Activate Your Intuition®

Identify and develop your intuitive gifts.

  • Remove blocks to psychic experiences
  • Improve discernment, clarity, and self-awareness
  • Communicate with your guides and angels
  • Avoid overwhelm with comfortable and easily assimilable upgrades

The Activate Your Intuition® program clears conditioning, programming, and other obstacles to your development while enhancing intuition, synchronicities, and psychic gifts and skills.

Each Activate Your Intuition® program is individualized. We’ll work together with your guides and angels to make you the most powerful practitioner you can be. 

What can you expect from Activate Your Intuition®?

Activate Your Intuition® clients have experienced:

  • Increased multidimensional and channeled communication
  • Installation of an “override switch” – a special switch that allows the intuition to naturally override any ego-based thinking
  • Integration with the higher self
  • Activation of all strands of DNA, enabling multidimensional growth and communication
  • Increased empath comfort and ability to shield from other energies
  • Long-term increase in vibrational frequency
  • Clarification and healing of phobias and triggers that have developed throughout your soul’s history as well as in any other timelines 
  • Attunements as guided, which may include attunements to the Akashic Records, to crystals, or to various energy healing modalities
  • Amplification of clairs, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and clairalience
  • Maximization of other psychic gifts like psychometry, telepathy, and anything else that is applicable to you personally
  • Improvement in discernment of energy and association with the proper energetic match, whether a person, place, or thing

Each package is customized, and individual results vary.

The Activate Your Intuition® program is six weeks long and includes: 

  • 3 Activate Your Intuition® 1:1 energy work sessions to develop your skills and integrate new upgrades
  • One 1-hour video coaching session at the beginning of the program to discuss your goals and the Activate Your Intuition® process
  • Unlimited Voxer, WhatsApp, or Instagram support from Kat to discuss progress and go over questions
  • 12 supportive on-demand energy work sessions (1 per week for 12 weeks)



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