Connect With Your Higher Self

September 21, 2020

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The idea of connecting with our higher selves sounds great, but what does that mean? How do you connect to begin with or know that the information received is accurate?

Your higher self is the sixth-dimensional part of you that always has your highest and best interest in mind.

Your higher self is aware of your pre-lifetime plans, your purpose, your best path, and what partner is best for you. When it comes to you and your life, your higher self is omniscient – and who doesn’t want access to that information?

You can connect with your higher self during a quiet meditation – here are some crystals to help you do so – or you can take a different tactic and try automatic writing or speaking.

For automatic writing, use a traditional notebook and writing utensil – a graphite pencil works best – or go high-tech with a word processor. For automatic speaking, try using a recorder or a phone app so that you can listen back afterward.

Once you’ve gathered your tools, use a list of pre-written questions so you don’t have to be in your head much during your meditation. Relax your body, focus on your breathing, and settle into a deep meditation.

Always make sure to set firm boundaries ahead of time so that you limit your interactions to those energies that have your highest and best interest in mind.

To guide your experience, heres a list of questions to ask your higher self.

  • What is my purpose? Why am I here at this time?
  • What is my highest path with respect to [situation, relationship, etc.]?
  • What can I do to elevate my life?
  • What would most improve my relationships?
  • How can I deepen my spiritual connections?

You may get answers right away, or you may need to connect to your higher self several times before something concrete comes through.

Regardless of the outcome, be patient with yourself! It’s well worth the time that it takes to get used to the process and connect fully with your higher self.

How do you know whether to trust the answers that you receive? Generally, if the answers feel true to you – i.e. you don’t feel uneasy or nervous when you read them – you can trust that the information is accurate.

Want to learn a simple process for determining whether something feels true to you? Check out this exercise.

Are you looking for more support?

Use any of these energy sessions to connect with your higher self.

Higher-Self Connections Session

Raise Your Vibration Session

Gratitude Session

Clair Session

Are you ready to go deeper?

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