Expand With the Lion’s Gate

August 6, 2020

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The Lion’s Gate has been open for a week now, and it’s been working in the background to bring forth downloads and upgrades; amplify intuitive skills; and help shed limiting beliefs, patterns, and doubts.

The Lion’s Gate alignment is strongest on August 8, 2020, which makes Saturday a perfect time for spiritual and personal work.

Amplify the effects of the Lion’s Gate in your life by completing these thought prompts.

  • What beliefs and patterns in my life have limited my progress or prevented me from doing what I’ve wanted to do?
  • Have I tried to shift these beliefs before? What did I do? How well did it work? If it didn’t work, why? Was I specific enough? Did I focus on the solution rather than the problem? Did I lose my resolve?
  • Considering the above, how can I change my execution so that I’m able to accomplish the desired shift this time around? What will my life look like once I accomplish this shift?
  • What intuitive skills and psychic senses would I like to see improve? Why? What would I do with these expanded senses? How would it help me in my life?
  • What other spiritual and mental upgrades would I like to see in my life? Which of those am I truly ready for? How will these upgrades help me going forward?

Once you’ve completed the thought prompts, set your intentions, meditate on the result, and drop any attachment that you have to the outcome in order to invite in the best possible changes for you.


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