Chakras 2.0® Week Three Omwork

Welcome to week three of Chakras 2.0®!

I hope that you’re enjoying the program.

There’s a lot of 3D and 5D work involved in Chakras 2.0®, but I’ve included everything for a reason. You’ll have the best possible energetic results if you complete all of the omwork and other exercises.

Before Your Second Coaching Session

  • Before listening to the second coaching session, you should address the thought prompts in the pink box on this page either in writing or by speaking aloud. If you choose to speak the thought prompts, I recommend speaking them into a recording app or device so that you may access the recordings later.
  • Approach each thought prompt as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to; I recommend spending approximately 10 minutes on each thought prompt.
  • Once you’ve completed the omwork and reflected on your progress, you may listen to the second coaching session by accessing the audio below.

Thought Prompts for the Second Coaching Session

  • What changes have I noticed in my relationships, boundaries, or processes since the first energy work session? What changes would I still like to make?
  • How has my timeline shifted since the first energy work session? Have I accessed additional information, downloads, or frames of reference? Have I changed my course of action with respect to anything in my life?
  • What Matrixed thought processes do I still have? What in my world do I know not to be real? How does that knowledge affect my current day-to-day interactions?
  • If I weren’t subject to societal conditioning and ingrained thought patterns at all, what thoughts would I think? How would my actions change? How would I adjust my existing relationships? Would I still associate with the same people and do the same things?
  • How will my abilities improve outside the Matrix? What will I be capable of once I’m able to shed societal expectations and conditioning? How will my intuition improve, and how will that improve my life?
  • How do I currently react when I recognize that someone is lying to me or when I’m experiencing propaganda? What feelings do I notice in my body? Would I prefer to react differently when I have this knowledge, and how so?

Chakras 2.0® 2nd Coaching Session

by Kat Michaels

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