Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of freedom, mercy, and forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel and his twin flame, Amethyst, rule the violet flame of transmutation and the seventh ray. Call on Archangel Zadkiel for help in forgiving yourself and others; for assistance in moving forward from pain, trauma, and doubt; and for comfort and understanding in times of loneliness. Archangel Zadkiel also helps with learning and remembering facts and other information.

Here is a message from Archangel Zadkiel.

Beloveds, please know that you heal through forgiveness – forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others, but particularly forgiveness of yourself. What have you done, thought, or been lately that you perceive as “wrong”? I must remind you that you are divine in your creation – nothing that you do, think, or be is “wrong” – it is all calculated perfectly according to divine plan. These limitations, assignments of error, and feelings of guilt do nothing but lower your vibration and make it more difficult for you to exist in your world. Please let them go.

It has been difficult to let things go, to surrender; we understand. But know that there is surrender in forgiveness. If you can close your eyes but for a moment and forgive yourself, shift your perspective, and view the situation as a lesson instead of a mistake, you will see. You will develop a feeling of internal peace . . . you should always have this feeling. You should never be consumed with guilt or worry – peace is your natural condition. Give your guilt and worry to us – call on us for help, and we will help to shoulder your burden.

There are those of you who are reading this and shaking your heads, saying, “not me . . . what I’ve done is too terrible.” Let me say, nothing that you have done is too terrible.

Forgiveness exists for every action, every mistake, that you could make. It’s an internal state of peace that you’re chasing – you cannot have this until you forgive yourself. Would you have done things the same way with the knowledge that you have today? Of course not. That is your lesson . . . take it for what it is, and let the rest go. There is a greater cycle. This world is not permanent, and neither are your sins within it.

We love you. We forgive you. And we implore you to forgive yourselves.

A Message from Saraswati

A Message from Saraswati

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts. Call on Saraswati for assistance when you’re studying, deepening a creative pursuit, or starting a new job. She’ll also help increase confidence and charisma in conversations where your knowledge is being put to the test.

Here is a message from Saraswati.

Beloveds, you think that you must know it all, see it all, and have all of the answers in order to be worthy. It is true that you must have some requisite knowledge in the areas in which you practice, of course. But this has nothing to do with worthiness. Your worthiness is inherent in everything that you do, that you have, that you be. For you are your worthiness, and your worthiness is you. They are not separated based on some human ideal of merit – knowledge-based, career-based, status-based, or other. In fact, you must know and understand this in order to truly embody your worthiness – to know that you, too, are a devi.

I must tell you to work with the energies, with the changing tides. Do not struggle against them based on some definition that you’ve developed, like the definition of worthiness above. Once you flow with the energies and allow things to happen, you will understand how little is truly set in stone. So many things are flexible and ever-changing . . . you miss the magic and the miracle of it if you’re constantly focused on one set path.

Allow us to talk to you through your world – you will see better and will understand your magic as well as the Universe’s. Magic is irreplaceable, no matter what you do . . . magic is the seed from which all art develops. Allow the magic to take root in your soul, in your mind, and in your body. Move with the wind, with the world. You will be much more satisfied and joyful. Be as a bird . . . free and flying through life, certain of your path only because you know that your senses will guide you. Control is stifling; enjoy this new freedom.

We love you . . . we are here for you. Things have been changing lately more than ever, we know. But this is a good thing, I must assure you. Focus on yourself and your needs; focus on your magic. Move with the wind and fly through life. Surrender to the shifts so that there’s nothing to overcome. It is then that you will know true freedom.

Archangel Aurora

Archangel Aurora

Archangel Aurora is the twin flame of Archangel Uriel; together, they are known as the Angels of Peace. Call on Archangel Aurora when you’re looking to increase inner peace; improve harmony in relationships; and boost self-love and self-satisfaction.

Here is a message from Archangel Aurora.

Loved ones, thank you for all that you do each day. Thank you for your love, for your hope, and for striving to do better always. We recognize the efforts that you’ve made and that you make continuously – we are happy.

Please, we must tell you, do not be so hard on yourselves! Things happen. Mistakes occur. Meanings are tarnished, words are missed, feelings are perceived incorrectly. There are moments where you may feel like making an outburst, regardless of your age – screaming, crying, lashing out. This is normal. Do not blame yourself. Love yourself through all of it.

You are human. You process things as they happen. When they do, it’s an invitation to observe, to discover, and to grow. Never be hard on yourself for learning and for growing! You’re here to learn and grow, that’s the very purpose of your existence on this planet. Reactions are simply opportunities for growth.

Know that you’ll never feel you have it all “right.” And that’s perfect. You have it right according to your soul’s plan; that’s the only thing you need to know, really. Everything works out the way that it does for a reason; you’ve designed it this way for a reason. Darkness comes because darkness, too, cultivates growth.

Please note that times of immense darkness can also bring times of immense light – you must lean into the darkness, be one with it, in order to transform the darkness into light. When you do so, you become the alchemist – perfectly in control of your universe and at one with all that is. It is from this space that you can expand, flow, and create.

So take your mistakes, your pain, your darkness, and transform them into light. Everything that you go through is for a purpose. You must simply find the lesson in the mix.

A Message from Archangel Raphael

A Message from Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael rules the fifth ray, the green ray of healing. As the archangel of healing and travel, Archangel Raphael assists us in healing our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as our relationships. Call on Archangel Raphael when you need assistance with mental, physical, or spiritual health, or when you’d like extra support while traveling. Connect with Archangel Raphael using malachite, emerald, or jade.

Here is a message from Archangel Raphael.

Loved ones, thank you for your trust and your faith. We appreciate all that you have done to heal yourselves and to heal the world so far. The healing process has not been simple, and we applaud you for your sheer relentlessness and your care in moving past those things that plague you. These things are not easy, especially as of late – we have been asking for more healing, more self-reflection, more growth than in previous seasons and in prior years.

Things are quickening – not only the pace, but the amount of growth is greater at a faster rate. This is a good thing . . . more can be accomplished with better efficiency, and more people can be positively affected.

As you go through this expedient time of expansion, filter the things that you see and respond to – it is not necessary to focus on that which will drag your vibration down. Your interests will change; your friendships will either develop further or be left behind; your romantic relationships will flourish or be outgrown.

Don’t be upset with or down on those who choose for one reason or another not to grow with you – you cannot force people along your path, and not everyone is meant to take your path with you. As you further understand how frequency plays a role in purpose, you’ll understand why these people had to be removed from your life. Suffice it to say for now that your vibrational frequency can withstand a certain amount of influence from a lower vibration of negativity . . . should you exceed that amount of influence, your vibrational frequency will begin to wobble and lower, especially before that frequency is fully locked into place. As you grow, it is important to avoid these negative influences so that you can fully follow your path and embody your expansion.

Be pleased with your progress – you have come a long way. One reason that things are so tumultuous right now is because of the speed of your awakening . . . a longer and less dramatic awakening would have produced a less shocking ripple effect throughout your life. Instead, you have quickened the pace and ripped off the bandage . . . it will sting for a moment, but ultimately, the fresh air will help you to heal.

Enjoy your growth, and understand that it is necessary even in its messiness. If those who used to be around are no longer – well, it is time to let them go. It is for your highest and best good. As you lean into this and work with this energy, call on us to help heal your heart – my healing angels and I would be honored to assist further in your growth and healing process. The more that you heal, the more free you’ll feel, and the more rooted in your purpose you’ll become.

A Message from Buddha

A Message from Buddha

Buddha Shakyamuni is an ancient prince and ascended master who teaches how to ease suffering through peace, love, and surrender. Call on Buddha to help with inner peace, persistent ego issues, anger, and resentment.

Here is a message from Buddha.

Beloveds, now is the time. The time has come to discard your worry, doubt, and fear – to sink in and trust yourself, trust the Divine, trust the Universe. We have said it before – now we say it again. Nothing can be accomplished without this trust and surrender. Nothing can grow without growing pains of some sort. Trust. . . .

We understand that this is easier said than done. We understand the mistrust, the worry, the pain. We know that you have suffered and that you believe that suffering must continue. I am here to tell you that it does not need to continue! Suffering is a condition that you bring among yourselves when you fail to trust and when fear takes over. If you trust and surrender, you will see – there is no suffering. When everything occurs for a reason, when that trust is placed in the Divine, when you allow us to worry about the “how” of it – you will see. Life is much more peaceful. It is then that you may focus on your vibration, on your spirituality, on your growth. If you’re consistently being pulled down to the suffering – well, there is not much growth. Ease your suffering, increase your love, and maximize your trust. These are the things that will serve you going forward.

Surrender is easier said than done; we understand that, too. While in embodiment, the suffering that I witnessed caused me to question this world, caused me to question the right path. But I grew to understand that suffering provides an opportunity for growth; for with inner peace, there is no suffering. Thus it is my goal to have you achieve this level of inner peace so that you, too, may alleviate your suffering.

There is no shame in it – it is the human condition to feel these things, to experience the pain, and to discover the depths of emotion. It is only through the depths that you may fully experience the heights – this is why. For you to have a complete experience and a full perspective, you must experience the depths as well as the heights. Had you not, you could not and would not understand the blessing of peace when it is bestowed upon you.

So embrace your suffering, work with it, love it as a part of you. Feel what it is to be in the depths, but work through them with the idea of inner peace in mind. Forgive those who have wronged you. Forgive yourself above all. Accept the traits of others, including those which you see as their shortcomings. Be tolerant and kind. Help your neighbor – help your colleague. Be the reason that someone feels hope, security, love. Understand that where you have experienced suffering, others have also experienced suffering. Share your stories of success and triumph with others so that they have inspiration – but do so consciously. You may ask us for help if you wish the use the right words and convey the proper lesson. Remember that when you truly have the higher good in mind, all flows through you from the Divine. You are a vessel through whom we may share our lessons.

We understand the struggle and the difficulty. Above all, we love you. Accept this – know it and embody it. Ask for our help should you need it – we are here for you always.