Claim Your Power

Claim Your Power

Many things in life are uncertain right now, but it’s important to remember our personal power. Claim your power to create your life, craft your responses, and hone your adaptability.

In this time of stillness, when most are at home, there’s a wonderful opportunity to delve deep and restructure the parts of yourself that you want to restructure.

Examine habits, relationships, and boundaries. Identify the conditioning that’s been leading you astray. Determine what is and isn’t in your highest and best interest. Then use that knowledge and understanding to amplify those things that serve you and your purpose, rather than wasting energy on those things that don’t serve so much.

Once you’ve dealt with things internally and activated your personal power, you’ll begin to notice that outer circumstances no longer disturb your peace.


Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is one of the best things – if not the best thing – that you can do for yourself.

Whether your goal is abundance, health, fulfillment, or happiness, a high vibration will help you get there each and every time. Raising your vibration is a way to fine-tune your path, attract aligned opportunities, and manifest your desired reality.

How to raise your vibration?

Here are a few suggestions. Always pick the methods that resonate the most for you.

  • Dance, walk, run, do yoga, or otherwise MOVE your body – you’ll shift harmful energy and increase endorphins, which help to raise your vibration
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Enjoy your favorite hobby
  • Meditate and ask to bring in energy from your higher self and your guides
  • Get a Reiki session or an energy-clearing session of some kind (click HERE to check out my on-demand energy-healing sessions)
  • Drink water and eat healthy food – fresh fruits and veggies in particular will help you detox your body and will raise your vibration
  • Take a personal day! Spend the time doing things that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t allowed yourself to do because of time, money, or other reasons
  • Spend quality time with loved ones and/or pets
  • Unplug from the Internet, TV, and social media for a day (or more) and focus on being in the moment
  • Spend time in nature and appreciate what you see and experience
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Practice deep breathing exercises and envision harmful energy leaving your body with each exhale
  • Take a long bath or shower – adding herbs and essential oils can help raise your vibration further. (Be sure to use essential oils only with a carrier oil to avoid burning your skin.)
  • Clean your house – remove clutter, organize your belongings, and arrange things aesthetically
  • Look at beautiful photographs or art, or watch a funny video

When you’re focusing on raising your vibration, don’t allow yourself to get sucked into negative thought patterns or harmful energy – if these come up, observe them, but gently release the thought or the energy by consciously shifting to a more positive thought or outlook.

If you’d like more help in raising your vibration, stay tuned to my offers – I have something coming soon.

Expand Your Vision

Expand Your Vision

February energy is all about expansion, and it’s likely that you can feel the difference in the air already. What are you focusing on this month? How are you growing in your life?

Whatever your focus, have you truly stretched your vision and your goal as far as you want to take it? Are you playing small for any reason? If so, why? Is fear in the way, and what’s stopping you from defeating that fear? What steps do you need to take to make your full vision a reality?

Now’s the time to step up, look fear in the face, and go for what you want. There’s no time like the present, and you’ll be immensely supported with the current energy.

Expand your vision to expand your world.




The energy has been so strong the last few days, and it’s possible that it’s overwhelming your senses a bit.

When you start to feel overwhelmed with energy either because of a personal situation or because of something playing out in the collective, take a moment for some self-care. Get up, stretch your arms and legs, and breathe deeply to release harmful energy and to center yourself.

You’ll feel more grounded, peaceful, and aware afterward.


Grounding Essentials

Grounding Essentials

Grounding is a foundational yet often overlooked area of spiritual and psychic development.

Those who are ungrounded can feel spacey or disconnected from their environments. They may experience dizziness, confusion, and memory trouble. By not taking the appropriate measures to stay connected to the Earth and to reality, ungrounded individuals lose touch with their physical senses and allow their spiritual senses to take over. This becomes a huge issue once leaving meditation or a healing session to return to the physical world. It’s important to remain grounded during meditation and other spiritual work, too, so that one can properly absorb and integrate spiritual information.

Easy ways to ground oneself include drinking water, eating root vegetables, or hugging a tree. Exploring nature, walking barefoot outside, and gardening are other great options.

Archangels Michael and Metatron are able to help ground and/or keep one grounded (just remember that one must request their help to receive it!). Visualization and certain crystals also work extremely well for grounding. Whatever grounding method is chosen, it’s best to employ it as a daily practice.

For a grounding visualization, imagine that your feet are connected to the Earth with roots.

The roots can be made of any natural material that resonates – they can be cords of light, actual tree roots, or lines of metal or stone. You may wish to do a short meditation to determine the best intuitive “grounding roots” for yourself. Set the intention that all is done in your highest and best interest and in the highest and best interest of all.

Most brown, black, and red stones will ground and will provide a feeling of physical stability and safety. Specific crystals and stones for grounding include the following:

  • Agate (all types)
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Brown Tourmaline (Dravite)
  • Copper
  • Granite
  • Hematite
  • Jasper (all types)
  • Jet
  • Orthoceras Fossil
  • Petrified Wood
  • Pyrite
  • Red Tiger’s Eye
  • Sardonyx
  • Shungite
  • Smoky Quartz

To work with any of these, place the crystal or stone in your pocket during the day, or hold it in your receptive hand during meditation. Your receptive hand is generally your non-dominant hand, but check, as it varies by individual. You may also choose to wear the stones in jewelry or sleep with one underneath your pillow.

Whatever grounding method you choose, make sure to employ it regularly so that you don’t experience the issues discussed above. A daily practice is best and can easily be established using the above techniques.

Do you want more support in this area? Check out my Grounding Session for energy healing at your convenience.



Cord Prevention & Removal

Cord Prevention & Removal

Have you ever heard of “cords” and wondered what they were? Non-beneficial etheric cords are lines between two people that attach during social situations, difficult incidents, and workplace occurrences. These cords often remain attached to a person and drain that person’s energy following the initial encounter. Cords are created in cases of unmet or unrealistic expectations; obsession with a person or topic of interest; or unresolved feelings toward another, whether love, resentment, anger, or another emotion.

Those who are empathic, work intuitively, and/or who work with the public are more likely to obtain cords during their activities, but if a person doesn’t protect themselves psychically, cords are generally able to easily attach. Those who manage others are particularly susceptible to cords and may notice frequent headaches due to corded employees etherically “picking their brains.”

How can cords be removed, and how can one ensure his or her protection? Selenite is a powerful deterrent to cords. An energy worker can help you to remove your cords that are already attached; please note that it’s better if the energy worker removes them by the root instead of cutting them. You can also call on Archangel Michael to help you by saying, “Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting my energy field from unwanted harmful energy and for preventing any etheric cords not in my highest and best interest. Thank you also for removing those cords attached to me that are currently draining my energy.” Remember that the angels can’t assist you unless you explicitly request their help.