Activate Your Intuition®

Identify and develop your psychic skills.

One of your greatest wishes is to develop your intuition.

You know that you’re naturally gifted, and you’ve gotten the nudge to go deeper. It feels as though you find synchronicities everywhere you go – numbers like 1111, 2222, or 3333; word patterns that resonate; even songs on the radio that seem like they’re speaking to you.

 You’ve had some psychic experiences, but you aren’t sure what they mean or if what you experienced was even real. You’d love to better understand the messages you’re receiving, and you’d like to meet your guides. You’re fascinated by other realms and otherworldly beings, and you wonder what you’d learn – and what it would feel like – if you were to connect with them.

You love your life now, but you feel like there’s something important that you haven’t explored yet – and the missing link lies in your intuition. You can’t help but sense a world of possibility should you choose to open that door.

But where do you begin?

Activate Your Intuition® will help you:


Remove blocks to psychic experiences
Improve discernment, clarity, and self-awareness
Communicate with guides, angels, and ascended masters
Protect your energy from bad actors and malevolent entities
Uncover latent talents with comfortable and easily assimilable attunements
Activate all strands of DNA, connect with your higher self, and learn to channel

Eliminate obstacles Activate DNA Uncover latent talents Maximize synchronicities

Activate Your Intuition® clients have experienced the following:

Spiritual Benefits

Expanded multidimensional growth and communication

Elevated intuition and minimized ego-based thinking

 Effective use of self-designed energetic protection

 Attunements to various energy healing modalities

 Amplified “clair” senses and other psychic abilities

 Augmented psychometry, telepathy, and telekinesis

 Improved discernment of different energetic signatures

Personal Benefits

 Aligned shifts in personal and professional relationships

 Increased self-trust, self-confidence, and self-reliance

 Deeper empathy, communication, and human connection

 Enhanced personal energetic comfort and self-awareness

 Long-term increase in vibrational frequency

 Dissolved phobias from this and other timelines

 More synchronicities, manifestation, and abundance

Client Transformations

“The curriculum and agenda laid out for the mentoring program started with the very basics and built upon itself as the mentoring progressed. Some areas of the learning were not as easy and took more ‘work.’ The flexibility, understanding and personal deep diving into myself with Kat allowed breakthroughs. Removing blockages, opening and allowing connections to energies brought much-needed confidence in my abilities.”


“Kat and I met through Reiki, and she soon became my mentor in establishing and enhancing my psychic gifts. Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them understand and use their gifts. She is extremely gifted and the passion that she has for her work is very evident.”


“Kat has many gifts but I can tell she was meant to do this. She has a calm, intuitive, and natural ability to reach into the deepest parts of oneself and provide comfort and healing. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of clarity and understanding in their journey!”


“Kat’s angelic touch ignited my soul with more strength, courage, and confidence to walk my divine path. . . . Words don’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Kat. Thank you, Kat, for EVERYTHING you do! You have been the teacher I’ve always been looking to find!



I’ve been psychic my entire life, but it wasn’t until I took the time to develop, hone, and truly live from my intuition that I noticed a significant difference in my confidence, relationships, discernment, and skill level. Instead of being subjected to different energies without understanding why or how, I learned to seal my aura against harmful influences; direct my intuition to tune into specific people, places, or things; and more clearly understand what I was seeing, hearing, or picking up.

The mentorship that I completed then was similar to Activate Your Intuition®, and my work in it dramatically increased my presence and self-trust while focusing and amplifying my intuitive abilities. The lessons, techniques, and deeper awareness that I accumulated during my mentorship enabled me to go deeper psychically than I ever had, and my subsequent studies have only bolstered my skills further.

I created Activate Your Intuition® to help those who can feel the hidden power of their psychic abilities but who don’t know where to begin in developing, honing, and integrating their intuitions.

With Activate Your Intuition®, we’ll dive deep into your innate skills and undiscovered talents. In the process, you’ll open to greater communication with your higher self and guides; activate your DNA and latent talents; and receive guidance regarding essentials like grounding, psychic protection, and energetic management.

I’m so excited that you’re considering Activate Your Intuition® for your psychic development. I look forward to being a part of your journey to intuitive living.


Kat Michaels

Activate Your Intuition® is 6 weeks long and includes:

3 Activate Your Intuition® 40-minute 1:1 energy work sessions to develop your skills and integrate new upgrades

4 Activate Your Intuition® 20-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss progress, go over upgrades and attunements, and explain key concepts

✓ Unlimited Voxer voice and text messaging support for the duration of your program

2 guided meditations to help you open to your skills and connect with your guides

1 guided visualization to discover your latent abilities

Detailed weekly “om”work to help you access your skills, increase your discernment, and channel beneficial information

Unlimited on-demand healing sessions during the program and for one week after its conclusion

Lifetime access to your personal Activate Your Intuition® program portal

Lifetime on-demand access to your customized energy work sessions

Are you ready to tune into yourself, discover your psychic gifts, and hone your innate abilities?