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November 11, 2020

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Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to our veterans; we greatly appreciate your service, support, and sacrifices.

Today is 11/11/2020, and the energy is ripe for manifestation. No matter what you’re working toward, any time that you spend imagining, tweaking, or planning your vision today will be put to good use energetically. The goal is to create the feeling that you’ll have when the manifestation arrives in your life – from that space, you’ll have the most potent manifestation power.

Here are some ideas for practical exercises that can help you manifest your goals, whether you’re in the initial thought process or the planning stage.

Focus on inspired ideas and desired outcomes as you’re completing these exercises, and don’t spend too much effort figuring out the “how” of it all – that should naturally fall into place as the manifestation comes into being.

  • Create a vision board. Use old magazines, pens, colored pencils, or whatever you want to use to create your manifestation visually. When you’re done creating your vision board, hang it close by your work space so that you regularly see it and feel its energy.
  • Use a “spoke” outline. Instead of outlining a specific plan for achievement, if your brain is a little less linear, make a spoke outline. This allows for one central idea in the middle of the page, with supporting ideas shown as offshoots of the central idea – similar to how a wheel would look. This type of outlining allows for maximum creativity, as you’re not focused on following a specific linear format – you’re inviting in all kinds of inspired and beneficial supporting ideas at the same time.
  • Make a list. If you are a linear thinker, a good old-fashioned list is hard to beat. Make sure that you consider any necessary points when you’re making your list – i.e. if you’re hoping to manifest abundance, is there a particular amount of money that you need or want to manifest? What will you use the money for? How will you feel when you receive it? If you’re putting together a business proposal, what reaction do you want to evoke? How do you want the final meeting to go? What do you want your final margin to be?
  • Use color. A less conventional but very creative way to assist manifestation is to identify your final desires and feelings, pair those with their associated colors, and infuse those colors into your life on an everyday basis via the clothing you wear, accessories you choose, pen color you use, etc. Need help picking the right color? There are plenty of color interpretation resources available online, or you can remember an easy rule of thumb and use chakra colors – i.e. orange will help you stimulate passion in a relationship (sacral chakra); yellow will help you increase confidence and personal satisfaction (solar plexus chakra), etc. Consistent use of the color associated with your desires will help you match the vibration of those desires, which will bring you closer to manifesting them.
  • Meditate! Take the time to sit, close your eyes, and visualize everything that you want actually happening in your life. Are you hoping to be accepted for a job or a program? What will the acceptance call be like, or will you receive an email? What time of day will it come through? What will you be wearing or doing? Who will be with you? Filling in these little details makes the final outcome more potent in your mind, which enables a higher rate of manifestation.

Most of all, enjoy the process! The higher your vibration is, the more easily you’ll manifest things in your life. Keep your mood as light, bright, and happy as you can to continuously invite success into your life.

Sending you all love on this 11/11 portal!


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