring forth your soul’s own amazing attributes, and connect you with your intuition.

Learn to continuously feel inspired, in flow, and in alignment. Understand how to work co-creatively with the Universe to achieve your highest purpose and fulfill your dreams. Fall in step with your higher self and your most beneficial path.

Unit One is three months long and includes:

  • Chakras 2.0® group course (value $1,111)
  • Past-Life Healing attunement and certification (value $777)
  • Usui Reiki Master attunement and certification (value $777)
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching access (value $1,111)
  • Unlimited on-demand energy sessions (value $1,111)
  • Standard Channeled Guidance session (value $111)
  • Short Past-Life Viewing (value $111)
  • 3 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions (value $999)
  • 3 one-hour group coaching sessions (value $333)
  • 2 one-hour group Q&A sessions (value $222)
  • 3 one-hour small group energy sessions (value $333)

“My journey with Kat Michaels started when I was divinely guided to awaken a number of gifts that my conscious brain didn’t even understand were true.

Kat has walked me through several stages of guidance, mentorship, support, sisterhood, and unconditional love.

[My sessions with Kat] were absolutely crucial in my ability to seek out my portion of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing from past-life trauma. Kat’s angelic touch ignited my soul with more strength, courage, and confidence to walk my divine path!

In April, I was officially able to start my study through Divine Awareness.

Receiv[ing] the Professional Empath Protection Pack . . . was a game changer for me in a big way! I was able to balance professional work, spiritual work, tutoring and mentoring with the course of study I’ve been waiting my entire existence to learn!

Self-discovery has been something I relish in, but finally having someone truly guide me from a space of unconditional love and support really transformed me and changed me for the better!

When I say words don’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Kat Michaels – I MEAN EVERY MORSEL OF THAT STATEMENT!

Thank you Kat Michaels for EVERYTHING you do! You have been the teacher I’ve always been looking to find!”

Lisa, Wisconsin, United States

Unit 2: Angel & Ascended Master Awareness

Unit Two of Divine Awareness® connects you with your guides, the angels, and the ascended masters. Deepen your meditations to include multidimensional journeying.

Receive specialized advanced attunements and activations to enhance communication with the upper realms, and become attuned to Angelic Reiki so that you may begin working with energy healing.

Speak with your guides on a regular basis and use automatic writing to record their advice. Open to verbal channeling with the angels, the ascended masters, and your higher self, and learn to call in specific guides for things that you’re working to accomplish.

Unit Two is three months long and includes:

  • Professional Empath Protection Pack® (value $1,111)
  • Dowsing for Energy Healing group course and certification (value $1,111)
  • Angelic Reiki attunement and certification (value $777)
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching access (value $1,111)
  • Unlimited on-demand energy sessions (value $1,111)
  • Standard Channeled Guidance session (value $111)
  • 3 1-hour 1:1 coaching sessions (value $999)
  • 3 one-hour group coaching sessions (value $333)
  • 2 one-hour group Q&A sessions (value $222)
  • 3 one-hour small group energy sessions (value $333)

Registration in Unit Two is conditioned on successful completion of Unit One.


“My spiritual journey began with Kat about a year ago and as we progressed I signed up for a mentorship with Kat. My feelings at best were doubt within. These deep-seated feelings blocked my personal magick.

The curriculum built upon itself as the mentoring progressed. Some areas were not as easy and took more ‘work.’ It’s that flexibility, understanding and personal deep diving into myself with Kat that allowed breakthroughs. Removing blockages, opening and allowing connection to energies brought the much needed confidence in my abilities.

My mentoring with Kat has given me life changing results in my spiritual journey and how I see the world. I am grateful from the depths of my heart, love you Kat and thank you again.” 

Allie, Connecticut, United States

Unit 3: Fairy & Star Being Awareness

Unit Three of Divine Awareness® connects you with the elemental and star being realms, activating multidimensional communication with these realms as well as latent abilities from other lifetimes.

Specialized attunements connecting you with fairy, nymph, animal, and star being energies allow for expanded multidimensional journeying, channeling, astral travel, and otherworldly manifestation.

Unit Three is three months long and includes:

  • Unlimited Voxer coaching access (value $1,111)
  • Unlimited on-demand energy sessions (value $1,111)
  • Fairy Healing attunement and certification (value $777)
  • Animal Reiki attunement and certification (value $555)
  • Standard Channeled Guidance session (value $111)
  • Short Past-Life Viewing (value $111)
  • 3 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions (value $999)
  • 3 one-hour group coaching sessions (value $333)
  • 2 one-hour group Q&A sessions (value $222)
  • 3 one-hour small group energy sessions (value $333)

Registration in Unit Three is conditioned on successful completion of Units One and Two. 

“Kat and I met through Reiki, and she soon became my mentor in establishing and enhancing my psychic gifts.

Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor / teacher. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them understand and use their gifts. She is extremely gifted and the passion that she has for her work is very evident.

I would recommend Kat to anyone. She is truly a gift to all of us.”

Alia, Kenya

Unit 4: Crystalline Awareness

Unit Four of Divine Awareness® connects you with the crystal kingdom, teaching you crystal communication, intuitive crystal therapy, energy work, and spiritual healing.

You’ll also be attuned to Crystal Reiki, opening a special connection to Source so that you may serve as a channel for healing.

You’ll be trained in Kat’s unique and self-designed process for her signature Angelic Energy Tune-Up®. Learn to complete an angelic energy clearing and addition; properly remove cords; cleanse and repair the aura; and unblock, balance, and align the chakras.

Discover how to combine the Angelic Energy Tune-Up® process with Angelic Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and crystal therapy in order to provide a comprehensive and unique multidimensional healing experience for your clients.

To take your work even further and to provide you with a marketable process, upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive an introductory license to use Kat’s Angelic Energy Tune-Up® process in your own healing practice.

To ensure that you are ready to begin practicing, you’ll receive basic training in the business side of things – checking laws in your state,* registering as a business, obtaining insurance, starting a Web site, and beginning your brand.

Unit Four is three months long and includes:

  • Intuitive Crystal Therapy attunement and certification (value $1,111)
  • Angelic Energy Healing attunement and certification (value $1,111)
  • Psychic Ethics certification (value $777)
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching access (value $1,111)
  • Unlimited on-demand energy sessions (value $1,111)
  • Standard Channeled Guidance session (value $111)
  • 3 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions (value $999)
  • 3 one-hour group coaching sessions (value $333)
  • 2 one-hour group Q&A sessions (value $222)
  • 3 one-hour small group energy sessions (value $333)

Registration in Unit Four is conditioned on successful completion of Units One, Two, and Three.

*Though the Divine Awareness® program is open internationally, the discussion of legal and/or business practices will be primarily based on United States laws, requirements, and customs, with some discussion of U.K. and E.U. law. Please note that I do not provide legal advice through this program.

“She’s amazing! I’ve had several of Kat’s services done and every time she is able to establish a strong connection and is compassionate, descriptive, and accurate with her conclusions.

Kat has many gifts but I can tell she was meant to do this. She has a calm, intuitive, and natural ability to reach into the deepest parts of oneself and provide comfort and healing. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of clarity and understanding in their journey!”

Heather, Rhode Island, United States

Why Divine Awareness®?

I’m a multifaceted intuitive energy healer with years of professional experience in the legal and business fields. I created Divine Awareness® by combining my passions of Reiki, crystal healing, angelic healing, and other intuitive energy work with plenty of grounded practical knowledge and execution.

Divine Awareness® is designed to take energy healers to the top of their field professionally in terms of attunement level, energetic sensitivity, and expertise. At the same time, Divine Awareness® offers the necessary foundational framework to get a healing business up and running.

More than a standard certification program, Divine Awareness® offers its graduates certificates in multiple traditional intuitive and energy healing modalities (Past-Life Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Angelic Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Intuitive Crystal Therapy) as well as practical business training, unique certifications in Psychic Ethics and Angelic Energy Healing, and a license with which to practice an effective and magical method of healing.

Kat Michaels