Intuitive Energy Coaching

Delve deep to discover your gifts, transform your challenges, and embody your purpose.

Intuitive energy coaching sessions involve your guides, angels, and higher self, who work with you to focus in on your purpose, your goals, and your processes. Specific areas improved can include personal relationships; business, career, and/or finances; mindset; and spirituality.

The basic objective is to tease out the traits, habits, reactions, concerns, and programming holding you back and to redefine those things so that they don’t affect you in a harmful manner going forward.

Weaknesses, conditioning, subconscious thinking, and other influences affecting your life are identified and addressed. Once your challenges are minimized and your gifts highlighted, you may focus on creating lasting change in your life by implementing new and practical ideas and habits to support your purpose rather than detract from it.

We’ll redefine boundaries; release stigma, societal concerns, and Matrix-based worries; and root you into a new sense of power and self-awareness. Your perspectives will shift, your relationships will improve, your senses will magnify, and your confidence will shine.

As you proceed forward in the program, you’ll apply your newly obtained self-knowledge to situations in your life while continuing to receive practical guidance, powerful intuitive processes, and positive support.

If you’re interested in combining Intuitive Energy Coaching with either channeled guidance or healing work, please see my Specialized Intuitive Coaching Packages.

Twenty-minute initial intuitive energy coaching sessions are available for your first session. Following your initial session, intuitive coaching is available in 3-session packages for 45 minutes each session. 

For information regarding psychic development and crystal coaching, please see my Dowsing Training and Intuitive Crystal Therapy pages.

Psychic & Intuitive Development Mentorships are available on a limited basis. Please contact Kat for more information.

Personal soul evolution coaching is available through my Manifest Your Soul and Chakras 2.0 processes.


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Intuitive Coaching – Initial Session

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Intuitive Coaching (3 sessions)

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Intuitive Coaching (6 sessions)

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Intuitive Coaching (9 sessions)

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