Weeks Seven and Eight Instructions and “Om”work 

Welcome to weeks seven and eight of your Diamond Mentorship!

I hope that you’re enjoying the mentorship.

Instructions and “Om”work for Weeks Seven and Eight

  • Continue fine-tuning your sessions. What progress has come from the shifts that you’ve made and the procedures you’ve put in place? Where do you feel you could be more organized? How is the timing of your sessions, and do you feel like you’re able to include everything in the time allotted, without added stress? Always be considering ways to improve your processes, results, and 3D and 5D procedures.
  • Call forward the Crystalline Connections On-Demand Session at least twice. This session will help you integrate your attunements and connect further with your crystals and the mineral kingdom.
  • Call forward the Channeling On-Demand Session at least once, with a focus on both written and verbal channeling. This will enable you to deepen your channeling further and gain more clarity on your channeling processes.
  • To call forward the Crystalline Connections and Channeling On-Demand Sessions, please sit and meditate before reciting aloud the incantations in the blue boxes on this page. Do not recite the incantations before you are ready to receive the sessions; they will begin once you’ve done so. You should do these sessions separately.
  • Complete the meditation exercise in the gray box on this page when you have at least thirty to forty minutes to relax and meditate. This is a fun and light meditation designed to connect you with your crystals.
  • Address the thought prompts in the purple box on this page either in writing or by speaking aloud. If you choose to speak the thought prompts, I recommend speaking them into a recording app or device so that you may access the recordings later.
  • Approach each thought prompt as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to; I recommend spending no less than 5 minutes on each thought prompt.
  • Once you’ve completed the thought prompts and have made the corresponding adjustments to your energy work processes, start working through the business checklist in the beige box. These are things that may take some time to accomplish, but that will be foundational for the online portion of your business, and that should be completed as soon as possible. Let me know if you have questions or would like feedback as you complete these steps.

Thank you so much for your work in the program!

Thought prompts for weeks seven and eight

  • Create a list of the crystals that you’ve connected with over the past few weeks. What do you find you resonate with most, and why? Are you drawn to certain crystals for energy healing and other crystals for personal use, or do you tend to use the same crystals repeatedly in different areas of your life?
  • What crystals are you interested in working with that you haven’t yet found? Do you have an idea of why you’re interested in these crystals?
  • What’s your most prominent connection with the crystals? Do you feel tingling in your hands when you touch them, do you see flashes of light in your third eye, or do you feel heat and cold with certain crystals? How have these senses amplified since your attunement?
  • How has your intuitive knowledge of crystals shifted during your energy healing sessions? Have you noticed that you are naturally more in tune with your client’s needs and which crystals will satisfy those needs? How have your clients reacted to your new processes?
  • Which of your crystal skills would you like to focus on next? How will amplifying this skill make your sessions more effective or allow you to connect with your clients’ energy more readily?

Incantation for the Crystalline Connections On-Demand Session

“I now call forth the Crystalline Connections On-Demand Session provided by Kat Michaels. 

I invoke Source, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

Incantation for the Channeling On-Demand Session

“I now call forth the Channeling On-Demand Session provided by Kat Michaels. 

I invoke Source, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

Meditation Exercise

Before your meditation, intuitively choose a crystal that you haven’t worked with extensively.

Sit or lay alone in a meditative position, tune into your breath, and focus on your body.

Take the crystal that you’ve chosen and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and focus on blending your energy with the energy of the crystal. Where does it align? Where is it harmonious?

Next, ask yourself if there’s anything in the crystal’s energy that doesn’t resonate or that feels uncomfortable. Focus on that aspect, and determine the source of the issue. Are you more aware of something that you don’t normally think of? Are there uncomfortable memories that arise? Does it bring up past worries or doubts?

Send Reiki and crystal energy to the source of the discomfort. Whatever comes up during your meditation will naturally be healed by that particular crystal.

Repeat this meditation when you get a new crystal and/or when you’re called to complete it. Each crystal will share a different meditative experience and lesson.

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