Chakras 2.0®


Enhance your personal evolution and upgrade your energy system.


Module 4 

Life beyond the veil.

Now that you’ve exited the Matrix, dissolved your chakras, and allowed your new energy system to spring into place, you should be feeling relatively different from how you felt at the beginning of this course.

What changes have you noticed in how you process energy? Do you feel more in tune with your true beliefs? Have you noticed an ability to brush off manipulative news cycles and others’ expectations? Do you feel more free to follow God, your inner guidance, and your soul path? 

Complete the exercises below in order: first, the meditation; second, the videos; third, the energy work session; and fourth, the thought prompts. Each step is designed to build on the last.

Thank you so much for your dedication and work throughout Chakras 2.0®. It has been an honor to guide you along your soul’s path and to witness your energetic growth in this program.

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Welcome Meditation

by Kat Michaels | Divine Awareness®

Energy Work

General Instructions

The Chakras 2.0® core energy work sessions are intense and may take anywhere from 24-96 hours to integrate. Make sure to drink extra non-fluoridated filtered water for at least four days following the session. Limit sugar, artificial ingredients, and processed foods; consume healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and seeds; and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible during this timeframe.

Complete each of the three core energy work sessions when you can plan for rest the following day. Do not complete them prior to a heavy day of work, travel, or other responsibilities.

When you’re ready to begin your session, sit or lie down in a quiet place. You’re welcome to listen to meditative music if you wish. Remain receptive to my energy. Focus on your breath and the energy coming in during the session, which will take approximately 45 minutes. Do not worry if you fall asleep during the session. The energy will filter down as it’s meant to.

What does this session include?

In the third core energy work session, you’ll release any residual energy from your old chakra systems, including anything that wasn’t already at the surface for clearing during the second energy work session. You’ll integrate the downloads from the earlier sessions, and we’ll fine-tune your upgraded chakra system.

At the end of the third core energy work session, you’ll receive an attunement activating all known 12 strands of DNA, as well as any currently unknown DNA strands.

Energy Work Incantation

Recite the following incantation to call forward your session.

“I now begin the third Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Session provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

Thought Prompts

Approach each of the below thought prompts as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to. I recommend spending 10-15 minutes on each thought prompt.

  • What changes have I been led to make since the beginning of this program regarding my values, needs, priorities, and desires? How have I developed different parts of myself, and how has that development upgraded my personal standards? What things that are non-negotiable for me now that I used to waver on?
  • How have I widened my perspective since beginning this program? In what ways can I continue to improve my perspective? How has my outlook on society, media, and government changed?
  • Who am I? What are my values? How do I perceive myself? Where have I grown and improved? Where do I still see room for growth?
  • What commitments am I willing to make to myself for future growth in each area of my life (relationships, self-care, career, etc.)?
    • What steps feel aligned for me to take now to affirm those commitments?
  • Is there anything that still feels limiting to me that I need to address (e.g. relationships, belief systems, family and societal expectations, etc.)?
    • What can I do to stop limiting myself?
    • Are there internal or external factors that need to shift or fall away?
    • [If a relationship] Are there conversations that I need to have in shifting the energy?
  • Are there any emotions, memories, or triggers that I still need to release?
    • What are they, and how are they affecting my life today?

      [Consider each emotion, memory, or trigger with respect to the following questions.]

    • What is the earliest time that I recall this [emotion/memory/trigger] and how did it affect me at that time?
    • When did I first notice that this [emotion/memory/trigger] was becoming a bigger issue for me?
    • What have I done in the past to release this [emotion/memory/trigger]?
    • How would my life be different if I released this [emotion/memory/trigger] once and for all?
    • Why am I holding onto this [emotion/memory/trigger]? What purpose does it serve in my life? How is it protecting me, and what is it protecting me against?

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