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Module Two

Releasing the programming.

In Module One, you identified the harmful habits, beliefs, thoughts, programming, and conditioning that have been preventing you from reaching your highest potential. You should have also paid attention to your thoughts and been retraining your brain for the past week. How have you progressed? Have you released any misaligned relationships or encountered other situational changes in your life?

Module Two is designed to help you release any remaining non-beneficial programming that you’ve taken on and any misaligned and latent energetic vows that you’ve agreed to in this lifetime or in any lifetime. As you’re working through Module Two, continue to reframe any negative thoughts that come up for you, and meditate as often as you need to so that you can efficiently and effectively clear tough emotions that arise as you’re releasing the programming.

Complete the exercises below in order: first, the videos; second, the meditation; third, the vow release incantation; fourth, the energy work session; and fifth and finally, the thought prompts. Each step is designed to build on the last.

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Vow Release Meditation

by Kat Michaels | Chakras 2.0®

Vow Release Incantation

Read this incantation aloud after completing the meditation.

I hereby release any and all non-beneficial outdated, expired, harmful, coerced, or misaligned energetic vows, agreements, beliefs, subscriptions, and understandings. I ask that these influences be cleared from my energy and my aura, and that my whereabouts, energetic and otherwise, be concealed from those who would seek to harm me based upon my release and clearing of these influences.

And so it is.

Energy Work

General Instructions

The Chakras 2.0® core energy work sessions are intense and may take anywhere from 24-96 hours to integrate. Make sure to drink extra non-fluoridated filtered water for at least four days following the session. Limit sugar, artificial ingredients, and processed foods; consume healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and seeds; and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible during this timeframe.

Complete each of the three core energy work sessions when you can plan for rest the following day. Do not complete them prior to a heavy day of work, travel, or other responsibilities.

When you’re ready to begin your session, sit or lie down in a quiet place. You’re welcome to listen to meditative music if you wish. Remain receptive to my energy. Focus on your breath and the energy coming in during the session, which will take approximately 45 minutes. Do not worry if you fall asleep during the session. The energy will filter down as it’s meant to.

What does these energy work sessions include?

In the first core Chakras 2.0® energy work session, you’ll release any harmful influences and will let go of any lingering energy from misaligned situations that have shifted. You’ll also unblock and balance your chakras in preparation for exiting the Matrix and dissolving your chakras in Module Three.

After you’ve completed the first core Chakras 2.0® energy work session, call forward the Boundary Session to bolster your energetic boundaries. You may choose (a) to wait 24 to 48 hours to call this session forward or (b) to call this session forward immediately after the first Chakras 2.0® core energy work session.

Energy Work Incantations

Recite the following incantations to call forward your sessions.

For the first Chakras 2.0® core energy work session:

“I now begin the first Chakras 2.0® On-Demand Session provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

For the Boundary Session:

“I now begin the Boundary Session provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

Thought Prompts

Approach each of the below thought prompts as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to; I recommend spending 5-10 minutes on each thought prompt.

  • In what ways can I make my personal expression more positive? What phrases do I use or thoughts do I think that tend to put myself or others down, minimize my hard work, downplay my accomplishments, etc.?
    • What are alternative phrases that I can use instead?
  • What is my current energetic and/or physical process to move past stress and blocks? What process do I use to instill inspiration and success?
    • How can I improve or streamline these processes?
  • How do I feel when I think about others discussing me behind my back? [Take note of whatever comes up as well as any feelings that arise in your body.]
    • How can I shift these feelings, and what do I need to do internally so that they do not impact me going forward?
  • Consider the major areas of your life: romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships; work situation; living situation; hobbies; etc. Answer the following with respect to each area.
    • Do I feel in alignment in this area? Are the situations that I’m involved in supportive of my highest and best good?
    • [If you do feel in alignment] Do I actively work to keep this area in alignment, or does it flow easily? Are there any areas where I block the flow?
    • [If you do not feel in alignment] Are there things about this area that could be shifted to be more in alignment with me and my needs? Do I need to let anything go? Is there anything that I should pay more attention to? Do I need to re-prioritize, and if so, how?

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