Implicit Bias Session

June 15, 2020

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With everything that we’ve recently experienced as a collective, many of us have been inspired to confront and reform our implicit biases in order to fairly and objectively view situations and solutions, effect sustainable change, and unify our society.

I’ve been on the receiving end of implicit bias more than once. I’ve seen implicit bias play out in the various communities that I’ve lived in and been exposed to. I’ve also taken the practical steps needed to reform my own implicit bias, and I’ve spent significant time in settings designed to educate individuals and shift collective policy.

I’ve combined my energy-work expertise and 3D experience to create the Implicit Bias Session. My goal with this session is to help my community as much as possible during this time, and to further collective progress toward unity and cooperation.

The session is free, and you’re welcome to access it at your convenience to help your own process along.

Complete the Implicit Bias Session to:

  • Clear non-beneficial programming and beliefs
  • Reform outdated thoughts and associations
  • Remove automatic judgments and prejudices
  • Enhance unity, cooperation, and compassion



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