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Module One 

Uncovering the conditioning.

Module One of Chakras 2.0® is designed to help you uncover the programming, conditioning, thoughts, beliefs, and fears that are holding you back from your potential, keeping you trapped in your ego state, or causing you to subscribe to others’ expectations and desires rather than your own. Without uncovering these things, we cannot release them; accordingly, though Module One may bring up uncomfortable emotions and memories, it’s important to complete it prior to beginning the rest of the coursework.

You’ll get the most benefit by working through the module in order: first, the video; second, the meditation; third, the thought prompts; and fourth, the energy work.

Thought Awareness Exercise

Make sure to pay attention to your thoughts at all times, during this program and otherwise. If anything harmful or self-deprecating creeps in, stop and shift that thought to something more beneficial.

Sometimes it’s easier to train your brain to think differently instead of trying to shut thought patterns down completely. For example, a passing thought such as, “Don’t be stupid,” can lead to an inner correction of, “That’s not true or kind. I did my best with the information that I had. I may want to look more into [this subject] now that I know I need more details, but that doesn’t make me stupid.” By reasoning with your ego, you train your brain to think something along the lines of, “I need more information,” the next time a similar situation occurs.

Fearful thoughts can be addressed similarly, but with one important difference. If it’s a safety-based thought – something like, “I don’t feel comfortable going there,” take a moment to pause, feel into your body and energy, and understand why. Are you uncomfortable because you sense that something may happen that could harm you? Or are you uncomfortable because you will be visiting a new place you haven’t been, because you’ll be around a large group of people, or because of another reason? Fear is ultimately designed to keep us safe, and it’s generally unwise to dismiss fear before knowing more about its origins. 

As you get used to regularly observing your thoughts, these processes will become automatic. These processes are important to use on a consistent basis if you want to keep your energy clear and your vibration high.

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Welcome Meditation

by Kat Michaels | Chakras 2.0®

Thought Prompts

Approach each of the below thought prompts as a stream-of-consciousness exercise, writing or speaking what comes to mind first regarding each of the thought prompts. Write or speak for as long as you feel you need to; I recommend spending no less than 5-10 minutes on each thought prompt.

  • What has blocked me from reaching my true potential? What habits, fears, beliefs, blocks, and doubts have held me back?
  • What will my life look like without the blocks that I’ve previously experienced? In what areas will I expand the most?
  • Where will I be without fear in my life? What will I accomplish and achieve? How fast will I move toward my goals?
  • What will my life look like without the old karmic bindings? What relationships will shift and what relationships will fall away? How will my timeline shift when I am no longer playing out karmic patterns in various areas of my life?
  • What new options will be available to me without my former patterns and conditioning?

Energy Work

Please complete these sessions, in order, prior to beginning the rest of the coursework. You can read more about the sessions at the links below.

Balance Session
Invisibility Session

Use the following incantation to call forward your sessions.

“I now begin the [Session Title] provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”

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