Elevate Your Equinox

September 22, 2020

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Are you hoping to use the equinox energy tonight and this week to release what doesn’t serve and to set personal, spiritual, and professional goals for yourself?

Here are a few thought prompts to help inspire you as you plan.

  • What parts of your life have felt heavy, frustrating, or hard to deal with lately? Of those things, what is essential to you? What can be discarded?
  • Where do you lack energy where you previously felt inspired? Is the lull due to a specific situation that you’re dealing with, or is it a general consequence of your passions having shifted? If the latter, what would inspire you again? Would it be better for you to make slight changes in this area, or should you abandon the activity entirely?
  • What parts of your life have been working particularly well? Did you expect them to go that way? Would it benefit you to shift extra resources – time, money, ideas – toward these areas to improve them further?
  • What have you been working toward that is ready for the next step? How do you imagine that step coming to fruition? Do you need to put things into place now to ensure that you get the result you want? What timeline are you on?

This activity is helpful for gaining momentum, clarity, and insight as you determine your goals and create your action plan.

Are you looking for more support in this area?

Clear your energy with any of the following healing sessions as you’re working through these thought prompts.

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Intention Session


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