Divine Awareness℠ Unit Two Preview

Divine Awareness℠ Unit Two Preview

Divine Awareness℠. . . .

What’s included?

Earlier I covered Unit One of Divine Awareness℠, my next-level apprenticeship program that offers a one-of-a-kind certification, licensing, and sustainable business opportunity in the field of energy healing.

Divine Awareness℠ is comprised of four units that take place over a one-year period. Each unit is covered over a 12-week period, and the units proceed consecutively.

I’ll discuss more about each unit in the coming days. Here’s some information about Unit Two and all that it entails.

Unit Two is all about angel and ascended master awareness. It includes . . . .

  • 2 Angel Readings: customized channeled advice from your guides regarding your soul’s path and purpose so that you can use the information to learn more about yourself and to educate your process going forward.
  • Pendulum Dowsing: group pendulum dowsing training that includes everything from yes and no questions to Earth healing and multidimensional communication. Use pendulum dowsing to find lost objects, clear harmful energies, amplify psychic abilities, and more.
  • Professional Empath Protection Pack: a permanent, self-cleansing, multi-layered crystalline lightbody shield to protect you from harmful energies but enable multidimensional and psychic phenomena.
  • Activate Your Intuition: a tailored 3-session 1:1 energy work experience designed to tap into your highest psychic potential, expand your skills, and bring your gifts to the surface so that you may fully activate your intuition, increase multidimensional communication, and enhance your connection with the other realms.
  • Intuitive Energy Coaching: half group and half 1:1 coaching to ensure that you learn everything you need to know about channeling, calling in specific guides, working with different angel and ascended master energies, and more. The 1:1 coaching component allows us to work together to apply these techniques to your personal situation. You’ll also learn Angelic Reiki and receive your attunement through Unit Two of Divine Awareness℠.
  • Group Q&A Sessions: 2 two-hour sessions to ask any questions that you have and receive real-time answers and laser coaching.
  • 6 On-Demand Group Sessions: 6 specific one-hour on-demand energy sessions: Angelic Connections, Ascended Master Connections, Higher Self Communication, Heal the Witch, and two other applicable sessions that have yet to be announced.

Excited to learn more? Sign up for the waitlist at http://bit.ly/divineawarenesswaitlist to obtain advance information as well as $333 off your Divine Awareness℠ program!


Divine Awareness℠ Unit One Preview

Divine Awareness℠ Unit One Preview

Divine Awareness℠. . . .

What’s included?

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I have a number of offerings, all of which flow together.

Divine Awareness℠ allows an opportunity to receive a number of my offerings, tailored to fit your professional goals, at a fraction of the price.

Divine Awareness℠ is a year-long program comprised of four 12-week units, which proceed consecutively. Satisfactory completion of all four units leads to a license (2 years’ licensing fees included) that enables you to practice my Angelic Energy Tune-Ups℠ professionally in your own energy healing business.

Unit One is all about self-awareness. It includes . . . .

  • 2 Angel Readings: channeled advice from your guides regarding your soul’s path and purpose so that you can learn more about yourself and educate your process going forward.
  • Long Past-Life Reading: detailed past-life reading covering 4 lifetimes pertinent to your path right now. These may cover phobias, soul gifts, persistent relationship patterns, etc.
  • Manifest Your Soul: a 3-session 1:1 package delving deep into your soul and pulling forth your soul’s “fabric” – the essence of your soul. Gifts, intuitive skills, beneficial aspects of self, higher-self communication, and more are enhanced through this process.
  • Chakras 2.0℠: my next-level chakras upgrade program that enables you to exit the Matrix, skip out of chakra maintenance, expand your psychic skills and connections, and detach from expectations and conditioning.
  • Intuitive Energy Coaching: half group and half 1:1 coaching to teach you everything you need to know about psychic protection, the upgraded energy system, manipulation of personal energy, creation and retention of energetic boundaries, and more. The 1:1 coaching component allows us to apply these techniques to your personal situation.
  • 4 On-Demand Group Sessions
    • Open to Your Purpose
    • The Past-Life Session
    • The Inner Child Session
    • The Zodiac Session applicable to your Sun sign

Excited to learn more? Sign up for the waitlist at http://bit.ly/divineawarenesswaitlist to obtain advance information as well as $333 off your Divine Awareness℠ program!


There’s Magic Brewing

There’s Magic Brewing

You may be able to tell that I’m multipassionate. I know about and post about multiple topics, I’m as diverse as can be when it comes to my business and day job, and I have a lot of different services available.

You may or may not know how much I care about each of these things, how highly I perform, and how I’ve set myself apart in everything that I do.

I have three degrees, including a doctorate. I have over a dozen certifications relevant to my business. I’ve earned a well respected position in a highly competitive professional field, and I’ve sustained it for years. I’ve accumulated extensive leadership experience throughout my life. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education as well as business and personal development courses, programs, and 1:1 coaches to grow to where I’m at today.

My integrity is ironclad, and my ethics are unshakable. I care about my clients immensely, and it shows – their results are incredible and undeniable.

I help my clients bring forward their unique gifts and improve their skills in a sustainable way, and I inspire massive clarity and discernment in the process.

My energy is its own alchemical magic – my voice carries healing frequencies; I’m adept at holding high-vibration space for many people at once, without depleting my own energy; and I’m able to quickly sense and discern energy leaks and potential areas for improvement.

Coaching clients experience out-of-this-world results in one to three sessions.

Their boundaries, knowledge, connections, and businesses improve dramatically. Healing clients leave group and individual sessions with aches and pains removed; difficult cords dissolved; and comfort, peace, and vibrational frequencies at all-time highs.

Confidence is amplified, self-love and self-satisfaction increased, and motivation renewed.

My Chakras 2.0 program provides next-era evolutionary upgrades and training, DNA activation, and amazing spiritual developments. My Empath Protection Packs include one-of-a-kind permanent and self-cleansing psychic shields, often in multiple layers. My past-life readings are enlightening, informative, and life-altering.

Everything that I do, I do with passion, skill, forthrightness, and an eye for detail. There’s a reason that I charge the prices that I do – my work is worth it. I’m the real deal. Just one session with me will leave you with a more magical existence.

Up through now, to experience everything that I have to offer, you’d have to schedule and pay for each session, package, or program individually. I’ve occasionally combined services for a special package, and I’ve had clients complete high-level mentorships combining multiple services of mine. But to trace through each package of mine would legitimately cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Now I’m doing something new.

I’m opening an apprenticeship program called Divine Awareness. In Divine Awareness, I’m combining multiple processes into a cohesive, organized, and thorough program to lead my apprentices to a balanced, abundant, and impactful career in energy healing.

If you’re drawn to energy healing, if you’re multipassionate and interested in more than one modality, and if you want to differentiate yourself and serve at the top of the field, Divine Awareness is for you.

If you’re looking to study under a detailed, dedicated, and well respected spiritual leader and intuitive mentor who understands and embodies all the woo while maintaining the utmost professionalism, I’m your teacher.

I have room for only nine people in this year-long program. It’ll be a combination of group and 1:1 energy work; coaching; and high-level, next-era training in everything you need to know to run a successful and sustainable intuitive healing business.

You may already recognize Divine Awareness as your program.

If your cells are screaming “yes” right now, if you know you want to study and work with me, and if you’re committed to making this happen, let me know. If you sign up for my waitlist and mailing list now, you’ll be eligible for $333 off the Divine Awareness program once it’s available.

It’s time to make your mark in the world. Are you ready to step onto your path as a true healer?


Changes at KatMichaels.net

Changes at KatMichaels.net

You may have noticed some changes lately to the way my sessions and programs are structured, and I’d like to clarify the shifts for you.

Healing Sessions & Readings

I’ve switched from single healing sessions to 3-session packages for most of my 1:1 healing and activation sessions, including my signature Angelic Energy Tune-Ups. 3-session packages allow for additional healing, improvement, and integration, while ensuring that your healing process can be adequately supported. My 3-session healing packages all come with e-mail and Facebook messenger or Voxer support.

The 3-session healing packages include:

Certain offerings of mine are still available as single sessions and services. These sessions are no longer time-dependent and can be completed without scheduling a specific appointment time. These include:

Group healing sessions are still available on a single session basis and can be seen here. New group sessions are available each Friday on a topical basis; I invite you to visit my group site to review the upcoming offerings.

Coaching Programs

I have more programs in place. Intuitive Life Coaching is still available in 3-session packages for personal development purposes, and I’ve added Specialized Intuitive Coaching, which combines my intuitive coaching processes with my angel reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up services. Specialized Intuitive Coaching is designed especially for those individuals who work in the intuitive fields and who are looking for guidance regarding their business, gifts, and specialized psychic development.

Chakras 2.0 has been completely revamped, Pendulum Dowsing is still available, and I have a relatively new program called Intuitive Crystal Therapy – a one-of-a-kind crystal training program that prepares you to work professionally in the field of crystal therapy.

My coaching programs all come with perks like e-mail and Facebook or Voxer support as well as free group sessions (number of free sessions dependent on program).

Are you interested in multiple programs and don’t know where to start, or would you like to see a combination of these offerings at a special value? Do you simply want to go deeper than any single program allows? Stay tuned for a special brand-new program; I’ll release it very soon!

Free Content

In addition to my regularly published articles and my normal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media posts, I’ve been drawn to adding a group space for awhile. Though I wasn’t sure if I was going to use a social media platform or another forum, I’ve ultimately decided to open a Facebook group called Divine Awareness. I’d be honored if you’d join us.

The Divine Awareness group is a place where we discuss all things spiritual and woo, whether related to other dimensions, otherworldly beings, intuitive gifts, angelic connections, or something else. It’s completely free to join, and in addition to publishing posts and written information, I’ll be doing Facebook lives on a regular basis to answer questions, explain concepts, and assist with the group’s spiritual development.

I deeply value our connection, and I look forward to working with you through my new and updated free and paid offerings.

If you have questions regarding these shifts, my services, or your next steps on your spiritual path, you may contact me here.


I’m on a Mission to Heal the Planet

I’m on a Mission to Heal the Planet

I’m on a mission to heal the planet, one lightworker at a time.

I have clients on five continents. I’ll hit six soon. And each person that I’ve worked with has found epic transformation, growth, and healing.

My clients experience amazing results. Among them, they’ve cleared fear, pain, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, sense of lack, past- and present-life wounds, conflicted relationships, and more – often in one session.

My personally developed and client-tailored process is incredibly effective.

I’ve expanded my reach – I’m coaching more, healing more, and teaching more, to more people than ever before. I’m expanding my impact at the same time.

I’d love to help you, too.

General group healing sessions are $8.88 for pets and $11.11 for people. Specialized group sessions start at $22.22.


Past-life readings are $99 and up. Empath Protection Packs start at $555. 3-session packages and programs start at $1111. My Angelic Energy Tune-Up is a complete multidimensional healing experience; my intuitive coaching is eye-opening and growth-inspiring. My Chakras 2.0 program is transformative and cutting-edge.

Need a self-cleansing empath shield that’s remarkably effective yet allows beneficial energy to reach you? I make those. I also design and construct override switches – they allow your intuition to trump your ego in those fear-ridden moments.

I’ll talk directly to your guides for $88 and give you the transcript. Or I’ll provide you with a script-like retelling of your most relevant past lives for $99 – complete with advice to clear residual patterns going forward in this lifetime. Yes, I’m a clear channel.


I don’t usually advertise myself like this, as many of you know. But tonight I got a nudge from my guides. Sometimes I’ve got to set my crystals aside for a second and live in my power. And I need to share it with you when I do.

How else am I going to heal the planet?