First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

It’s the first quarter moon in Aquarius, bringing a sense of freedom to the air for those who have been dealing with emotional turmoil lately. Venus is direct tomorrow, as well, so the tendency to wallow in the past is shifting to excitement and happiness for the present. Of course, with the sun still in Scorpio, the possibility is there, so it’ll be your job to observe any thoughts of the past and let them go so that they don’t affect your present mood.

With the 11:11:11 portal still active, manifestation is at an all-time high. Continue to keep your thoughts high vibe and your actions aligned. The key with the moon in Aquarius is to not make your manifestation too structured – it may interfere with your flow, and ultimately, your results.

Work with citrine, clear quartz, aqua aura quartz, or green aventurine to amplify your vibe, improve manifestation, and keep your energy high.

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New Moon in Capricorn: Manifestation Mojo

Happy (astrological) New Year! Today marks the new moon in Capricorn, a grounded and practical sign with major planning-and-execution mojo. While up to this point in 2018 many have been reflecting on the past and planning out how to best move forward into the future, now is the time to fully embrace those plans and put things into action. In so doing, Capricorn counsels us to put in any necessary work up front so that we may manifest our best possible outcomes in the end.

A restructuring occurred in 2017, collectively and in many cases, individually. It was a year of digging through the muck, gathering those things that didn’t serve, and releasing each of them as the year wore on. And wear on it did. Old stories, victim mentalities, damaging relationships and patterns, and disparaging self-talk all presented themselves – and then in many cases, thankfully fell by the wayside, leaving new and fertile ground ready for a fresh influx of positive thought, increased divinity, and unlimited abundance.

Welcome to 2018. While before we were tilling the soil in preparation for a new crop of manifestation, it’s now time to sow the seeds that will get us through the rest of the year. Things happened quickly in 2017 and during the first part of this month, but they’re about to escalate in speed.

What do you really want to accomplish this year? Is there a goal that you’ve been inching toward, or is there one that’s just lingering in the distance? Is there a project that you’ve been working on for awhile but that hasn’t taken the desired course? Is there something that you’ve been putting off but that would make your life so much easier, healthier, or happier?

Major strides can be made right now toward anything that you desire, but you have to hone in on what it is that you desire. Be as specific and as detailed as you can possibly be. Anything that you want to manifest should be backed up on paper. Make yourself accountable down the line. And be old-fashioned about it – manifestation takes root more easily when pencil is put to paper rather than when fingers are put to a keyboard.

So make that list. Open – and start funding – that savings account. Plan that wedding, reunion, or birthday celebration. Harness the new moon Capricorn energy over the next few days to map out all of the practical details of whatever you’re hoping to accomplish in 2018. Because once the practical details are out of the way and the plan is in motion, you can use your time to blissfully create all of the poetry that you desire – within the comfortable and well defined boundaries that you’ve already established for yourself.

While you’re at it, enjoy a lovely and fulfilling 2018. Because this year is all about new stories, empowered mentalities, supportive relationships, healthy patterns, and positive self-talk.

Recommended crystals and stones: Orthoceras fossil, black moonstone, sardonyx, green fluorite, and scolecite.

Throat Chakra Crystals

The throat chakra is all about expressing your truth, speaking up for yourself, and communicating clearly. The throat chakra is the first of the three higher chakras, so once the heart chakra is balanced, one can move along the path to spiritual fulfillment. At the point that one is attending to the throat chakra, the physical (root/sacral), mental (solar plexus), and emotional (heart) bodies have generally been opened and cleared. (But remember, any chakra can become blocked or imbalanced at anytime, even if someone has worked on their higher chakras before. It’s a maintenance thing.)

Those with balanced throat chakras express themselves easily; engage in thoughtful conversation; listen well; stand up for their beliefs; make clear decisions; and speak their truths. A balanced throat chakra supports one in teaching, speaking, writing, and fulfilling one’s purpose. Alternatively, an imbalanced throat chakra results in either loud or timid behavior; verbal aggressiveness, arrogance, or bullying; an inability to stand up for oneself or one’s beliefs; indecisiveness; or passive aggressive or conniving behavior. Physically, an imbalanced throat chakra can lead to such issues as chronic sore throats or dry mouth, thyroid issues, hearing problems, TMJ, neck pain, and other problems.

There are a variety of crystals and stones available to help balance the throat chakra. The throat chakra color is BLUE, and any blue or turquoise stones are amazing for the throat chakra. There are many stones that bridge the gap and work for both the throat and third eye chakras, also (more information on the third eye tomorrow). I’ve listed just a few throat chakra stones here, so if you have a favorite, please use it!

AMAZONITE: Amazonite is the stone of truthful communication, which makes it a powerful throat chakra stone. Amazonite encourages us to speak our minds with integrity, not allowing ourselves and our ideals to be swayed by popular opinion. Amazonite helps in furthering one’s life purpose and in bringing peace to troubled relationships; it also relaxes its user and opens him/her up to a higher vibration and perspective.

ANGELITE: Angelite is an amazing stone that elevates one’s vibration and allows one to connect with the angelic realms. Angelite is a stone of intuition and results in clearer channeling, psychic readings, and Spirit communication. Angelite calms the emotions; soothes the mind; and assists one in detaching from the ego, causing introspection and enlightened change. Angelite helps with anxiety and grief in particular and is a potent sleep aid. Angelite is said to assist with weight loss.

AQUAMARINE: Aquamarine is a type of beryl known to inspire safety over seabound journeys. A stone of communication, aquamarine encourages a peaceful family environment and helps to calm quarrels among significant others and family members. Aquamarine is soothing and highly connective to other realms. It helps to activate psychic abilities and provides its user with greater introspection and a new perspective.

BLUE APATITE: Blue apatite is a calming and meditative stone that allows one to slip deeply and quickly into a meditative state, opening the mind to higher realm communication and philosophical insights. Blue apatite helps with astral travel, dreamwork, and past-life research and regression. Blue apatite is a potent problem solver and inspires helpful change with regard to present and past issues. Blue apatite spurs subconscious insight and translates it into conscious action. Blue apatite is commonly used for weight loss.

BLUE KYANITE: Blue kyanite is a stone of energetic connection and cleansing. Kyanite can be used to sweep the aura and balance all chakras, sealing any leaks and offering a layer of protection. Blue kyanite is helpful for Spirit communication and connections with higher realms; channeling; balanced discussion; and meditation, assisting its user in entering a meditative state quickly. Kyanite creates new neural pathways, expanding the mind and capabilities of its user.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Chrysocolla is a stone of insight that allows for truthful communication and enhanced teaching abilities. Because chrysocolla has both blue and green in it, it helps to merge the gap between the heart and throat chakras, demonstrating in its user the gift of insightful and empathic communication. Chrysocolla is extremely helpful for maximizing psychic abilities and for channeling as well as for psychic protection.

LAPIS LAZULI: Lapis lazuli is composed of lazurite, pyrite, and calcite, and has been used since at least ancient Egypt for cosmetics, for adornments, and for metaphysical purposes. Lapis lazuli is highly protective and wards off psychic attack as well as cleansing, sealing, and protecting the aura. Lapis encourages interpersonal communication and understanding, especially when placed in a grid in the home. Lapis lazuli is also useful for learning and retention of knowledge.

SODALITE: Sodalite spurs deep underlying thoughts and pattern-solving abilities, enhancing the intellect and the ability to determine what is under the surface. Sodalite assists sleep, and a small sleep grid on a nightstand may help the user in sleeping longer and/or more soundly if it is something in their best interest. By encouraging and stimulating conversations among close relatives and friends, sodalite helps to raise the vibration of those around the user. Sodalite is also particularly helpful for those who teach, speak in public, or write.

*Note: Information is intuitive in nature and should not be relied on in place of medical or psychological treatment. Crystals and stones are a complementary therapy designed to be used in concert with your existing medical plan; I do not recommend the use of crystals and stones in place of traditional medical and/or psychological care.