Chakras 2.0®


Enhance your personal evolution and upgrade your energy system.


Welcome to a new level of autonomy.

The transformation that you experience through Chakras 2.0® will dramatically shift your energy system, your DNA, and your world experience.

In exiting the Matrix and in dissolving your old chakra system, new light codes will be integrated and an upgraded energy system will spring into place. During the process, we’ll also dismantle ancient programming, reset harmful thought patterns, and inspire true self-expression.

Later in the program, we’ll have an attunement in which we’ll integrate your new energy system at a higher level, and in which we’ll activate all 12 known strands of DNA, plus any strands that are currently unknown.

This program is designed to not only reduce energetic maintenance and make your days easier, but also for you to achieve deeper levels of authenticity, personal fulfillment, and self-governance.

The energy work sessions included in Chakras 2.0® are there to help you as you let go of the misaligned things in your life and rebuild it from your new energetic standpoint. You may complete an assigned energy session more than once if needed. Be aware that the three main energy work sessions have an integration period of 48-96 hours; I do not advise repeating them within that integration period, but instead waiting until it has passed.

I recommend completing Chakras 2.0® in eight weeks, spending two weeks on each module. You may desire to move more slowly, especially if you’re experiencing a lot of situational shifts in your life. Honor your personal process, and take the time that you need to finish. You have lifetime access to the program for a reason.

Scroll down for your welcome video, preliminary tasks, and Chakras 2.0® syllabus.

How is the program set up?

Chakras 2.0® is split into four modules. Each module consists of thought prompts, videos, meditations, on-demand energy work sessions, and exercises to assist in the successful implementation and integration of your upgraded energy system.

Fully completing the assigned modules ensures (a) that you get the most out of the program and (b) that you’re able to easily assimilate the upgrades that you’re having and the changes that you’re experiencing.

I recommend completing each module over a two-week period. Depending on how dramatically your life is shifting, you may decide to take more time to implement each module before moving onto the next. Follow your intuition and finish the program at the pace that’s right for you.

Chakras 2.0® requires significant dedication and focused intention to complete. You must be serious about this work to be successful in the process of (a) exiting the Matrix and (b) dissolving your chakras.

Chakras 2.0® always includes . . .

✓ Lifetime access to the Chakras 2.0® program, including the Client Portal, omwork, videos, meditations, and any program updates

✓ Lifetime access to assigned energy work sessions, including the three Chakras 2.0® energy work sessions and all supporting sessions

Lifetime access to the Chakras 2.0® Maintenance Session; I recommend completing this every six months to one year following your program

Quickly process emotions Improve self-reliance Enhance self-trust Raise your vibration Discern different energies Stand in your truth

Preliminary Tasks

Please complete these tasks before beginning the modules.

Review and sign your Chakras 2.0® contract. Send the signed contract to

Watch the welcome video above. Read through all of the information on this page. 

 Email any questions to me at

 Complete the Balance Session and the Invisibility Session. You can find general instructions for the energy work sessions HERE. The incantation for all energy work sessions is below.

“I now begin the [Session Title] provided by Kat Michaels.

I call on God, my guides, Kat’s guides, and the pure positive healing energy delivered in the session. I ask that I experience the session in the full length and with the full potency of the live session. And so it is.”


Module 1: Access Module 1 Here

  • Thought awareness exercise
  • Module 1 meditation: Clearing the Chakras
  • Video: Overview of the Chakras 2.0® Process
  • Module 1 thought prompts
  • Balance Session
  • Invisibility Session

Module 2: Access Module 2 Here

  • Video: On Caring What Others Think
  • Video: Alignment, Beliefs, and Thoughts
  • Video: Energetic Vows and Agreements
  • Module 2 meditation: Releasing Misaligned Vows
  • Vow release incantation
  • First Chakras 2.0® on-demand energy work session
  • Boundary Session
  • Module 2 thought prompts


Module 3: Access Module 3 Here

  • Module 3 visualization: Walking Out of the Matrix
  • Video: Exiting the Matrix – My Experience
  • Video: Truth Energy Exercise
  • Video: Discernment
  • Video: Recognizing & Releasing Conditioning
  • Module 3 thought prompts
  • Second Chakras 2.0® energy work session

Module 4: Access Module 4 Here

  • Module 4 meditation: Life in a New World
  • Video: Life in a New World – What to Expect
  • Video: Life in a New World – Basic Maintenance
  • Video: Defending Against Cords and Attachments
  • Video: Following Your Alignment
  • Third Chakras 2.0® energy work session (with DNA activation attunement)
  • Alignment Session