Angel Readings

Obtain answers to your most pressing life questions.

Angel readings are often geared toward specific questions, situations, or relationships; readings inspire ideas, provide clarity, and connect you with your guides.

An angel reading allows you to pose nearly any question bothering you or examine any situation requiring more clarity.

  • What questions race through your mind on a daily basis?
  • Are you anxious about a romantic relationship, family issue, or work situation?
  • Are you weighing several options for a given scenario?
  • Do you need to know your next steps for a plan of action?

All work will be performed in concert with your guides, guardians, and angels to ensure that the steps taken support your highest and best interest.

The energetic connection used can be established regardless of location; no physical or telephonic contact is required.

Once your angel reading is completed, you’ll receive an e-mailed PDF report with any channeled information that came through as well as any additional recommendations.

In an angel reading, I connect with your guides, guardians, and higher self, as well as with a number of archangels, specialist angels, ascended masters, and elemental beings, to find the most relevant and detailed information available to assist you.

The information obtained offers practical guidance and seasoned advice from Spirit, bringing clarity and fresh energy to confusing or frustrating situations.

I do not address questions related to mental or physical illness or disease, life-and-death situations, illegal activity, or civil or criminal legal outcomes.

Questions asked must pertain to you directly; I do not entertain questions related to third parties unless I have explicit permission from the third party.

I reserve the right to refuse any question posed.

Angel Reading and Intuitive Coaching Combination Sessions are also available.

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