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February 14, 2022

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My husband and I manifested each other.

I went to a meditation conference and asked God for help. I was in a dead-end relationship but just couldn’t leave.

The conference started on Wednesday. My relationship fell apart on Friday.

On Monday, I felt guided to list criteria for my future husband. I wanted kids. I wanted a spiritual man who would understand my business; a man who followed his soul; and a man who valued wellness, energy, and fulfillment. I wanted him to have brown hair, a truck, and a black Lab.

On Saturday, I flew home. As I boarded my flight, I felt guided to join a certain dating site. I reasoned that it would have to wait, as my plane was taking off. The pilot then announced that we would be grounded for an hour due to technical difficulties. (My guides’ laughter was audible.)

I spent the hour tailoring a profile toward the man I would marry. I added details to scare anyone BUT him. Then I let it go.

One guy caught my eye and I sent a DM. We spent the next month talking before meeting in person. and I realized that he met all of my criteria.

Our first date, we got tea and took our dogs for a walk. I collected my German Shorthaired Pointer from my car and walked around the corner to see a black Lab jumping out of his truck. I laughed, and he smiled at me through dark brown locks. I knew that this was meant to be.

Months later, he told me that he’d been guided to write a list of criteria for his future wife – the same Friday that my old relationship fell apart. I checked each box on his list.

Five years later, we’re married with two kids, and I’ve never been happier.

I know firsthand that following and trusting your intuition is imperative – especially when it feels illogical.

Those “random” intuitive hits? Those are moments of manifestation. If you listen, your life will be magical.

If you’d like to listen more – to hear your intuition and guides with ease – I’d love to help you.

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Your most aligned life is waiting for you.

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