Psychic & Soul Activation Packages

Enhance your psychic gifts and manifest your soul with powerful activation packages.

Activation packages take you toward discernment and clarity, allowing you to expand your intuition and uncover your gifts in a concentrated and supportive container.

Activation packages are completed via an energetic connection.

We’ll identify and dissolve any misguided conditioning, blocks to success, fear-based thinking, or other issues that are holding you back from reaching your true potential, while bringing forth and amplifying any talents, gifts, and beneficial attributes.

I’ll use my Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ process to help you move forward toward your purpose.

At the end of your 3-session package, you will receive a follow-up PDF report tailored to assist you on your journey. The report may include any of the following.


  • Notes and/or channeled communications from the session
  • Action steps to assist in further releasing any energetic blocks
  • Suggested verbal, written, and/or meditative exercises
  • Recommended complementary therapies
I’ll work directly with your guides, guardians, angels, and higher self to obtain the information that is most relevant and necessary for you to know now. We’ll use that information to hone and refine your skills, awareness, and expression so that your magic is fully accessible, understood, and amplified.

Each session will be completely customized and tailored to your needs.

For specialty empath/clairsentient/highly sensitive person sessions, please see my page regarding Empath Protection Packs.

More information regarding my angel readings is available here.

The Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ process is detailed here.

Activate Your Intuition

Do you wish that you were more in tune with your intuition and your psychic gifts? Do you want to experience interpersonal communication with your guides, guardians, angels, and higher self? Do you simply want to be able to identify when you’re having an intuitive hit or when it’s “just a thought”? The Activate Your Intuition package removes blocks regarding psychic experiences and maximizes your intuitive gifts while creating pathways for new skills to take root. Improvement in discernment and self-awareness allow you to recognize and understand when you’re experiencing psychic phenomena and how to best react.

The Activate Your Intuition package removes blocks while clarifying phobias and triggers that have developed throughout your soul’s history as well as in any future timelines. We’ll also clear conditioning, programming, and other obstacles to your development. We’ll enhance overall intuition, multidimensional and channeled communication, and synchronistic and psychic experiences. To avoid overwhelm, the enhanced gifts and experiences will filter into your consciousness in a comfortable and easily assimilable manner, and energetic maintenance will be performed during each session to assist with the integration of energetic upgrades.

Here are some of the developments that may occur during the Activate Your Intuition package.

Many of these developments are one-of-a-kind and are not available through other sources. Each of the three included sessions is customized, and individual results vary.


  • Installation of an “override switch” – a special switch that allows your intuition to naturally override any ego-based thinking
  • Merger with your higher self so that your higher self is fully integrated into your decision-making process and everyday life
  • Activation of all strands of DNA, enabling multidimensional growth and communication
  • Amplification of clairs, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and clairalience
  • Maximization of other psychic gifts like psychometry, telepathy, and anything else that is applicable to you personally
  • Improvement in discernment of energy and association with the proper energetic match, whether that be a person, place, or thing
  • Increased empath comfort and ability to shield from other energies
  • Magnified connection with your guides and an intuitive understanding of their communication with you
  • Increased synchronicities or so-called “coincidences”
  • Long-term increase in vibrational frequency
  • Reduced need for energetic maintenance

The Manifest Your Soul package is designed to:

  • Clear blocks to success, prosperity, and financial compensation
  • Elevate your mindset so that you’re able to fully develop yourself and your purpose
  • Instill a deep sense of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Redefine any sense of lack to be a sense of abundance
  • Open new opportunities to support your purpose
  • Increase your trust in the Universe
  • Inspire and attract more aligned relationships, jobs, and other situations in your life
  • Allow you more mental and energetic freedom to fulfill your soul’s purpose
  • Activate your personal systems of self-fulfillment and self-actualization

Manifest Your Soul

Do you consistently feel like you’re meant for more but aren’t sure exactly what? Do you feel a deep yearning but can’t explain where it comes from or what it means? Have you noticed some particular talents that you’d like to explore more? A Manifest Your Soul package highlights your soul’s evolutionary path, bringing forth the gifts and abilities that you’re meant to hone and share in this lifetime.

The Manifest Your Soul package clears conditioning, programming, outdated belief systems, and blocks that are preventing you from moving forward in your life’s purpose. These can include things like past-life poverty vows, unfounded beliefs regarding marketability of a skill or talent, unconscious agreements and contracts that are not in your highest good, programmed subscription to a particular career path, societal expectations, and more.

Along with clearing the harmful energy and patterns that are hindering your achievement, we’ll increase your vibrational frequency, your alignment with your soul’s path, and your manifestation abilities and outcomes. We’ll enhance any gifts that you’ve brought forward during the session as well as your clarity on how to best use and monetize those gifts to achieve your soul’s purpose. You’ll be opened to a greater level of abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity in the process. Because this process takes place over three sessions, each session builds on the next, allowing for integration and expansion.


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