Redefine Your Boundaries

February 12, 2022

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redefine your boundaries

I’ve always wanted to be of service.

In school, my friends turned to me for advice and support. Feeling trusted and valued, I said “yes” as often as possible.

This created major boundary issues. My hesitance to say no led to exhaustion and overwork. I was resentful and frustrated.

A breaking point came when a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year asked me for free Reiki. It had been an eventful year – I’d had a major breakup, I’d built my business, and I’d met my now-spouse. I’d reached out a few times but hadn’t heard back.

I told her that I’d help however I could and asked how things were otherwise. She didn’t ask me what I’d been up to. A bit miffed, I didn’t volunteer the information.

The next time I spoke with her, the same thing happened. She asked for a favor and again failed to ask me anything about my life.

I was done. I’d known her for years, but I needed to end this pattern.

So I said no.

It was liberating. I wasn’t going to be bogged down by an energetic favor that wouldn’t be repaid. I had reclaimed my voice.

She pushed back. I continued to say no. We talked for a few more minutes and then said our goodbyes.

I never heard from her again.

While it disappointed me to lose a former friend, I was happier with intact boundaries. I felt more focused and less stretched.

I applied my new boundaries elsewhere: no more free sessions, no more bending over backward, and no more resentment.

Now, I say no with ease when something isn’t aligned. I don’t overcommit. I make space and time for energetic recovery. And I don’t invest in people who don’t reciprocate. Consequently, the relationships in my life are fuller, richer, and more caring than any I had when I had weak boundaries.

If you struggle with boundaries, I’d love to help you.

In Divine Awareness, I’ll show you the exact process that I use to determine if an opportunity is in accordance with my values, whether it will be beneficial or detrimental, and if I should pursue it. You’ll learn how to tune in and honor your needs, rather than making decisions based on obligation.

It’s time to protect your energy and take back your voice.

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