Why I’m Passionate About Chakras 2.0

Why I’m Passionate About Chakras 2.0

Why am I passionate about Chakras 2.0®?

The answer is simple – I know how well Chakras 2.0® works. I’ve witnessed it in myself, and I’ve witnessed it in clients – the expansion, the amplification of skills, the clarity and joy that come with this program.

It’s more than just a course – it’s a new way of being.

It’s an answer to the traumatic memories, repetitive results, and never-ending chakra maintenance.

It’s a way to streamline personal development to be more, do more, accomplish more, and feel more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally aligned.

Chakras 2.0® is the most transformational work that I do – and I deal in transformation.

It’ll allow you to completely reset your patterns, remove long-term conditioning, and process your emotions more easily than ever before.

I believe in it so much that it’s required introductory work for my high-value apprenticeship program. Why? Because completion of Chakras 2.0® ensures continuous growth throughout the program.

Those who have completed Chakras 2.0® are able to go farther and faster in their learning, and they’re able to excel at a higher level than those who haven’t completed Chakras 2.0®. It just is what it is.

Are you ready to expand at a faster rate? To go deeper in a shorter period of time? To remove the reins and run unfettered toward your next achievement? To be free and authentic in your expression?

We start next week.

Register HERE to ensure your growth and expansion.


Expand Your World with Chakras 2.0

Expand Your World with Chakras 2.0

There’s a yearning in your soul – a drive to go deeper, to reach farther spiritually. You’ve done so much already, but you know that you’re meant for more. You feel like the thing you need is right around the corner, but you can’t quite see it.

You just know that there’s an easier way of life waiting for you – a life without the same forced structure, conditioned patterns and beliefs, and invisible ties. A life of expansion.

What if you could expand your consciousness enough to reach beyond the corner, to walk into that new life? What would it feel like to be open, unhinged, and enjoying a deeper daily experience?

Chakras 2.0® takes you beyond the Matrix to a world of limitless possibility. A world of accelerated personal growth, spiritual freedom, and enhanced understanding. A world of comfort and stillness – yet a world of self-awareness and self-actualization.

Chakras 2.0® includes 8 weeks of energy work and coaching to help you evolve into your highest self.

  • 4 energy work sessions to balance your energy, exit the Matrix, dissolve your existing chakra system, activate your DNA, and integrate new energetic upgrades
  • 4 coaching sessions, including a Q&A session, to guide you in your new experience; implement complementary processes; and train you in energetic discernment, grounding, and energetic expression
  • 12 weeks of free group and on-demand energy work sessions (1 per week for 12 weeks)
  • Lifetime access to the Chakras 2.0® group coaching videos, on-demand energy work sessions, and on-demand maintenance session

Are you ready to move beyond your current reality? Register HERE.


Fix the Cycle

Fix the Cycle

You’ve done the work. You’ve met with your guides, spoken to your higher self, gotten clear on what you want, and manifested some amazing things. But you’re stuck in this perpetual loop of maintenance. . . . Once you accomplish something, you have to once again release, align, and rebalance. You’re over it. Chakra maintenance is no longer fun – it’s a chore.

You understand that the process is required sometimes – but so often? Do you need to spend so much time on the blocks? Do you need to spend a week wearing red, eating red foods, and grounding extensively in order to balance your root chakra? Should you be wasting so much time maintaining instead of growing?

Isn’t it supposed to be easier than that?

Of course it is.

What if you finally released the blocks, the maintenance, and the struggle for clarity? What if you balanced and aligned yourself in an instant, without worrying about different rituals for different chakras? What if you took all of the time spent on maintenance and spent it on things that matter to you – family, friends, self-care, and goals? What could you accomplish?

Imagine if energy flowed freely for you and didn’t get stuck. You’d release tough emotions more easily; forgive past grudges; and keep a high frequency in the wake of disappointment. You’d still have human emotions and experiences. But you’d process them quickly and move toward joy. You would still reflect – but you wouldn’t need to rehash, reconsider, and replay things to heal them. You wouldn’t need hours of meditation to get negative thoughts to fade.

Chakras 2.0® gives you that freedom, growth, and expansion.

Chakras 2.0® is a multidimensional course enabling the development of your next-era energy system. A system that allows energy to flow freely; that allows your body, mind, and soul to work in concert, without the blocks and constant maintenance. A system that allows you to step away from the thought loops and the stuck emotions. A system that allows you more authenticity, more passion, and more growth.

Chakras 2.0® is the solution that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the last day for early registration pricing. Are you in?

Register here now.


Chakras 2.0 group course is now available

Chakras 2.0 group course is now available

2020 energy is made for transformation and new and aligned long-term foundations.

Transformation is one of my specialties. And this year I want that specialty to be more accessible than ever.

So I’m turning my ultra-transformative Chakras 2.0® into a group course.

🦋This is the work that has changed me the most.

🦋This is the work that helped me to release so many patterns once and for all.

🦋This is the work that has helped clients release traumas, dramas, physical and emotional pain, and centuries of ingrained conditioning from multiple lifetimes.

If you’re ready, I’d love to have you join HERE.


I used to get stuck in my emotions.

I was worried, doubtful, and fearful.

I thought about old breakups, arguments, and mistakes that I’d made. As an empath, I carried a lot of trauma, some of which wasn’t mine.

It was exhausting, painful, and unnecessary.

What changed?

To start with, I dissolved my chakras and upgraded my energy system.

When I began the process, I’d released a lot of fear already. But patterns would return. I was always healing from old issues.

I was always clearing blocks and balancing and aligning my chakras.

I didn’t understand what it meant to dissolve my chakras, but I knew this was a change that my soul needed.

Although I didn’t know what to expect, I trusted my guides, my mentor, and my higher self.

Afterwards, I felt like I’d taken a breath of fresh air. My entire energy system had been upgraded.

I stopped worrying so much. I stopped giving my power away. I stopped basing my actions and words on what was “proper.”

Detachment felt easy.

I sensed energy more clearly and readily discerned energetic signatures. Upgrades were faster, patterns faded quickly, and my emotions were controllable.

Gone were the days of reprocessing.

I was truly joyful for the first time in my life.

And I’ve held onto that joy.

I’ve still been through hard situations – I’ve lost friends, ended relationships, and occasionally disappointed myself.

But I don’t get stuck. My fears are tamed. I don’t worry about the past.

My channel is clearer. Manifestation is easier. My gifts develop quickly.

I’m free.

The chakras have protected us in the past when we’ve needed protecting.

But now it’s time to claim our divinity. It’s time to release the shackles that bind us.

Do you want to release the pain? To move on from the reprocessing?

Now you can.

I’m offering an 8-week group Chakras 2.0® course for those who want to exit the Matrix, dissolve their chakras, and integrate a new energy system.

Usually this program is $5,555 in a 1:1 container with me.

But I want this to be accessible.

The rate is $888 through Monday. Then the price will go up to $1,111.

There’s also a VIP option with 1:1 support.

Are you ready to move unhinged into the new era?

We start in February.

See details and register HERE.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

May you enjoy a peaceful and loving holiday with family and friends.

Thank you for your support this year.

So much love to you all!



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