Release Your Pain

February 10, 2021

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release your pain

Are you hoping to release emotional distress, painful memories, karma, familial issues, non-beneficial relationships, and harmful programming and conditioning?

The Aquarian energy that settled in during the December 2020 planetary alignment aids us as we shed all of the above – as well as anything else plaguing us – once and for all.

For all of those working to release things, here is an exercise that has been very helpful for my clients and for me.

I recommend performing this exercise at any point during the waning moon.

Write down everything that you need to release–old habits, thought patterns, relationships, etc. Make sure that you write in pencil on paper. The graphite pencil and the paper are important pieces because they connect you to nature and all-that-is. A computer blocks the process somewhat.

Once you have written it all down and are satisfied that you’ve covered everything, burn the pages.

Some will burn quickly–some will burn painstakingly slowly. As they burn, the energy associated with those feelings, experiences, relationships, etc. will burn off of your auric field. You should feel lighter and more at peace, and you’ll find that forgiveness comes more easily with respect to those things that you’ve released.

Recommended crystals to aid in your release process include malachite, dioptase, bronzite, smoky quartz, agate, and black onyx.


Originally published on 8/16/2017 and revised for 2021.



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