Grounding Essentials

Grounding is a foundational yet often overlooked area of spiritual and psychic development.

Those who are ungrounded can appear spacy or disconnected from their environments. They may experience dizziness, confusion, and memory trouble. By not taking the appropriate measures to stay connected to the Earth and to reality, ungrounded individuals lose touch with their physical senses and allow their spiritual senses to take over. This becomes a huge issue once leaving meditation or a healing session to return to the physical world. It’s important to remain grounded during meditation and other spiritual work, too, so that one can properly absorb and integrate spiritual information.

Easy ways to ground oneself include drinking water, eating root vegetables, or hugging a tree. Exploring nature, walking barefoot outside, and gardening are other great options.

Archangels Michael and Metatron are able to help ground and/or keep one grounded (just remember that one must request their help to receive it!). Visualization and certain crystals also work extremely well for grounding. Whatever grounding method is chosen, it’s best to employ it as a daily practice.

For a grounding visualization, imagine that your feet are connected to the Earth with roots.

The roots can be made of any natural material that resonates – they can be cords of light, actual tree roots, or lines of metal or stone. You may wish to do a short meditation to determine the best intuitive “grounding roots” for yourself. Set the intention that all is done in your highest and best interest and in the highest and best interest of all.

Most brown, black, and red stones will ground and will provide a feeling of physical stability and safety. Specific crystals and stones for grounding include the following:

  • Agate (all types)
  • Black tourmaline
  • Brown tourmaline (dravite)
  • Copper
  • Hematite
  • Jasper (all types)
  • Jet
  • Orthoceras fossil
  • Petrified wood
  • Pyrite
  • Red tiger’s eye
  • Sardonyx
  • Shungite
  • Smoky quartz

To work with any of these, place the crystal or stone in your pocket during the day, or hold it in your receptive hand during meditation. Your receptive hand is generally your non-dominant hand, but check, as it varies by individual. You may also choose to wear the stones in jewelry or sleep with one underneath your pillow.

Whatever grounding method you choose, make sure to employ it regularly so that you don’t experience the issues discussed above. A daily practice is best and can easily be established using the above techniques.



Cord Prevention & Removal

Cord Prevention & Removal

Have you ever heard of “cords” and wondered what they were? Non-beneficial etheric cords are lines between two people that attach during social situations, difficult incidents, and workplace occurrences. These cords often remain attached to a person and drain that person’s energy following the initial encounter. Cords are created in cases of unmet or unrealistic expectations; obsession with a person or topic of interest; or unresolved feelings toward another, whether love, resentment, anger, or another emotion.

Those who are empathic, work intuitively, and/or who work with the public are more likely to obtain cords during their activities, but if a person doesn’t protect themselves psychically, cords are generally able to easily attach. Those who manage others are particularly susceptible to cords and may notice frequent headaches due to corded employees etherically “picking their brains.”

How can cords be removed, and how can one ensure his or her protection? Selenite is a powerful deterrent to cords. An energy worker can help you to remove your cords that are already attached; please note that it’s better if the energy worker removes them by the root instead of cutting them. You can also call on Archangel Michael to help you by saying, “Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting my energy field from unwanted harmful energy and for preventing any etheric cords not in my highest and best interest. Thank you also for removing those cords attached to me that are currently draining my energy.” Remember that the angels can’t help you unless you request that they do so.

Cleansing Your Aura with Crystals

Have you ever tried cleansing your aura after a rough day? An aura cleanse is a great way to remove harmful energy using crystals.

For an aura cleanse, start with your favorite cleansed piece of selenite, black obsidian, clear quartz, smoky quartz, or labradorite. It’s best to use a carved massage wand or a natural wand with a single or double termination, but any shape will work.

After choosing your stone, trace it through your aura about 4-6 inches away from your body, using your intuition to guide you. If you’re using a carved massage wand or a natural wand with a single termination, make sure that the blunt end is facing toward your body and that the termination is facing outward. This ensures that the energy you remove will exit the wand through the termination instead of getting stuck in your auric field. Trace the front and back of yourself as well as your sides, under your arms, and between your legs, as energy can get stuck in any area of your aura. Energy is particularly likely to be stuck in areas where you have pain or have previously been injured, so pay extra attention to those spots.

Once you’re done cleansing your aura, use the crystal to “zip up” your aura from the bottom so that you’re protected from additional nonbeneficial energy. Cleanse your stone again to maintain its effectiveness. To keep your aura in tip-top shape, do this three to four times a week.

It’s Time to Release Your Pain

We are in the midst of a huge time of release . . . . With the last quarter moon on Monday, August 14, we delved into an even deeper pre-solar-eclipse wave of release than we had with the full moon and lunar eclipse energies a week ago. Historic karma, familial issues, non-beneficial relationships, discordant parts of our being, and harmful programming and conditioning are all coming up for release RIGHT NOW prior to the new moon and solar eclipse on Monday, August 21.

For all of those working to release things, here is an exercise that has been very helpful for my clients and for me.

Write down everything that you need to release–old habits, thought patterns, relationships, etc. Make sure that you write in pencil on paper. The graphite pencil and the paper are important pieces because they connect you to nature and all-that-is. A computer blocks the process somewhat.

Once you have written it all down and are satisfied that you’ve covered everything, BURN THE PAGES. Some will burn quickly–some will burn painstakingly slowly. As they burn, the energy associated with those feelings, experiences, relationships, etc. will burn off of your auric field. In my experience, it’s intense but amazing.

You’ll maximize your release if you follow this process anytime before next Monday, August 21.

So much love to you all! Enjoy your deep release. On Monday, it’s a brand-new world.

Recommended crystals to aid in the release and to help with the intensity include malachite, dioptase, bronzite, smoky quartz, agate, and black onyx.

Upgrade Your Energy System

Thanks to all of you who have followed the chakra posts this past week! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts and that you’ve learned a lot about the basic chakras, about the stones that correspond to them, and about yourself in the process.

Now that we’re at the end of the series, there’s a special twist. Read on for more!

The Chakras

The chakras have served us incredibly well throughout the ages. As a human race, we’ve consistently used our chakras to increase security and confidence in our environments, in our bodies, and in our self-worth. We’ve used them to open up our hearts and to embrace love, to share our truths and to speak our minds, to open up our psychic senses, and to increase our spirituality and connection to the Divine. What an amazing journey the chakras have given us, and how grateful we are for them! Focusing on our chakras has historically been a way to expand spiritually in our lives, learning more about ourselves and about our Divine connection in the process.

Meanwhile, as we’ve worked on our chakras, we’ve experienced the struggle of maintaining them, of keeping them balanced, of making sure they aren’t over- or under-expressed. It’s worth it–our expanded experience alone makes it worth this type of effort. When our chakras are all open, balanced, and aligned, it’s truly amazing what we can accomplish.

But what if we weren’t limited to this type of experience? What if we didn’t need to work to maintain our chakras all the time? What if there weren’t this constant maintenance tug-of-war, this consistent balancing act? What if things just . . . flowed? What if there were actually a way to work with the Divine, both to release limiting consciousness and to expand beyond our existing chakra system into a new extended energy system? What if this extended energy system were available to us if we simply chose to install it? What kind of freedom would that bring?

The Extended Energy System

The basic truth is that there are far more than the seven traditional chakras or connection points. There are, at a minimum, eight additional strong connection points: the Earth star, lower abdomen, naval, higher heart, brain stem, back of the head, soul star, and Christ consciousness connection points. These all work together within the extended energy system to connect you to the Divine. There’s even a way to bring them all into alignment while maximizing your spiritual experience and while minimizing the maintenance that goes along with them. These connection points have neither the same balancing issues nor the same blockage issues as the traditional chakras. Basically, it’s possible to make an enormous upgrade. What you may not understand is how to make this upgrade in your own life.

The Method

Ultimately, there’s a process for everything, and there are often different methods available to undertake that process. There’s a particular method of upgrading your energy system that I’m going to share with those who join me. I’m holding individual coaching sessions called Chakras 2.0.

This is not a coaching program for the spiritually faint of heart. This coaching program, and the soul evolution process, require tough work, a relatively detached ego, and a deep spiritual motivation to connect more with the Divine. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t be successful; if you don’t have the drive, you won’t put in the work. This is a very special offering for a very particular group of people. If you aren’t compelled to do it, don’t. If it’s not the right time, it won’t work for you.

This method has two primary steps, and they will each take some time to accomplish. The first step is to dissolve our limiting consciousness. The second step is to upgrade to our extended energy systems. Neither is simple, and both steps require immense dedication.

The first necessary step is to dissolve our limiting consciousness. This is often referred to as “exiting the Matrix.” By removing the veil of limiting consciousness that we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives–the propaganda, the programming, the “acceptable” paths to success and to Divine connection–we’re able to expand our worlds, claim our power, and better discern our truths. Dissolving our limiting consciousness enables us to step outside the contrived boundaries that have been established for us and allows us to establish our own boundaries that are consistent with our beliefs, with our spiritual connections, and with our life purposes.

The second step is to upgrade to our extended energy systems. This can be daunting. As a phoenix bursts into flames when it is ready to start a new life, we too must dismantle the old to bring in the new. We must dissolve our existing chakra system to bring the new extended energy system online. The rewards are worth the extensive effort of the process.

The Benefits

I went through this process a little less than two years ago. Some of the many benefits that I’ve experienced since then are:

-An increased connection with the Divine and improved communication with elemental and angelic beings, ascended masters, and my own guides

-Better discernment of my personal energy versus others’ energies

-Expanded self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust

-More mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom and independence

-Less reliance on others’ opinions

-Fewer blocks to self-improvement

-Improved focus on and awareness of my purpose

-More energy and motivation

-Faster manifestation

-Stronger visualization

-Increased experience of psychic phenomena and “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance; this may also manifest as clairgustance and/or clairessence for some students)

-More advanced psychic protection

-Fewer balancing issues

The Coaching Program Structure

We’ll go through the two steps in three one-hour sessions over a six-week period. The first two one-hour sessions will focus on dissolving limiting consciousness, and the last two one-hour sessions will focus on upgrading your energy system. The interim weeks are necessary for you to work with your guides, to meditate, to release any residual effects of the old system, and to integrate the improvements that you’ve made. Though we won’t have sessions in the interim weeks, you’re always welcome to contact me regarding your experience and/or any questions that you have.

During your sessions and in the interim weeks, you’ll experience guided meditations, clearings, and activations; suggested crystals and stones to work with each week while you evolve and activities to go along with them; and meditative “om work” for you to complete on your own. I also recommend keeping a journal to chronicle your experiences.

If this intrigues you and you’re interested in signing up for the Chakras 2.0 coaching program, please visit my scheduling page at Click on “Private Coaching Sessions” and scroll to the bottom of the list for the Chakras 2.0 listing.

I look forward to working with and witnessing you as you expand your consciousness and evolve your soul!

Crown Chakra Crystals

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is all about higher consciousness, spiritual evolution, dissolution of karma, and soul purpose. When the crown chakra is balanced, one experiences a heightened connection with the divine; emotions such as bliss and ecstasy; detachment from ego and egoic concerns; and a sense of spiritual unity with “all that is.” When the crown chakra is imbalanced, it may cause spaciness and/or detachment from one’s body; a poor connection to the divine; a lack of faith (or contrarily, an obsession with spirituality); hubris; and close-mindedness.

One way to balance the crown chakra is by using high-vibration crystals and stones. The crown chakra is associated with the colors white, clear, gold, and deep purple. Many brow chakra stones are also crown chakra stones, so some of those that I covered in my last post are multi-purpose, including amethyst and chevron amethyst, arfvedsonite, azurite and K2 stone, dumortierite, and sugilite. Generally speaking, though, most white and clear crystals will work with the crown chakra. This is just a sampling of crystals and stones that will work, so please continue to use your favorite if you’re so guided. The crystals and stones mentioned here also have many more metaphysical attributes; I’ve focused on the specific crown chakra uses.

APOPHYLLITE: Apophyllite is the “dreamer’s stone,” inspiring spiritual awakening during dreamtime as well as the understanding of “all that is.” Apophyllite assists one in connecting to higher realms and ushers in high-vibration light energy. Apophyllite brings understanding of the underlying cause of one’s issues, allowing one to use the newfound clarity to make changes for one’s highest good. Apophyllite is calming, soothing, and inspiring.

Green apophyllite, in addition to the above, enables one to open one’s heart, filtering out harmful energy and allowing for happiness, peace, and love to come in.

CACOXENITE: Cacoxenite is a secondary mineral that frequently occurs with amethyst or quartz. A stone of spiritual ascension, cacoxenite repairs the lightbody and auric field while enabling one to integrate new spiritual information. Cacoxenite eggs are useful for performing distance attunements and activations. Cacoxenite inspires change, insisting that one’s life be of the highest authenticity; in so doing, it inspires one to follow one’s true life purpose.

Cacoxenite with quartz works as a wonderful manifestation tool. When occurring with amethyst, cacoxenite spurs innovative ideas and creations. Cacoxenite with amethyst will hold both the properties of cacoxenite and the properties of amethyst, making it particularly helpful for the upper chakras (see my earlier post about the brow chakra if you’re interested in reading more about amethyst).

CHAROITE: Charoite is a rare mineral from Russia that helps us to shed fear-based and egoic thinking, connect to the higher realms, and embody the violet ray of healing to recover from harmful habits, addictions, and behavioral issues. Charoite helps one to see the truth of “all that is,” reducing selfish expression and judgments in favor of generosity and a drive to help humanity. Charoite stimulates psychic phenomena and connects its user to the Akashic Records, to Spirit, and to one’s higher self. Charoite is helpful for connecting with Archangel Michael.

DANBURITE: Danburite is an amazing crystal for connecting to Source energy, for true spiritual understanding, and for enlightenment. Danburite is an effective amplifer for Reiki and other energy work; it also cleanses the aura. Danburite encourages angelic contact, especially through clairaudience, and it motivates progress in one’s spiritual journey. It aids both written and verbal channeling.

Danburite helps one to move past grief, sadness, and anxiety. Danburite is a karmic cleanser that enables one to understand past patterns and shed them in favor of future progress. Danburite is highly energizing and activating for some, so take care while sleeping (except for yellow danburite, which is said to inspire lucid dreaming).

HERKIMER DIAMONDS: Found only in Herkimer, New York, herkimer diamonds are a type of water-clear double-terminated clear quartz. Herkimer diamonds are crystals of manifestation that encourage contact with Spirit (especially elemental realms), increase clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, and heighten awareness of one’s gifts and purpose.

Tremendous for self-esteem, herkimer diamonds inspire one to accept one’s gifts and share them with the world. Herkimer diamonds are highly protective, particularly when paired with grounding stones such as smoky quartz or hematite; this effect is due in large part to the amplification properties of Herkimer diamonds.

OPTICAL CALCITE: Optical calcite is a stone of facilitation, easing angelic communication, distance energy work, and self-actualization. Optical calcite amplifies intentions while softening any ego-based thinking, enabling one to focus on the highest good for all. Optical calcite cleanses the auric field, balances all chakras, and assists one in the discernment of spiritual knowledge and in the integration of such. Optical calcite clears energy blocks and removes fear-based thinking, encouraging personal and spiritual growth. Optical calcite is a particularly powerful study aid, stimulating clarity and understanding.

SELENITE: Selenite, mineralogical name gypsum, is a potent energetic cleanser that aids in clearing, balancing, and aligning one’s entire energy system. Named for the Greek moon goddess Selene, selenite cleanses other crystals and naturally purifies the entire area where the selenite is kept.* A grid made of selenite within the home is particularly beneficial for peace, happiness, and protection from harmful energy.

Selenite stimulates the desire for higher consciousness by transforming pessimism into optimism, fear into hope, and pain into healing. Selenite assists in Reiki and other energy work modalities, removing harmful and discordant energy while inspiring healing and the integration of new light codes.

*Many insist that selenite does not need energetic cleansing itself. In my experience, although cleansing may not be strictly necessary, selenite can always benefit from some extra TLC. Cleansing is needed more frequently if you’re using your selenite for energy healing or for the cleansing of particularly dense energy.

Take care with selenite around water. The polish of some selenite will deteriorate, and the selenite itself can degrade over time when exposed to water, particularly salt water or chemical-laden water. If you do wish to rinse selenite in water for any reason, make sure that the water you use is clean and filtered to avoid degradation of the selenite. My personal recommendation is to cleanse selenite using a method other than water.

**Note: Information is intuitive in nature and should not be relied on in place of medical or psychological treatment. Crystals and stones are a complementary therapy designed to be used in concert with your existing medical plan; I do not recommend the use of crystals and stones in place of traditional medical and/or psychological care.