Chakras 2.0

Enhance your personal evolution by upgrading your energy system

Have you spent hours upon hours on meditations, workbooks, natural therapies, and other methods in order to unblock, balance, and align your chakras?

Have you consistently learned the information, visualized the outcome, and done the work to grow beyond repetitive patterns, outdated belief systems, and improper conditioning – yet they’ve come back anyway?

Do you find yourself fighting to keep your vibration high for an extended period of time, or do you constantly have to clear your energy?

There’s a more efficient way to manage your energy.

The chakra system as we know it has served us in many ways for centuries – but it has failed to serve us in others.

Constant maintenance. Blocks. Stuck memories.

Even basic chakra care can take hours upon hours each week.

Where does that leave room for actual spiritual growth?

At what point are we simply maintaining and not getting ahead?

Imagine if you didn’t have the maintenance to deal with – if the blocks didn’t occur. That would entail . . .

Easy flow of energy and increased ability to focus.

Quick recovery from tough emotional situations.

Discernment of different energetic signatures immediately upon feeling them.

Growth would not only be probable, it would be inevitable.

This is all possible. And it’s easier than you think.

It’s called Chakras 2.0®.

In the first energy work session, you’ll release unconscious and outdated vows and belief systems. You’ll prepare to exit the Matrix by unblocking, balancing, and aligning your existing chakra system; removing any energetic cords and attachments; and amplifying self-awareness, introspection, and integration.

In the second energy work session, you’ll exit the Matrix and dissolve limiting consciousness – the harmful conditioning, reliance on societal expectations, and other influences preventing you from living your best life.

In the third energy work session, we’ll dissolve your existing chakra system, allowing your extended energy system to spring into place and eliminating issues related to blocks, imbalances, and misalignments.

In the fourth energy work session, we’ll clear residual chakra programming, activate all strands of DNA, and integrate the upgrades and downloads that you’ve received throughout the process.

Group coaching sessions provide guidance and assist with the comfortable integration of your new energy system.

Some of the benefits that clients have noticed since completing Chakras 2.0 include:

  • More accurate internal clock
  • More inspiration and motivation
  • Improved self-reliance and self-trust
  • Better sleep and higher energy levels
  • Increased connection with the Divine
  • Faster emotional and mental processing
  • Expanded self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enhanced awareness and clarity of soul purpose
  • Increased synchronicities and psychic experiences
  • Long-term sustenance of high vibrational frequency
  • Better discernment of internal and external energies
  • Enhanced psychic skills and development of new gifts
  • Faster detachment, especially with regard to material things
  • Improved communication with guides, guardians, and angels


The Chakras 2.0® Group Program is 8 weeks long and includes:

  • 4 Chakras 2.0® group energy work sessions
  • 4 group coaching sessions, including 1 Q&A session
  • 12 weeks of free group and on-demand sessions (1 per week for 12 weeks)
  • Lifetime access to the Chakras 2.0® group coaching videos, on-demand energy work sessions, and on-demand maintenance session

The Chakras 2.0® Group Program VIP Upgrade includes:

  • Everything in the Chakras 2.0® Group Program
  • One 1-hour 1:1 coaching session to discuss your personal goals and to support your progress
  • Unlimited e-mail and Voxer, WhatsApp, or Instagram support from Kat to discuss your individual development and to further integrate your energetic upgrades

Are you ready to exit the Matrix, upgrade your energy system, and experience a whole new world?

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