Solar Eclipse Thought Prompts

December 10, 2020

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There’s a total solar eclipse on Monday, December 14, and we’re being urged to release all that doesn’t resonate so that we may go forward unencumbered into 2021.

What are you holding that you need to release? What has been carried with you, consciously or subconsciously, for months, years, decades, or lifetimes?

Here are several thought prompts to aid you as you release those things that are no longer in your highest and best good.

Think of the various situations in your life, starting with primary relationships and influences (i.e. marriage/partnership, family, close friends, career). Think, write, or speak aloud about each situation for at least 2-5 minutes to see what comes up. After considering a situation, answer the following questions before going to the next situation.

  • What emotions or memories arise when you think of this situation?
  • Does the energy around the situation feel heavy or light, dark or bright?
  • Now that you’ve thought of the situation for several minutes, how is your energy? Do you feel agitated? Sad? Happy? Hopeful?
  • Do you feel that your needs are fully honored in this situation? Why or why not?
  • If communication plays a role in this situation, how is the communication? Do you feel comfortable and open, or do you feel reserved and self-protective? Are you able to express your truth with regard to this situation without fear of judgment or rejection?
  • If you could change anything about this situation, what would it be and why?
  • What are steps that you can personally take to improve this situation and make it more aligned for you?

The important thing about this exercise is to pay attention to your body and your overall intuitive signals – how does your mood shift when thinking of this situation? Do your shoulders or stomach tighten? Do you feel inspired and connected? Joyful and excited?

Once you discern the energy around a situation, you can determine if that situation is (a) perfectly aligned, (b) in need of a tweak before things suffer more, or (c) out of alignment to the point where a serious change should be made or you should move on from the situation.

If you find yourself uncomfortable and wanting to move away from a particular situation before you’re done with the prompts, pay attention to that signal! You don’t have to consider everything at once if you want to spread this out over the next few days, but don’t avoid addressing things that need to be addressed, either, and recognize that an unwillingness to consider a situation may mean that you need to take an even closer look at it.



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