Divine Awareness®


Trust your intuition and transform your world.


Week One Omwork

Let’s start shifting.

In the first several weeks of Divine Awareness®, we’ll dismantle the harmful programming that has perpetuated poor habits, negative beliefs, and adherence to detrimental systems originating in society, in the past, and/or in an untrue perspective. We will create new and beneficial habits, beliefs, and affirmations to support our highest expression and our true soul path.

As you go through the program, uncomfortable topics, feelings, and thoughts may arise. You may be confronted with past memories, deep fears, or external issues. As your existing systems and beliefs break down, you may momentarily feel lost as you reset your self-awareness, boundaries, and etheric connections.

It is important to breathe through all that you experience in this program. The dismantling is occurring for your highest good or it would not be taking place in this program. This program is designed to help you shed all that is untrue, non-beneficial, and ego-serving in your life, allowing you to build a new version of yourself that operates exclusively from the roadmap of God, your higher self, and your soul.

The energy work sessions included in Divine Awareness® are there to help you as you recalibrate, reset, and redesign your life. If you need to complete an energy session more than once, feel free to do so; you have unlimited access to all assigned energy work sessions during the course of Divine Awareness®.

If you need additional support, or if you have questions as you go through the program, you may send a message to me through the Divine Awareness® client portal or leave a note in the group Voxer chat.

Welcome Meditation

by Kat Michaels | Divine Awareness®

Energy Work

Please complete these sessions, in order, prior to our first Zoom call.

Balance Session
Invisibility Session
Clair Session

Use the following incantation to call forward your sessions.

“I now begin the [Session Title] provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

Thought Prompts

Approach each of the below thought prompts as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to; I recommend spending no less than 10-15 minutes on each thought prompt.

  • What are your goals for this course? How would you prioritize them and why?
  • What are some patterns that you’d like to reset, behaviors that you’d like to reform, or beliefs that you’d like to reimagine?
  • What would you like your life to look like by the end of this course?

Writing Prompts

Please complete the prompts below and email them to kat@katmichaels.net.

  • What inspired you to develop your intuition?
  • Are there any gifts in particular that you’d like to develop during this course?
  • When you think about living expressly from your intuition, what fears or concerns arise?

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