Crystals for Higher-Self Communication

September 1, 2020

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crystals for higher-self communication

Sometimes it’s nice to receive a little inspiration or guidance from our higher selves, but it can be tough to tune in when we’re concerned with other things.

Using crystals to raise your vibrational frequency brings you that much closer to your higher self, making communication more accessible.

The crystals below further enhance the connection with your higher self by fine-tuning intuition, deepening meditation, and allowing divine inspiration to flow through.

Work with any of the following crystals to amplify your connection with your higher self.


Are you looking for more support?

Use any of these energy sessions to connect with your higher self.

Higher-Self Connections Session

Raise Your Vibration Session

Gratitude Session

Clair Session

Are you ready to go deeper?

Consider my Activate Your Intuition® program to elevate your senses, discover and increase your psychic abilities, and access multidimensional frequencies.


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