Specialized Intuitive Coaching

Specialized coaching + healing packages designed for those in the intuitive fields

Specialized Intuitive Coaching

Specialized intuitive coaching allows me to tailor your coaching process so that you obtain the most relevant, high-value, and transformative coaching service available. By combining my Intuitive Energy Coaching services with my Angel Reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ processes, you receive a customized 1:1 experience designed to powerfully propel you forward to reach your objectives. 

We’ll work together with your guides to determine the best focus for your coaching. My varied experience and abilities as an intuitive guide allow you to receive the most on-point, effective coaching possible.

Are you hoping to hone your psychic gifts and increase your knowledge of psychic protection? We’ll cover that. Are you starting a new intuitive business, and would you like to receive more practical advice? Great. Would you like to learn or develop a particular type of healing process? We can do that, too.

Depending on your goals, one or more three-session combination packages may be recommended, and certification may or may not apply.

My Angel Reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ processes are described more fully below. These processes will be customized to meet your personal and professional needs and goals.

Angel Reading

Combining an angel reading with your intuitive coaching brings you relevant and timely advice from your guides.

Angel readings are often geared toward specific questions, situations, or relationships; readings determine what you need to know at the time of the reading or what your next step should be in your path.

In an angel reading, I connect on your behalf with your guides, guardians, and higher self, as well as with a number of archangels, specialist angels, ascended masters, and elemental beings to find the most relevant and detailed information available to assist you. The information obtained offers practical guidance and seasoned advice from Spirit, bringing clarity and fresh energy to confusing or frustrating situations.


An angel reading may incorporate any of the following elements.

  • Channeled and intuitive communication with angelic and elemental realms
  • Multidimensional journeying
  • Tarot and/or oracle cards
  • Scrying/crystal ball gazing

Angelic Energy Tune-Up

Angelic Energy Tune-Ups℠ focus on identifying and comfortably dissolving any energetic blocks that are currently affecting you. The session may address physical, emotional, and/or spiritual areas of discomfort.

Though Angelic Energy Tune-Ups℠ are generally done via an energetic connection only, in this package, you’ll receive your Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ while we’re connected via video, so you can ask questions, point out areas of focus, and obtain multidimensional healing all at the same time.

Clients have experienced improvement in multiple areas, including but not limited to the following.

  • Reduced anxiety, panic attacks, and “worst-case scenario” thinking
  • Elevated levels of peace, relaxation, and comfort
  • Lower levels of pain and discomfort, whether physical, emotional, or energetic
  • Enhanced communication and connection with the Universe and with one’s guides, guardians, and angels
  • Increased psychic skills such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and psychometry
  • Adaptation to lower stress levels and a more balanced way of living
  • Stronger sense of self; increased self-worth and self-confidence
  • Elevated moods and a more positive mindset
  • Improved manifestation abilities and results
  • Minimized fear and fear-based thinking
  • Alleviation of headaches, neck and back pain, joint pain, and muscle soreness and tightness
  • Transmutation of energy related to past-life and present-life traumas, including abuse, neglect, and accident-related traumas
  • Renewed belief and trust in themselves and the Universe
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Increased vibrational frequency

All work will be performed in concert with your guides, guardians, and angels to ensure that the steps taken support your highest and best interest.

An angelic energy tune-up includes the following seven modalities.

  • Angelic energy clearing and addition
  • Angelic healing
  • Aura cleanse, aura repair, and energetic protection
  • Chakra unblocking, balancing, and alignment
  • Cord removal
  • Crystal, Usui, and Angelic Reiki
  • Crystal therapy

Specialized Intuitive Coaching blends my Intuitive Energy Coaching services with my Angel Reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ processes.

These are specialized sessions designed for those working in the intuitive fields.

Each intensive session runs one hour and fifteen minutes.

All work will be performed in concert with your guides, guardians, and angels to ensure that the steps taken support your highest and best interest. Each session is completed using a Zoom video connection.

For more detailed information regarding the modalities used, see my page regarding Angelic Energy Tune-Ups℠.

After your package has concluded, you will receive a PDF report tailored to assist you as you move forward on your journey. The report may include any of the following.


  • Notes and/or channeled communications from your sessions
  • Action steps to assist in further releasing any energetic blocks
  • Suggested verbal, written, and/or meditative exercises
  • Recommended complementary therapies


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