Focus on Discernment

May 28, 2020

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With so much information coming at us from so many sources each day, it’s easy to feel overloaded.

The best way to ensure trustworthy information and subsequent beneficial action is to use your discernment to determine the truth and decide what’s right or wrong for you.

How do you cultivate discernment if you don’t normally trust your intuition?

Truth is felt in the body as well as in the energy field.

To practice, say something that you know to be true.

This should be something factual that is an obvious truth for you – i.e. your name, your birthday, or the street you live on. Take note of how you feel – what does the energy in your gut area feel like? Your heart? Is there a solid knowing?

Now say something that you know to be false.

Again, an obvious falsehood is best, like a wrong name or other incorrect detail. Pay attention to how you feel now. Did the solid knowing turn uneasy? Do you have butterflies in your stomach? Do you feel a little on edge?

Practice with a number of statements so you can get used to your personal “truth energy.”

Once you’ve become accustomed to this energy, you can use this process to assess the information that you receive daily.

Are you looking for more support in this area?

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