A Message from Kali

A Message from Kali

Solstice energy surrounds us, and with it you must rise.

There is no time to dwell on the negative. There is no point in focusing on the bad.

Those things that happened – have happened. Nothing can be done about the past. You have only the present and the future.

What good comes of destroying the past? Will it be beneficial to fail to recognize the lessons in the future? You’ve heard that those who erase history are doomed to repeat it – why has that phrase been repeated so often? It is true. Whether something takes the same form as it did before is relative – but the lessons are lost when the history is lost.

Instead of focusing on the past – instead of focusing on the harm – focus on the present. Focus on the future. For focusing on the past will only bring more pain and sorrow; it will only prevent vibrations from rising and goals from being met.

What can you do today to make things better? What can you plan for tomorrow?

It is not about destroying the world. It is about building a better one.

How can a better world be built when people are intent on destroying everything? When the structures have fallen, what will be left? Will there be adequate supplies to rebuild if everything has been burnt? If everything has been ruined?

How will the people be honored when their businesses are burnt down? When their histories are erased? When their grocery stores are empty, when the department stores are closed, and when the neighborhoods are abandoned?

None of this brings improvement.

What will bring improvement?

Make a plan. Effect it properly. Respect people who wish to work with you – don’t alienate them. Meet. Rally. Support those who need your help. But don’t destroy.

Reform does not have to mean destruction.

There is a time to destroy; a time when that is the only available option.

This isn’t that time. There are other options. They are plentiful.

When future generations look back upon this time, there will be tears. They will not understand how their ancestors ruined what freedom they had. They will not understand why things had to be changed in this manner. They will not appreciate the destruction; they will abhor it.

What are you leaving your children? What is the point of the horror? Why must you dishonor those ancestors who brought you freedom?

And yes, they are your ancestors. Destroying their images does nothing to erase that fact. History erased on paper does not dissolve the energy behind that history.

Reconsider this path. Reconsider the methods. Reconsider the goals.

What do you really want to accomplish?

Do that instead.

A Message From Isis for Women Everywhere

A Message From Isis for Women Everywhere

Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess known for her support and inspiration of women. Below is a message from Isis for all women on International Women’s Day.

Beloved goddesses, please know that you are powerful beyond belief, gifted beyond words.

Your time has come to rise and to be whom you are meant to be.

The time has come for you to stop questioning your worth and who you are and instead embody your purpose.

There will always be questions and concerns. There will always be those who don’t believe. You have the opportunity in this lifetime, however, to step aside and to follow your own path. This isn’t like the other lifetimes in which you were silenced and harmed for speaking your mind. This is a lifetime in which you can be whom you wish to be and be unapologetic for it in most cases.

I recognize that some of you are not in situations where you are able to be who you want to be outwardly. I am with you, and I will protect you if you ask for my protection. I ask that no matter your circumstances, you remain true to yourself, at the very least inwardly. It is too important for you to honor your needs and your truth – it is too much of a cost if you change for another’s expectations or desires.

There is much to be seen in the coming months. Your strength will be tested. But you will have the opportunity to rise and to become better, stronger, and more fulfilled. Do not sacrifice this opportunity, but instead take advantage of it. Time and energy are on your side. I am on your side. And your fellow women are on your side.

Remain steadfast and focused, and you will go far.

Take care of yourselves first. Take care of others only when warranted, and do not sacrifice yourself in the process. Women have been doing that for too long – it is no longer sustainable.

I love you.


A Message From Kali

A Message From Kali

Dearest ones, this is a lot to take in, I know.

I must remind you to quell your fear and to try your hardest to not be afraid – fear will not help, but it will hurt.

Fear will cause your vibration to drop, and your immunity will drop with it.

Instead of fear, look to preparations – what do you need? Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Take care of your physical needs first – ensure that you have plenty of food and water to get by, that you’ve obtained relevant medications, and that you are able to stay home as needed. Physical methods of sanitizing yourself and your space are also necessary.

You have not seen anything like this in your lifetime. I have unfortunately seen many things like this.

In situations like these, fear can override reason – that is what you must avoid. You must retain your senses at this time.

Do not panic, but prepare. Your obligation lies only in preparing for yourself and your family – it is important to remember that you cannot prepare for everyone who you know. Those who take the time to prepare will be safer in the end regardless of what transpires – those who do not will wish that they had.

The coming months will be full of turmoil. There will be new announcements daily or almost daily regarding the illness and its effects on the world – these announcements may leave you worried, anxious, breathless. It is your task to rise above them and to move on for yourself and your family. Move on to keep yourself safe.

For those of you who lose loved ones, please know that no matter what causes it, it is ultimately their time to go. They pre-determined their outcome before they ever arrived on this planet; going when they do allows them to remain in alignment with that pre-determined outcome. Some have chosen to go home early on so they do not live through the rest of what may happen; some have achieved what they must and are now done with this lifetime.

Remember that those who lived here once are not gone – they have simply transitioned to a different way of living. A body is not required for one to go on living. Your loved ones are with you regardless of whether they are here in the flesh; please remember that in your time of need.

I must implore you to listen to your intuition. If you hear a piece of advice that activates your senses or gives you chills of awareness, heed that advice. If you hear a piece of advice that feels hollow or that doesn’t resonate in your body, that advice may not be for you.

A strong intuition will take you farther than you realize in a situation such as this.

Go now and prepare – do what you must do – but please remember my advice.

Do not let fear win. Do not let panic sway you from protecting your family. Do not let societal pressures and judgments influence your preparations.

Do what you must, and do it now.


Connecting with the Angels in Psychic Readings

Connecting with the Angels in Psychic Readings

Whether you’re a psychic reader delivering a reading or a consumer receiving a reading, you can work with certain crystals to more easily connect with your angels and guides and to your intuitive senses during a reading. I suggest pairing whatever crystals you choose with grounding crystals so that you remain anchored to the Earth at all times.

If you’re giving a reading, this can result in clearer messages, more accurate readings, and higher client satisfaction. If you’re receiving a reading, this may help your interpretation of the messages that you receive, your connection to your reader, and your sense of your guides’ energy during the process.

Always hold strong boundaries and make a non-negotiable rule that you are open only to those energies of the highest vibration and in your highest and best good.

During the reading, you may wear the crystals, hold them in your receptive hand (often your non-dominant hand), set them on the table near you, keep them in a pocket or bra, or stow them in a handbag or backpack close to you. The key is to have them within your auric field; within arm’s reach is usually a good bet.

The following crystals are all beneficial for psychic readings.

  • Cacoxenite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Chevron Amethyst
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Shattuckite
  • Labradorite
  • Purple Anhydrite (Purple Angelite)
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Purple Fluorite
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Black Moonstone
  • Dumortierite
  • Charoite
  • Selenite
  • Hawk Eye
  • Clear Quartz
  • Super Seven
  • Lepidochrosite


Connecting with the Angels During Sleep

Connecting with the Angels During Sleep

You may have a few crystals for angelic communication,* and you may have tried meditating with them. But have you considered what else to do to with these crystals to connect with your angels further or in a different way?
One way to connect with your angels is to work with them while you sleep. For this, choose one or more of the crystals for angelic communication and sleep with the crystal(s) at your bedside or in your pillowcase (you may want to place them in a pouch so they don’t easily roll out of your pillowcase).
While holding your crystals before placing them, set the intention that these crystals help connect you with your angels so that you may download information or guidance during your sleep. Always retain the boundary to work with only those beings who have your highest and best interest in mind.
My favorite crystals to use to connect during sleep are angelite, celestite, apophyllite, chevron amethyst, and amethyst. Although crystals like danburite and clear quartz are great for connecting to one’s angels during meditation, they do not help with sleep.
*Go HERE to read my original article on Crystals for Angelic Communication.
A Message From Kali

A Message From Kali

Kali, the Hindu goddess known as the Dark Mother, is the Goddess of Time and Death; she is also a divine supporter of feminine empowerment. Call on Kali when looking for strength, protection, or clarity.

Beloveds, thank you for your love, and thank you for your loyalty. The number of you who believe has risen . . . the number of you who wish to help has also. We see this and appreciate this. We love you and support you.

Focus, beloveds, for the time has come for you to rise and shine your glorious light. So much love is needed now, so much assistance; add to that love and assistance with your voices, your time, and your care. Many of you are being called toward the helping professions – this is not a coincidence. This is your time.

Please remember as you’re moving along that you are not responsible for the pain that you see. No one person can make another’s pain go away – one can only influence the other, a drop of rain in a bucket, until the other has received enough drops and possesses the inspiration to go within and change themselves. Sometimes it takes but a few drops; sometimes it takes many. It depends on the size of the bucket, how cavernous the container, and how full it is already. But regardless of those conditions, you do not hold the bucket, and you alone cannot manage or fill the bucket.

Can you imagine worrying about how everyone carried their individual buckets? How much water was falling out, whether there were drops coming out the side on a rough swing of the bucket? No. This would be unfathomable. Yet it is the same with others’ emotions. You are not responsible – you do not hold the power to change others’ emotions. Only they may do so. Be kind; that is your role when it comes to others.

Instead of minding others and concerning yourself with their emotions and their state of being, concern yourself with your own. For each thing you see in another is reflected within you to some degree. When you note someone’s anger, ask yourself where your anger is hiding so that you may offer it for release. When you note someone’s incompetence, look within yourself to find your own fear of incompetence. We place the same conditions on others that we place on ourselves . . . oftentimes blame placed on others is simply diffusion of subconscious blame placed on the self.

Once you make these shifts, you will feel yourself rise further. You cannot get to the level at which you should be by concerning yourself with others’ emotions, by taking responsibility for others’ feelings and even actions at times. These things take so much time and energy . . . that is energy that you could pour into yourself so that you may impact more people on another level. Do you see the distinction? You may impact others through your work on yourself – if you fill your bucket, you may share the water – but you should not concern yourself with others’ reactions and emotions as they are. You are only an input.

We love you. And again, we thank you.