Detach from the Results

November 8, 2020

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What a week.

With the U.S. election having stretched on for several extra days so far, and with recounts and audits ongoing in multiple states, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air. It’s prudent to observe carefully and to not react to any “final” news yet, as things are still being determined from a legal perspective.

Stress, frustration, and uncertainty in the collective are currently breeding a lot of fear and anxiety, especially for empaths and other highly sensitive persons.

It’s always helpful to detach when there’s tough energy swirling and when the outcome of an important situation is in question. Regardless of your hopes for the final result, take the time to ground, step back, release any expectations or desires, and objectively look at all circumstances. As you’re surveying the situation, tune into your intuition to determine the truth.

Are you looking for more support in this area?

Clear your energy with any of the following healing sessions as you’re detaching and assessing the truth.


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