Uncover Your Happiness

April 29, 2020

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Happiness is present within us, but it often gets covered up by grief, doubt, and fear.

Letting go of harmful emotions uncovers our happiness and allows us to experience life with more gratitude, compassion, and inner peace.

Here are a few thought prompts to help you uncover your happiness.

Spend at least 10-15 minutes free writing or speaking to see what comes up – you may discover more about yourself than you expect.

Note that this is heavy work and that it may bring up emotions and memories that you’ve suppressed for good reason. If it’s easier, do the questions one at a time, or work through the energy with exercise, meditation, or deep breathing as things come up.

  • What emotions am I afraid of? What feelings have I suppressed? How can I express these emotions in a healthy way? What would help me to release them entirely?
  • What past situations still influence my mood, outlook, and everyday experience? What emotions come up when I remember what happened? What did I learn from those situations? How can I move forward with the lesson but minimize the memories and release the residual energy?
  • What is currently in my life that makes me happy? What small joys do I experience throughout my day? Is my routine satisfying to me, and if not, what about it can I change? Do I recognize that I’m responsible for my own happiness or do I put that on others?
  • How can I increase the time I spend doing things that make me happy? Do I have a few moments each day that I could put to better use?
  • Do I spend time doing things I don’t care about that don’t fill me up? Would it be possible to carve out time for myself on a weekly basis if I don’t have time each day?

With regular self-assessments, energy won’t get stuck as easily, and happiness won’t be so elusive.

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