Manage Mercury Retrograde

October 13, 2020

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Manage Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde has been in the shadow period since September 23, and it’s in full swing beginning tomorrow.

Though Mercury retrograde has a bit of a bad rap – especially when it comes to traffic, communication, and electronics – it can be tempered with a few simple steps.

Be careful about financial agreements and other contracts, and look out for bad traffic and possible accidents. If electronics act up, step away for a minute, ground yourself, and ask Archangel Michael to help everything function properly before you return to the task at hand (he’s amazing with technology).

Mercury goes direct on November 3, and it’ll be in the shadow period through November 19. This Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio, which means that there may be an increased tendency toward the ill-dignified Scorpio traits of jealousy, blame, and suspicion – do your best to lean into Scorpio’s well dignified traits of loyalty, intelligence, and awareness instead.

In particular, watch for miscommunication leading up to the election – don’t let Mercury retrograde interfere with any friendships due to extra frustration or agitation.

Here are my top tips to keep Mercury retrograde from trampling on your life.

  • Wear or carry natural citrine. It helps with Mercury retrograde symptoms and can lead to reduced traffic, easier communication, and less frustration. Heated amethyst (i.e. citrine clusters or citrine points that look suspiciously dark or orange-y) won’t work the same. Citrine has a natural affinity with Scorpio energy, so it’ll be especially helpful during this Mercury retrograde.
  • Each morning, take the time to ask your guides to help you during the day. Direct your focus with an affirmation – i.e. “thank you for keeping me informed of beneficial transactions and easy traffic routes” or something similar could help to diminish the effects of Mercury retrograde. Remember to state any affirmations in the positive rather than the negative unless you want opposite results.
  • Ground! Grounding should never be underestimated, but it’s especially important when there’s tough energy lurking. Grounding crystals that I recommend during Mercury retrograde include petrified wood, shungite, dravite (brown tourmaline), schorl (black tourmaline), smoky quartz, and red jasper.

Most importantly, don’t worry! Mercury retrograde is ultimately like every other energetic event – you can learn to deal with its effects and thrive in the process.


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