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February 8, 2022

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I used to ignore my intuition. I let my emotions lead the way in relationships, and I let logic lead the way in my career. Because that was . . . logical, right? And I’d learned that was the proper way to do things.

Hindsight is 20/20. The fact is that if I’d let my intuition lead the way the entire time, I’d have catapulted to new heights faster than I could have dreamed possible.

I had intuitive hits, for sure. But I’d often talk myself out of them and chalk them up to being paranoid (if I thought something wouldn’t work out) or optimistic (if I had all good vibes). I very rarely paid attention to my body’s cues, my third eye’s double takes, and the fleeting thoughts that seemed all too real. Instead, I pushed forward with hard work, good intentions, and motivation.

Despite my tenacity, though, things crumbled time and time again. Relationships that felt great initially turned out to be based on falsities. Jobs that looked like they had a bright future weren’t satisfying in the least. Long-term friendships dissolved in mistrust and hurt feelings. I felt anxious, fearful, and doubtful most of the time.

What changed?

I began paying attention. I began to tune into my body and listen to my soul. I began to recognize more and more communication from God, spirit, and my higher self. And I began to act on all of it.

For the first time, I wasn’t basing my actions on emotions or logic. I was basing them on intuition.

And I found myself.

I shed the friendships that weren’t serving me. I walked away from romantic relationships that weren’t truly aligned. I healed emotional wounds that I’d carried since childhood. I reached new heights of happiness and fulfillment in my career and personal life. I started my business. I met my caring, generous, funny, and perfect-for-me husband. And I had two beautiful and smart children who inspire my daily joy and amazement.

It all came down to trusting God, trusting myself, and following my intuition.

Every. single. thing.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took years of seeking, trial-and-error, and healing. There were times at which I’d feel I’d taken two steps forward and one step back, and not understand why I couldn’t just *push* through with strength and perseverance. (I’ve since realized it’s more about divine timing and less about forcing anything, and that those “steps back” were just additional steps that I needed to take along the way).

But when things started to get really good, I’d look back and realize – I was led here. This was all supposed to happen.

From the second I’d started following my intuition, things just began to fall into place. And if I encountered internal resistance of some kind? Well, I could use my intuition to determine if it was because of something like fear or because I was actually being led away from something. I didn’t just assume the former – nor did I assume the latter. I developed the discernment to understand the difference.

How did I do it? How did I create this level of inner peace and certainty in my decisions? And how did they just . . . start working? How did I develop that trust in God and in myself?

I started from scratch. I broke down my programming, my assumptions, my patterns, and everything that I thought was true for me. And I built systems that were actually true for me – sometimes painstakingly and with multiple efforts, but I built them nonetheless. I developed processes, thought patterns, and beliefs that would aid my intuition and understanding. And even when it seemed ridiculous, unbelievable, or completely insane – I followed my intuition.

It worked. And now I’m teaching all of it.

  • How to tune into your body and soul, and how to trust yourself
  • How to determine whether a reaction is based in fear or intuition
  • How to process different alternatives and know you’re choosing the right path for you
  • How to dismantle old programming and allow new beliefs to spring into place
  • How to redefine boundaries, communication, and thought patterns to protect your energy
  • How to deepen your communication with your guides and your higher self
  • How to find your alignment and bring it to life – whatever that looks like for you

Divine Awareness® I is starting soon.

This is for you if you know you’re intuitive, but you haven’t had the self-trust, certainty, and confidence to follow your intuition in the past. You’re sick of disappointments that you know could have been avoided, relationships that you feel were a waste of time, and career moves that haven’t resulted in actual fulfillment. You’d love to make aligned choices, every time, and follow the path that’s best for you – but you aren’t sure where or how to start. You crave processes that would create a life of ease and joy, and that would allow you to feel more connected, alive, and fulfilled on a daily basis.

Do you want to learn how to live by your intuition? How to avoid the unnecessary pain and start fully trusting yourself? How to find what’s aligned for you, and stop wasting time pursuing those things that don’t light you up?

The time has come to listen. I’d love to teach you how.

You just have to begin.

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