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April 8, 2022

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Daily or permanent energetic protection is essential, especially when you’re an intuitive or healer.

It’s easy to take on others’ emotions, thoughts, conditioning, and judgments, sometimes without noticing. It’s even easier to take these on if you’re working in a group atmosphere.

No matter what type of energetic protection you use, here are some key things to remember:

  • Your energetic protection is only as good as your personal and professional boundaries.

Have an amazing energetic protection setup but have trouble saying no or sticking to your standards? Weak personal and professional boundaries will negatively affect your energetic protection. Your energetic protection is only as strong as the energy you’re putting out – and if you’re allowing people the space to trample on your boundaries, you’re going to attract their energy as well, which will seep right in through your leaky aura. Make sure to stick to your boundaries to remain as protected as possible.

  • You must clear yourself regularly to refresh your energetic protection, even if you’ve set up permanent measures.

In addition to regular energetic protection, you should also be clearing yourself after every. single. encounter. Every healing session. Every reading. Every class.

If you don’t, your energy will pay the price. Exhaustion and frustration will creep in while motivation and inspiration seep out. You’ll take things home with you. You’ll wonder where the seemingly random anxiety and doubt is coming from.

Check yourself for others’ energy. If you find any, send it back to the person it came from. Use intention, sound, a pendulum, crystals, Reiki, angelic energy, or another method to clear your aura and to plug any energy leaks or repair any auric tears. Make it a consistent routine that you easily remember.

  • Some multidimensional beings and energies can defeat traditional energetic protection.

Using one type of energetic protection? Just as you may want to be more careful than usual in a bad neighborhood, you want to use extra protection if you’re working deep in the multiverse, if you’re in the fourth dimension, or if you’re clearing particularly tough or toxic energies. Consider laying more than one type of protection or infusing your regular energetic protection with extra Reiki or other healing energy.

When you’re working in these situations, remain vigilant. If you sense an uninvited being or malevolent energy, restrict your energetic space immediately and expel the energy.

  • Set up complementary energetic protection in your space.

Protecting yourself is essential – but so is protecting your workspace. For truly effective energetic protection, you should be taking measures to protect both and maintain that protection. Use smoky quartz or brown tourmaline for an easy protective barrier, or call in non-crystalline protection and ask it to arrange itself around the perimeter as well as inside the walls of the space.

So long as you keep these things in mind, your energetic protection should remain in tip-top shape.

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