New Moon in Virgo: Action + Perseverance

New Moon in Virgo: Action + Perseverance

Today’s the new moon in Virgo, and it’s an invitation to get our houses in order and start on the tasks at hand. Saturn has gone direct, and we can now turn extreme self-reflection into purpose-driven action. What did you discover about yourself the last few months? In what areas have you developed and grown? Here’s the tough question: does your external situation reflect your internal growth?

If there’s some dissonance between your external and internal landscapes, now’s your chance to sow some new seeds. Virgo is tremendously organized, efficient, balanced, and conscious, and you’re well supported in practical planning and achievement. Once Virgos decide on a course of action, they persevere, making this moon ideal for lasting progress toward your highest goals. One caution: don’t worry too much about perfection or get stuck in the details – movement should be the mantra.

Make a list, create a vision board, record a voice note – whatever method you choose, pick your focus, plan your next steps, and get going. You can do whatever it is that you set your mind to, and the processes that you put in place now will serve you long-term. Set objectives for the next thirty days as well as the next six months so that you can track your manifestation and achievement.

Work with yellow aventurine, dragon’s blood jasper, hawk’s eye, or green prehnite for motivation, inspiration, perseverance, and growth.


Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Last night was the last quarter moon in Gemini, offering an opportunity this week for deep thought as well as appreciation of duality. The theme lately has been shadow work, as our deepest issues have risen to the surface to address. If you’ve pushed anything down recently, you’ll notice that it’s barreling back up on the regular – that’s because the energies lately have given us a continuous chance to clear, remove, and transmute any harmful patterns, thought processes, and memories, and those things that we haven’t healed will continue to arise until we do.

Gemini is amazing at cutting through the superfluous details and getting down to business, and coupled with a Virgo sun and a waning moon, now’s the perfect time to assess and clear out anything that doesn’t serve, be it on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Time is valuable, and you don’t have extra time to waste on those things that aren’t helping you to accomplish your end goals, whether they be personal, spiritual, professional, or financial. Gemini also understands intrinsically that although these things seem separate, they are all interlinked – to have a balanced life, you must support and fuel not only the obvious points of focus for you, but the underlying systems as well.

What keeps coming up for you that you’d rather not deal with any longer, and why are you still holding on? There’s beauty and joy in the surrender, and those things that aren’t serving you won’t benefit you by continuing to remain in your life. It could be as simple as t-shirts that you need to discard or as complex as a relationship that you’ve outgrown. Whatever it is, cut the cord and keep moving forward, unshackled this time. Then spend your time integrating what’s left instead of focusing on what’s gone.

Work with bloodstone, clear quartz, black kyanite, and smoky citrine to ensure understanding and appreciation of duality; to establish strong self-respect and energetic boundaries; and to gain help in centering, grounding, and rooting yourself in your best reality.


Full Moon in Pisces: Integrate the Magical with the Mundane

Full Moon in Pisces: Integrate the Magical with the Mundane

Welcome to the full moon in Pisces! This week’s energy is all about integration of the magical with the mundane, which means that it’s time to infuse some light into your standard routine. Have you been holding back in some way or hiding yourself from the spotlight? In what ways do you shine that you’ve neglected to share with others?

It’s likely that your special brand of amazing is needed right now in some way – be it at work, among friends or family, or in your community. What unique traits can you offer to help others? The Pisces moon is the perfect time to discover those traits and bring them to the surface for enjoyment.

If you haven’t yet been called toward your deeper purpose but are starting to feel the yearning to know what exactly it is, this moon offers some serious potential for manifestation of your highest self. What are your dreams and values? How do you wish to impact the world? What is the legacy that you wish to leave? Pisces, the emotive idealist, can inspire you to reach new heights, especially when paired with the practical and hardworking Virgo sun.

Work with amazonite, dendritic opal, Botswana agate, or polychrome jasper to ground the etheric Pisces energy while motivating you to achieve new heights.


First Quarter Moon in Scorpio: Uncover & Integrate Your Shadow Side

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio: Uncover & Integrate Your Shadow Side

The first quarter moon in Scorpio has arrived, inspiring us to turn inward and focus on our thoughts, beliefs, and areas of our being that we’d like to transform, awaken, and hone. Never one to shy away from the depths, Scorpio encourages us to take a probing look at our shadow side. Instead of hiding the parts of yourself that you find less than ideal, try this week to appreciate those facets of yourself and recognize the gifts that they’ve given you. Self-care and self-love are about caring for and loving all aspects of ourselves, not just those that appear pretty and shiny on the outside.

What traits do you have that you don’t enjoy? What interests, reactions, or segments of yourself do you shy away from? Do you ultimately push them down or work on them? Do you share these things with others, or do you cover them entirely so that they aren’t visible? We’re often more sensitive than others around us to our perceived “faults,” so you may be surprised if you do discuss these aspects with your loved ones – you may discover that they’ve already noticed and that they love those parts just as much as the rest of you. Growth, transition, and transmutation may be necessary in some areas, but think how much more whole and satisfied you’ll feel once you’ve done the work and are no longer ashamed, self-conscious, or frustrated with any part of yourself.

Tomorrow brings the end of Mercury retrograde, which means that some of the stress and strain involving communication, transportation, and agreements will lessen. Be aware that the shadow period is still active until September 2, so the effects won’t fade entirely for a couple of weeks. With five other planets in retrograde, too, an intense period of personal discovery is bound to continue for awhile. This entire year is all about release, transformation, growth, and manifestation of your highest good, so continue to work with the planetary energies to achieve your overall goals in these areas.

Work with malachite, Smithsonite, labradorite, rhodochrosite, or rainbow sheen obsidian to access, uncover, analyze, shift, and integrate those shadow parts of your being that you’ve hidden from yourself or from others.

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

Happy New Moon and solar eclipse in Leo! Today’s is the last in a dramatic series of eclipses that have occurred recently, and a lot of the intensity is now set to settle down, but in a laser-focused, highly effective, and goal-oriented way. For the new moon today, ride the wave of energy to set some amazing objectives for the next thirty days as well as for the next six months; the persistent theme is self-improvement, self-care, and self-healing.

To add to the surge of positive energy, Jupiter went direct yesterday on August 10th, increasing good fortune, achievement, and collective optimism. Jupiter’s shift provides an amazing burst of momentum which, when combined with the new moon and solar eclipse energy, causes serious ingenuity, progress, and abundance. To take advantage of the new moon and eclipse energy, set intentions that are important to you, and work on manifesting your desires.

What are you hoping to accomplish? What goals have you been too timid to chase? In what areas should you focus to be your best self?  What brilliant ideas have you had lately, and have you made them into something workable?

Now’s a wonderful time to assess your skills, plans, and opportunities. Even if something seems like a stretch, if you really want it, commit to it – there’s no telling what you can manifest with the energy right now. Write it down, put it on a vision board, and embody the objective and any feelings that it inspires. You’ve got this.

Work with ruby, fancy jasper, green aventurine, and Picasso stone to anchor in creativity, strength, growth, and progress.

A Lion’s Gate Message

A Lion’s Gate Message

The Lion’s Gate, today, August 8th, is an annual time of expanded consciousness, increased frequencies, and spiritual epiphanies. Expect your awakening to quicken and your multidimensional awareness to increase. It’s important to take the time to ground the energy that you receive – for integration purposes today, my most recommended crystals are natural citrine, smoky quartz, septarian, dravite (brown tourmaline), or kambaba jasper.

The Lion’s Gate occurs in the time of Leo, so the lions are highly active right now. Here’s a message from them.

Thank you, loved ones. You’ve come a long way – you’ve understood much of what we’ve shared. You’re growing and expanding your consciousness and your being – it’s amazing – isn’t it? – to have things fall away and have more peace spring up in their place. At this point you surely understand part of why things had to go the way they did . . . you’ll understand even more in the coming months, as you integrate those upgrades that you have designed and implemented for yourself.

Each one of you is different, with unique characteristics – each one of you received an upgrade recently. Your DNA has activated in a way that it had not before. This has happened naturally, and the effect is more pronounced for those who have a spiritual perspective and have been growing in that way. You will recognize the difference; you will see the growth, feel it, embody it as you have wanted and tried to do. Manifestation is easier now – love is easier now – acceptance is easier now. Those are the things that you must cultivate even more moving forward.

It is important after this date to remember to keep your vibration high and to allow yourself to trust that you are in a pattern of continuous growth. Do not allow yourself to slide back to your old habits and ways – propel yourself forward, despite the seeming cost. You’ll lose friends – you’ll lose loved ones, potentially. But that’s okay. It’s for your highest good; it’s for your internal growth. Some aren’t meant to remain in our lives forever; the best thing that we can do in those cases is to embrace the lesson and move on from the past.

Don’t struggle to make things right again – know that as they fell away, it was for your benefit. The more drastic the falling away, the more for your benefit it was. If you’d clung to anything that should have expired before – it may have been more dramatic, but trust that it needed to occur. If things had belabored . . . well, you wouldn’t be where you are today, and you wouldn’t have been able to take in the upgrades that you’ve received. Rejoice in your expanded capacity to love, live, and know what’s best for you. These are the things that will help you going forward, more than a single relationship or friendship with an unmatched vibration would have helped you.

Enjoy the benefits; embrace your upgrades. Understand that all things happen for a reason, and continue to move and grow beyond them. Your world is just beginning, and your future is bright. Cling to that if you cannot stay in the present moment – but stay in the present moment if you’re able to. Your past is no longer a concern, however, and it needn’t be a part of your consideration.

Thank you for working with us, for growing in yourself, and for improving your relationships and perspective. These things are invaluable and will always be.