Intuitive Crystal Therapy Program

Learn Kat’s own intuitive crystal therapy methods and apply them in your healing practice

Advance your training and elevate your skills as a healer by learning cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind methods to efficiently clear, connect, and protect your clients.

Kat’s Intuitive Crystal Therapy program combines six weeks of training in intuitive crystal therapy, ethics, and elemental communication with a unique series of crystal attunements and energetic upgrades.

Following your training, you’ll be able to do the following.

  • Channel crystal energy using focused intention
  • Communicate directly with crystals to provide customized and on-point healing
  • Work with crystals from a distance – whether through a photo or by calling in a particular crystal’s energy
  • Infuse crystal photos with healing attunements for client use
  • Work with crystals for psychic protection
  • Understand how to pick crystal combinations for maximum effectiveness
  • Use crystal grids to  send beneficial energy to people, animals, or situations

Kat’s particular methods for crystal communication, distance crystal work, and crystalline lightbody shields are her own, and this Intuitive Crystal Therapy program is different from any other program that you’ll see.

Even more than the series of specialty attunements and the crystal therapy knowledge that you’ll gain, this program is designed to truly deepen your psychic abilities, your intuitive relationship with crystals, and your ability to perform high-level energy work that is not energetically draining to you as a practitioner.
Intuitive Crystal Therapy is becoming even more relevant as crystals rise in popularity as an alternative healing method; this is a fantastic way for practitioners to increase their connections with the crystals, to add a new modality, and to reach additional client bases. Intuitive Crystal Therapy also offers a tremendous opportunity for new energy workers to learn a potent and versatile healing modality that is applicable to myriad physical, emotional, mental, and energetic conditions.

Kat’s Intuitive Crystal Therapy program includes the following components.

  • Four one-on-one 1.5-hour Intuitive Crystal Therapy training sessions (6 hours total)
  • Three 45-minute attunement and energy work sessions
  • Six weeks of Intuitive Crystal Therapy study under Kat’s guidance
  • One 45-minute training call to discuss questions, progress, and future application of your Crystal Therapy training
  • Perks like free group healings for the length of your program as well as unlimited e-mail and Voxer or Messenger access to Kat for questions, clarification, and insight


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Intuitive Crystal Therapy Program

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