Divine Awareness®

Become the energy healer you were born to be.

You’re fascinated by energy healing.

You’ve been exploring the world of intuitive healing for awhile, and you’ve completed a course in Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, or another modality. You love holistic therapy and how it works with the body, mind, and spirit, addressing imbalances and root causes rather than symptoms. You’re enthralled by energy and how it works, and you want to dig in and learn as much as possible.

Though Reiki and other customary methods of energy healing interest you, you’re more intrigued by the idea of combining several methods to be as multifaceted and effective as possible. You’d like to take your knowledge deeper – focusing less on symbols or usual processes and more on intention, frequency, and multidimensional awareness. You don’t want to limit yourself, your abilities, or your connections based on a written manual or a traditional school of thought. You owe it to yourself – and to your clients – to build your skills to the highest level possible.

Your primary goal is impact – you want to help as many people heal as you can, and you’d prefer to help them in powerful and magical ways. You don’t expect that it will be easy, but you’re no stranger to hard work, and you’re willing to do what is needed to accomplish your goal. Along the way, you’d like to master the things that you learn.

Enter Divine Awareness®.

Providing grounded and practical instruction infused with high-vibration lightwork, Divine Awareness® sets itself apart as a next-level healer apprenticeship program.

Divine Awareness® offers a variety of unique attunements, activations, and other energy work to develop your intuitive and healing abilities to the highest possible level. To maximize potency, knowledge, and technique, energy work is combined with thorough and extensive trainings regarding specialty modalities and energetic protocols. Bi-weekly intuitive coaching guides you as you grow accustomed to your new knowledge and energetic upgrades. Along the way, you’ll receive relevant certifications to use in your business.

The entire Divine Awareness® experience is immersive. You’ll be expected to complete weekly “om”work, including practical exercises, thought prompts, meditations, and partner- or group-based projects. Energetic and intuitive concepts should be employed on a day-to-day basis, and each apprentice can expect to dedicate approximately five to six hours per week to Divine Awareness® I studies.

Divine Awareness® is designed to take you to the top of the energy healing field in terms of attunement level, energetic sensitivity, and technical expertise. At the same time, Divine Awareness® provides the necessary foundational framework and certifications to begin or advance your healing business.

Find Your Community

Take part in an aligned mastermind made for healers.

Enjoy peer-to-peer discussions

 Connect with other high-vibe women

 Practice new techniques and processes

Learn in a supportive group atmosphere

Get to know a group of like-minded souls

 Receive feedback regarding healing experiences

 Expand your spirituality as well as your business

Hone your skills Improve your technique Make your impact Serve your purpose

Divine Awareness® I is 12 weeks long and offers the following attunements, certifications, and trainings.

 Chakras 2.0®

Exit the Matrix, release ingrained programming, and enhance self-awareness.

 Working with Guides

Recognize signs from your guides, learn basic multidimensional communication, and establish emergency signals.

 Opening to Channeling*

Deepen multidimensional communication, receive precise information, and safely call forward specific beings.

 Dowsing for Energy Healing**

Discover how to expertly use a pendulum for insight into different questions, possibilities, and truths.

 Professional Empath Protection Pack®

Protect your energy naturally and automatically with permanent and self-maintaining crystal-infused lightbody layers of protection.

*includes energetic attunement
**includes professional certification

Expand Your Spirituality

Raise your vibration and deepen your connections.

Grow in meditation and mindfulness

Learn to channel for advice and training

 Work with angels and ascended masters

 Seamlessly connect with your higher self

 Collaborate with God, guides, and guardians

 Intuitively assess available courses of action

Easily protect your energy and personal space

Client Testimonials

“All of the assignments that were given were geared towards increasing my own intuition and ability. The reading, the expanding, the grounding and incorporating the attunements into my daily life were very difficult but extremely rewarding. Through the mentoring program many times I was stuck, and Kat always made herself available to work through the understandings with me.”


“Kat and I met through Reiki, and she soon became my mentor in establishing and enhancing my psychic gifts. Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them understand and use their gifts. She is extremely gifted and the passion that she has for her work is very evident.”

“Kat has many gifts, but I can tell she was meant to do this. She has a calm, intuitive, and natural ability to reach into the deepest parts of oneself and provide comfort and healing. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of clarity and understanding in their journey!”

In April, I was able to officially start my independent study through Divine Awareness®. Receiving the Professional Empath Protection Pack was a game changer for me in a big way . . . . I was able to balance professional work, spiritual work, tutoring and mentoring with the course of study I’ve been waiting my entire existence to learn.

Words don’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Kat. Thank you, Kat, for EVERYTHING you do! You have been the teacher I’ve always been looking to find!”


I’m an intuitive energy healer, multidimensional mentor, and lawyer with two decades of experience in the legal and business fields as well as in the psychic arts.

After realizing my purpose in energy healing, I sought to familiarize myself with as many healing processes as I could. I studied for and received certifications in disciplines ranging from various types of Reiki to crystal therapy, angelic healing, sound healing, and more.

In practice, I combined my energy healing skills, channeling abilities, and intuitive gifts to create my own processes to more effectively and efficiently help clients heal. I’ve witnessed these processes support hundreds of clients around the world as they pursue deeper emotional and physical healing, spiritual awareness, and psychic development.

With Divine Awareness®, you’ll learn a number of energy-healing and intuitive techniques, obtaining attunements, training, and certifications as well as regular energy work and energetic upgrades. You’ll also receive groundbreaking and cutting-edge instruction in energy manipulation, channeled healing, and intuitive development.

Prepare to develop and fine-tune your psychic awareness, personal protection, and multidimensional communication; to amplify your discernment; and to dismantle your understanding of how energy works, remolding it into something more expansive than you ever thought possible.

Kat Michaels

Divine Awareness® always includes . . .

In addition to the programs, attunements, and certifications included in Divine Awareness®, you’ll receive the following:

✓ Bi-weekly coaching throughout the program to obtain guidance, connect with your community, and receive feedback

✓ Unlimited access to all on-demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups® for the duration of your apprenticeship

✓ Audio and video downloads of all included group coaching sessions

✓ Audio downloads of all guided meditations and visualizations

✓ PDF handouts to explain concepts and to provide necessary charts, checklists, and instructions

✓ Lifetime access to the program, including any new modules added after your graduation

✓ Membership in a private community for apprentices, and post-graduation membership in an alumni community

Are you ready to fine-tune your intuition, uplevel your skills, and maximize your healing business?

The next class of Divine Awareness® I is beginning in June 2021, and the program is currently available for pre-sale only. Regular registration for Divine Awareness® I will begin in May 2021.