Chakras 2.0®

Enhance your personal evolution by upgrading your energy system.

You’re an individual. A free thinker.

You march separately from the crowd, often dancing your way to your destination in a way that only you could.
You don’t believe in trends or in following anyone else’s roadmap, and you live your life based on your values, not society’s.
You’re spiritual, but you aren’t one for rituals, and you don’t worry about traditional focuses or techniques – you do what feels good for you in the moment. Your brand of spirituality is based on connection – your being, your breath, your guides, and your God – not on specific rules or expectations.
You’ve done chakra maintenance in the past, but you don’t prefer it, although you like the way you feel afterward. You don’t feel like it’s efficient or interesting to spend chunks of time working through chakra meditations, workbooks, or color charts to clear what you need to clear.

You’d rather spend time expanding your world than doing routine work.

What if your energy system were entirely self-sustaining?

What if you could focus on expansion rather than maintenance – without lowering your vibration or getting bogged down?

Chakras 2.0®

You would experience:

  Quick recovery from tough emotional situations.

  Easy flow of energy and increased ability to focus.

Immediate discernment of different energetic signatures.

Growth would not only be probable, it would be inevitable.
This is all possible. And it’s easier than you think.

It’s called Chakras 2.0®.

Clients have noticed the following since completing Chakras 2.0®:

More accurate internal clock

Added inspiration and motivation

Improved self-reliance and self-trust

Better sleep and higher energy levels

Improved communication with guides

Faster emotional processing

Expanded self-confidence

Enhanced self-awareness

Clarity of soul purpose

Increased synchronicities

Sustained high vibrational frequency

Better discernment of energies

Augmented psychic skills

Development of new gifts

Easier detachment from outcomes

Client Transformations

“Only after I had gone through the dissolution myself and experienced first-hand the effects of having my chakras dissolved did I believe that this was one of the best things I could have ever experienced. I felt “unstuck” in more ways than one. I was able to process emotions much more quickly, and there were no energy blocks. My tolerance for BS has of course hit rock bottom because I can immediately discern who is being authentic with me and who isn’t.”


Alia Datoo
Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide


“Kat’s healing work supported me seamlessly and comfortably as I dissolved limitations and shifted out of the traditional Matrix of conditioned behavior and reliance on my contained chakras. My vibration now extends far out beyond where it had been, expanding my reach and touch on this planet. In particular, I felt myself let go of attached ego and conditioned behaviors or patterns that felt so hard to release before, especially those around my heart and emotional solar plexus space.”


Deb Farina
Conduit of Attract by Design® & Intuitive Business Strategist


“I observed traumatic episodes from all stages of my life dissipate into elimination with absolute finality. The desire to clutch onto the story, trauma, and pain in some unserving or unintentional way erased as a former coping strategy. As my mood elevated and my heart center expanded, it became simple to discern energy around me. This allowed me to create impeccable boundaries, to negate personalizing others’ behavior, and to simply not care what others thought about me.”


Lisa Weber

Angelic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

“At first the thought of removing my chakras seemed a bit weird and scary, but I am all about evolving and becoming, so I followed my intuition and decided to do the program. The entire process was simple yet eye opening. With my chakras gone, so went energetic and emotional blocks, as well as non-beneficial mindsets and conditioning that I had spent years trying to resolve.”

Windy Robertson
Energy Healer & Reiki Master
Chakras 2.0®

What content can you expect?

In the first energy work session, you’ll release unconscious and outdated vows and belief systems. You’ll prepare to exit the Matrix by unblocking, balancing, and aligning your existing chakra system; removing energetic cords and attachments; and amplifying awareness, introspection, and integration. You’ll also dissolve limiting consciousness, including harmful conditioning, societal reliance, and other influences preventing you from living your best life.

In the second energy work session, you’ll exit the Matrix, and you’ll dissolve your existing chakra system, allowing your extended energy system and upgraded chakras to spring into place. You’ll eliminate issues related to blocks, imbalances, and misalignments. You’ll dissolve what you’re able to in this session; if any chakra issues linger afterward, you’ll organically resolve those between the second and third energy work sessions.

In the third energy work session, we’ll clear residual chakra programming, activate all strands of DNA, and integrate the upgrades and downloads that you’ve received throughout the process. We’ll make sure that your upgraded chakra system is fine-tuned and ready to assist you as you elevate your level of spiritual connection.

To round out the program, audio coaching sessions and meditations provide guidance and assist with the comfortable integration of your upgraded chakras and energy system.

When I exited the Matrix, dissolved my chakras, and upgraded my energy system several years ago, my world changed overnight. I found it much easier to move quickly through emotions and life lessons, I significantly improved my discernment, and I developed my intuitive skills at a faster pace than before. In new experiences and situations, it became effortless for me to decipher the lessons, enjoy the benefits, and release the rest almost instantly.

A year after I’d gone through the chakra-dissolution process myself, I was guided to create a multifaceted course that would not only put my clients through the paces of exiting the Matrix and dissolving their chakras, but that would help my clients to more thoroughly develop and understand their upgraded energy systems.

Over the past few years, I’ve taught this course in both 1:1 and group formats with much success. My goal in releasing the on-demand course is to provide the same quality energy work and instruction, but in a more accessible and convenient format.

This work is powerful – indeed, it is so potent and important that I require it as a prerequisite for my high-level apprentices.

If you want to manage your energy effectively and efficiently, reduce chakra maintenance, expand your world, and elevate your senses, then Chakras 2.0® is the course for you.

Kat Michaels

The Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Program is 3 weeks long and includes:

3 Chakras 2.0® on-demand energy work sessions to clear programming, exit the Matrix, dissolve your chakras, and remove any residue

4 video coaching sessions to walk you through the process and teach you how to navigate – and thrive with – your new energy system

2 guided meditations: one to help remove your programming and another to aid you as you settle into your new energy system

1 week of free on-demand healing sessions after the conclusion of the program (complete 1 session per day to experience 7 potent and effective healing sessions!)

Lifetime access to the Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Program portal, including updates to videos, thought prompts, and meditations

Lifetime access to the original 3 energy healing work sessions and the Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Maintenance Session


The Chakras 2.0® On-Demand VIP Upgrade includes:

Everything in the Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Program

Three 20-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss your personal goals and progress

A 1:1 personalized Chakras 2.0® portal, with individual resources and assignments

Unlimited on-demand healing sessions for 6 weeks (3 weeks during the program and 3 weeks afterward)

3 weeks of unlimited Voxer and e-mail support from Kat to discuss your individual development

Are you ready to exit the Matrix, upgrade your energy system, and experience a whole new world?